Virtual phone number for fax and calls from Freezvon

Use virtual telephone number for services of calls and fax in case of effective telecommunication

virtual number Contemporary business activity involves constant contacts with buyers, partners, vendors, different institutions in order to succeed in it. At the same time, marketers use a variety of communication channels to promote their products, such as television, radio, direct sales. In fact, all the most important and efficient contacts are made over the telephone – and it is a well-known fact to everyone. With the help of virtual phone number for fax and calls - it is better to conduct business and decide your own problems because this device helps to connect with people without going somewhere and making any efforts.

Many providers offer telecom services, but not all of them propose facilities for faxes and calls in any country around the globe. Combining these two functions in one number saves money, time and is very convenient to use.  Virtual numbers  for calls and fax are integrated as they allow both receiving messages from fax and accepting calls from people. 

What is virtual number for calls and fax?                                             

It's a number to which all necessary calls can be redirected to your device. As we talk about virtual phone number for calls and fax, here you have a possibility to redirect calls and faxes to a certain courses. It is so called integrated virtual number . In this case, you do not have to get a number for calls and one more for fax. It will help to be in one place and make callers think you are in another one. Magnificent possibility, isn’t it? Forget about SIM-cards or other stuff. Physical binding is also absent. Try this service from our company on 

How does a number for calls and fax operate?

Thanks to option of redirecting of calls and fax, they go to various courses, but simple in usage devices and, thus, are not dependent on workability of each other. Calls can be received on mobile/local phone, and also to SIP or Skype, where inbound calls are free of charge and don’t influence greatly on your company’s expenditures. 

virtual number for calls and fax

Use your CallerID to allow caller recalling you back later. You can read fax messages on your email and such delivery is also FREE. Having access to the Internet you can reduce your spending on telephony. Usual telephone lines can always be busy because of continuous accepting of faxes and it influences your employees’ work. Function from unloads your lines.

Preferences of virtual phone fax and calls numbers 

Freezvon can present all possible pluses in using numbers for two services. Read some of them right now:

1. Low costs for receiving calls;

2. There is a capacity to buy numbers via Internet;

3. Forwarding course of fax is FREE;

4. There is no necessity in buying two different numbers;

5. Accessibility of supplementary services for virtual numbers.

How much do virtual numbers for calls and fax cost?

All rates can be observed from your personal cabinet. Redirecting of calls to Skype or SIP is FREE of charge. Speaking about fax diverting messages can be redirected exceptionally to your email – and this type of redirection is FREE of charge. All rates you can see from your personal account on and decide on which type of diverting you need for usage. Virtual numbers for calls and fax are also mentioned in the list of prices here

Procedure of buy virtual phone number for calls and fax?

They combine possibilities to redirect both inbound calls and fax is very useful and convenient. We offer our clients to get such kind of number from our service and improve the quality of everyday communication. In order to receive virtual number you have to:

  1. Perform registration (filling in only correct information);
  2. Put money on your balance;
  3. Order it.

In order to make calls you have additionally to put money for outgoing calls. You can recharge balance via credit cards, bank transfer and other systems (see all methods of payment here). 

Additional phone services by Freezvon

Moreover, our clients are provided with an opportunity to choose all necessary additional serviced that will be helpful for them in communication. We offer our customers only best conditions and try to satisfy all wishes. Among those services you can pick:

  • conditional forwarding (change destination automatically according to certain conditions, like time);
  • call recording (control your staff and analyze talks);
  • real time reporting (analytical data about all calls);
  • voicemail (let callers leave messages for you, when the phone is unanswered);
  • IVR (allows to push button and get a necessary department or an operator);
  • click to call (so callers can make free calls for both sides directly from your website);
  • welcome message (make a short company presentation for your callers);
  • hold music (music helps to keep customers put on hold);
  • blacklist/whitelist (block undesired calls and prioritize your clients);
  • conference call (for simultaneous talks with several subscribers).

Any of the services mentioned above can be switched after your written request from the personal cabinet. If you have any question, feel free to contact our technical team via most preferable way for you – phone, email, online chat or Skype.

*When some questions according to IP-telephony appears, contact our technical support department that are waiting for you in Skype, email, live helping chat or by phone. Don't forget that Freezvon is always glad to help its subscribers, so be brave and order any IP-services for enjoying telecommunication.