Use virtual DID number with call forwarding to another phone

As special communication bridge virtual phone number redirects calls to number.

Virtual numbers

Company Freezvon gives each person opportunity to get direct number with call forwarding feature to another existing phone number online. Being very useful part of commercial and private usage, direct virtual local numbers become very popular and essential part worldwide. Mind the opportunity of getting a number online on our website faster with all necessary support of Freezvon Team. From this article you have a chance to know more concerning IP-technologies presented by our corporation. 

Freezvon, global telecommunication provider of VoIP technologies proposes services in 90 foreign countries. Ability to see new chances of communication in long distances that goes from IP telephony . IP PBX system enlarges communicative possibilities. It includes such VoIP services as SIP accounts, IVR menu, internal numbers for employees and others.

Get not only cheap numbers, but possibility to redirect calls to your real phone number and be reachable everywhere you are, but also high level of service from our support specialists that is always online and ready to help.

What is VoIP number for foreign country and how it functions?

It has special calling code that works thanks to redirecting of calls and even SMS or Fax to appropriate course as SIP, IP telephone , Skype, email etc. Main priority is in absence of SIM cards and other appliances as wires. It’s possible to stay active with this service, because it makes free from physical location. Other great pro is about using services at low rates.

Install call forwarding for virtual number

Virtual telephony works thanks to call redirection. With diverting to phone, it’s possible to be always accessible. Web connection is not important for such redirection. The rates for incoming calls is cheap, so economize greatly!

Virtual number with forwarding

Choosing redirection to phone, enter the number without + and 00, but with country code. Redirection calls may be also set to SIP or Skype. In spite of the fact it requires Internet access, it’s free. Find more how to set the diverting up here.

What is categorization of numbers for calls diverting?

As successful provider, Freezvon is pleased to show up various choice of products, so try to make right choice after observing numbers, which are for:

  • Calls – readdress them also to Skype, SIP, Ip-telephone;
  • SMS and Calls/Fax and calls – special numbers united for both services;
  • For avoiding missed calls, we could propose the next products:
  • Multichannel numbers – with adding more lines, missing calls is tapped out;
  • Toll free 800 numbers – multichannel type of number for free calling by subscribers.

Before making a decision, examine costs, rates and coverage from here.

Get number with call redirection to phone online excels and gives opportunity to get all numbers online without leaving your PC. The process is so simple and fast, that you are able to get phone number right now. Steps of ordering are like:

  1. Register to official website (It’s very important to leave your correct email and number, as all information (including password to personal account) is send to email, and if you get lost your access to profile, our support can renew it only with confirmation by email and phone);
  2. Top up personal balance with needed sum of money;
  3. Pick necessary criterion concerning state and type number;
  4. Ordering the number.

Curiosity about unclear moments makes people evolved in their knowledge. From technical specialists discover more items about IP services, contact us via Skype, email or live chat.

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