What is virtual phone number and its principle?

Usage of virtual telephone number whole world opens its boundaries.

Order virtual number for more callsCompany Freezvon offers such services as DID numbers, SMS numbers, FAX numbers and Toll Free. We guarantee a quality for customers who can pick any feature to call abroad. IP-telephony has unlimited opportunities for national and foreign users so VOIP Systems & Features has no boundaries and enjoy our services from every spot on the globe. When serious people care about their telephone affairs, they contact Freezvon company with request about SIP application. It’s special service providing cheap calls for subscribers. In order to get it, it’s obligatory to install SIP-app as Zoiper or Xlite and setup redirection of calls to SIP (free destination).

For your comfort you can use it during traveling in another country without any problems with worse quality that allows you always be in touch with  many people known as clients. Whatever DID  virtual number  you get, change redirection to any number in your profile and calls will be automatically forwarded.

What are VoIP numbers and their preferable sides?

For the sake of convenience, all personal data can be changed in your profile on our website Freezvon.com. As for another advantage – at the request of the customer numbers can be multichannel it means that it's possible to distribute calls on many clients without getting a special number for each one in this way simplify receiving of calls.

It goes without saying that benefit from the usage of virtual number in the fairest way – we have the low cost of calls. Despite the call is internatinal you are not paying money that you must pay for such calls and as a result your working sphere is developed to various countries and you can economy at the same time thanks to Virtual Systems & Services.

Get a virtual phone numbers

Usage points of virtual VoIP systems

For clarifying the process of usage there is a calling person who dials virtual number and then this call is redirected to any necessary device – either local or mobile number, Skype, SIP. The same process of sending a fax but it is redirected to customer’s email, SMS – to customers email or mobile. VOIP Systems & Services gives a good opportunity the company to allocate a unique number for each employee without a separate line.

You can be interested in VOIP Systems & Options for personal needs or business priorities because virtual numbers are commonly used in emerging companies and just for talking goals.

IP PBX station as requested VOIP System

Installing of telephony system presents numerous positive sides especially when it’s VoiP system of telephony. IP PBX is optimal substitution of old-fashioned system. It’s kind of classified package of services that builds well-fixed virtual office. Such services are presented: IP address, call statistics, SIP-accounts, Free calling with internal numbers, voicemenu and others.

Virtual VOIP Systems & Services offering

It’s obligatory to know what benefits and facilities you could receive using VoIP systems:

  • DID numbers to make and receive calls;
  • Virtual SMS numbers to make message operations;
  • Virtual numbers for fax.

Look at the pricing of virtual number here.

Freezvon company guarantees

  • Faithfulness – Trust us;
  • Low price - You can economy;
  • Accessibility - You can always be in touch;
  • Multichannel access - You can order a multichannel system;

Process of getting virtual number from Freezvon

You can order online a number in over than 90 countries so to get it just:

  1. Create your personal account on freezvon.com;
  2. Put particular sum of money to the balance;
  3. Then choose necessary options and make a purchase

How to buy a virtual number Buy a virtual phone number

Technical specialists would activate it in 24 hours. Some unclear points remained concerning usage of IP-services experts of Freezvon are always ready to suggest some help. Contact them online via Skype, email or livechat.