Virtual office telephone number for your development

Using VoIP technologies it’s possible to pave a way to highly increased quantity of communication.

Virtual officeStart new business and need possibilities to connect with your clients and partners all over the world quick and cheap? So, virtual numbers are exactly for you and your company. Our company offers virtual numbers for all needs (SMS, calls, faxes etc.) no matter what location is there.

Most requested service, alternate to old-fashioned office telephone system is PBX station. It’s special virtual services united in one adapted package. In that there are such services as statistics of calls, IP address, internal number permitting to dial freely, SIP accounts, voice menu, recording of calls and others.

That’s all possible due to virtual numbers that are not bound to physical place of person or company. Virtual number also doesn’t need any equipment or SIM-card for its functioning, so, your company can work easily and immediate after its activation.

How virtual office telephone numbers can help you in development of business?

Except the possibilities to be situated all over the world but still except the calls, have chance to economize money because the calls, messages and even faxes are twice cheaper or even free. All depends on the type of redirection you choose. Such redirecting as to SIP application, Skype, and mail are free. So, you can save your money on communication with clients and don’t worry about extra charges.

Virtual numbers for offices

During usage, be sure that number is never busy, so, you never miss any important call from consumers. Divert calls to more than one destination, so all your managers will have possibilities to except calls and make calls at the same time.

What is virtual number for country and its practical sides?

It has a code of the country you buy a number. So, the call for clientele will be local, and thus rated according to the rates of their local operators. It saves you clients when you move to another country and guarantees adding new clients that’s help in rising business affairs.

You can also order Toll Free 800 that guarantees your company adding new clients as for your clients such call will be free. The costs for such calls are paid by the user of number.

Choose the type of number according to the needs of communication with clients or partners.

What virtual numbers can you use for office?

We offer different virtual numbers for our clients according to their needs and types of business sphere. They are for:

  1. Calls (diverting to mobile, SIP, IP telephone , Skype)
  2. SMS (local, mobile)
  3. Calls and SMS/Calls and faxes;
  4. Faxes;
  5. Multichannel numbers;
  6. Toll Free 800 numbers.

Choosing the necessary number be sure that you will be always in touch with your clients even on long distance.

The costs of incoming calls, SMS or faxes are depend on the type of forwarding you choose. Redirection to phone is chargeable. See the costs of incoming calls.

Company also has a chance to make calls. It is possible due to SIP application. Use bought number as the Caller ID for outgoing calls. But it’s also not necessary to buy number if you need only make phone calls. The costs of outgoing calls see.

If your company is interested in sending messages, you may also do this. This additional service is possible in your personal account after registration. You can also utilize number as the Caller-ID that the receiver of messages will see.

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What are additional service for more comfortable organization of business?

To make communication and work with clients more comfortable we also offer you additional service that make better the running of business in different spheres.

We have such additional services as:

  • Greeting message – special recorded message to salute customers;
  • IVR menu – voice menu with helping directions to reach needed department by pushing digits;
  • Installation of background music – pleasant music instead of annoying beeps;
  • Recording of calls – possibility to record calls in order to control telecommunication;
  • Call history – control of telephone affairs;
  • Voicemail – special mail where you can find messages concerning missed calls.

We can always help to choose necessary service for any needs. See here for details about additional service and its full listing.

How to get virtual office telephone number?

Get virtual office telephone number in several simple clicks. Fill these directions:

  1. Do registration to system;
  2. Recharge the balance necessary for ordering;
  3. Pick country with what you will keep contact;
  4. Choose number;
  5. Order the number from profile

After these simple steps you will be able to use all advantages of virtual office telephone number as soon as possible. Become more informed technical specialists could bring details about unclear positions in VoIP technologies. Just contact them online in live chat or via Skype or email.

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