Virtual PBX – unrestricted possibilities for your company

Virtual ATS is modern and comfortable decision for company usage in communication sphere. The main difference from the ordinary ATS is that in the base of virtual ATS there is IP telephony . And, thus, ordering the service of virtual ATS, the company doesn’t force to buy very valuable and expensive equipment for telephone communication. It allows to save company’s money, but to get all advantages of IP telephony. Virtual ATS – is the service from that allows transferring voice messages via Internet. Everything the company needs is an access to Internet. The connection of the service from is easy in connection and good in quality.

Advantages of using virtual PBX

Starting usage of virtual ATS, you can get all the advantages of using IP-telephony. This service can be a great windfall for companies that have a lot of clients and accept calls all the time. If company wants to organize its own call-center, virtual ATS will be a great helper for it. All your wishes according to extend functional possibilities of virtual ATS will be taking into consideration and connect you this service as you need. Thus, you can connect any kinds of forwarding for your calls, any type of it (simultaneous, consecutive), organize the system of internal forwarding of calls etc. In addition, in its turn it shortens operators’ time.

The service of ATS has a possibility of parallelism of calls. So, any of your customers calls will not be missed. The very important benefit of virtual ATs is that it is not bound to position of company. The movement of company is not a problem, so, the company doesn’t need to be situated directly in the certain country to continue business. Company gets a local number that doesn’t differ from any local numbers in that country. So, main advantages of using virtual ATS are:

  • Economy – using virtual ATS you economize considerably, as you don’t need expansive equipment and rates on any kinds of calls are very low or even free.
  • Absence of additional equipment – you don’t have to buy valuable equipment and hire specialists for its setting.
  • Easy and fast connection – all connection is done fast by our specialists online. 
  • Unrestricted by the company’s position – numbers are bound by its user but not by place.
  • Multichannel numbers – possibility to connect as many channels as you need.
  • Connection as you need – virtual ATS is connect according to your wishes and needs; all additional possibilities such as voicemail , greeting, IVR etc. are possible to connect too.

As you see, virtual ATS is very useful telephone technology for organization telephone communication. All you need to do to get it is only to apply to our technical support with request to connect it. is 24/7 only and is ready to help you to plan this ATS and connect it. Virtual ATS is not only fast connection, but very high quality. Connect it now and get all benefits of IP-telephony now.