Virtual telephone solutions for nonprofit organizations

Many nonprofit organizations operate in different countries all over the world and fulfill different activity from assisting homeless puppies to curing people from various diseases or assisting business develop their projects. However, the key feature of such organizations is its financing from outside or their income must be equal to their expenditures.

At the same time such foundations almost always have their representatives or representative offices in different parts of a region or even the world, so communication is one of the biggest expenditure item. Virtual telephone solutions can withdraw this question and offer a range of options for nonprofit organizations. 

What virtual telephone solutions can be useful for nonprofit organizations?

By nature, one of the most widespread task of nonprofit organizations is communication with people, other organizations inside the institution and with other offices around the globe. Also, we have to remember, that their budgets are limited, that is why a question of funds can rise very often. Virtual telephone solutions can:

  • save a lot on phone communication due to low cost of conversations especially international ones;
  • save on equipment, because VoIP-technology does not require any special additional equipment;
  • save on numbers – use the only number for calls and SMS or for calls and faxes, besides, faxes are received to your email, so you unload the line and can read messages in PDF any convenient time;
  • increase a simplicity of communication because of a possibility to forward calls to any telephone or Skype or SIP-application, so the call can be accepted everywhere even at home or in the other country;
  • help to control talks due to call recording function;
  • help to accept several or more simultaneous calls due to multichannel numbers;
  • provide a full-scale PBX for your office;
  • assist in controlling costs on telephony – call reporting option permits to do it;
  • save time of both sides on IVR-menu, so the caller can choose a necessary department or an operator using voice menu;
  • permit to organize conference calls with other branches or partners.

Freezvon Company offers a full range of virtual telephony services for nonprofit organizations and having a personal approach can find an appropriate set of numbers and extras for every foundation. In fact, that list of benefits from VoIP telephony is nearly endless .

How to order virtual telephone solutions for nonprofit organizations

The process is very simple and fast, moreover, it doesn’t require going somewhere or special means of payment. Just make a few simple steps to order virtual number services:

  1. Register on
  2. Fill up your account.
  3. Select a necessary type of a number, country and city.
  4. Set up forwarding destination.
  5. Make a written request for connection of extra services, which are always available for your convenience.

Our support team works 24/7 and will switch your number or additional services within 24 hours after the order. Besides, we are always open for cooperation and ready to provide personal virtual telephone solutions and to answer any your questions. Don’t hesitate to contact us!