VoIP opportunities for international trade

As we all notice business rarely uses old orthodox means of communication and appeals to modern technologies. Most of correspondence and calls are fulfilled via the internet communication nowadays. 

Freezvon Company renders VoIP-technology-based services with an opportunity to have and use a local number in any country. It’s very important to show local contacts when entering foreign markets. Virtual numbers for traders increase trust to your enterprise and makes running you biz easier. Besides, the virtual numbers service allows to make cheap and sometimes free calls and save a lot on telephone expenditures.

 VoIP-telephony as an optimal solution for traders

VoIP-telephony is an ideal solution for sales-oriented especially cross-border businesses. Its particularity is in making a huge amount of international calls to suppliers, carriers and buyers in different points of the globe. A virtual phone number allows to seem local for every partner and customer, permit them to call the local numbers, but speak with an office in other country. So, you can show an on-site number on your website to become more close and credible for visitors. Besides, thus the company saves a lot on communication services.

For both big multinational corporations and local startups virtual numbers bring a range of advantages:

  • Low cost of international calls.
  • Automation of clients notification.
  • Free redirection to Skype and SIP-devices.
  • Communication processes optimization.
  • Improvement of connection quality.

Moreover, a full range of extras is offered by Freezvon Company. So your company can get a complex office solution with a PBX for much less money and without special equipment.

Multichannel phone number for your global call-centre

Each reputable company holds dear its customers and take all possible measures to keep them, acquire new ones. The same concerns callers. Multichannel numbers resolve a problem of engaged lines and help not to miss you possible clients.

The function together with additional implements, such as greeting message , IVR-menu, whitelist/blacklist, call recording , MOH allow to set up a full-scale call centre for:

  • Work with clients databases.
  • Quality assurance of work of different departments.
  • Quality assurance of work of separate employees.
  • Saving funds on communication services.
  • Blocking and prioritizing callers.

The list is not full and depend on certain options. Virtual numbers for traders can be ordered online on Freezvon.com, simply:

  1. Register on the website.
  2. Fill up your account.
  3. Order the necessary number.

All the extra services can be switched by a written request to the support team. Our specialist are available 24/7 and always ready to help you with selecting appropriate numbers and services.