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Virtual telephone numbersObtaining  DID number is extremely worthy to those persons who desire to keep their private or business affairs of a large significance hidden and well secured from others' interference. For those whose business activities imply lots of conversations, whether coordinating logistics or securing a smooth operations work in the allocated office, a use of such number might be of a great benefit. Providing a personal number to all your prospects and business contacts may result rather inconvenient and undesired. Imagine accepting excessive salesmen cold calls, potential foreign partners, national representatives, business development managers and calls from your kids that’s just got on vacation to a single number! This might get pretty hard to process and confusing, if not stressful. 

In order to stay safe while calling or sharing personal info, try unique offer called PBX system, that includes such services as greeting message , SIP-accounts in limitless quantity, interior numbers, background music, informative IVR menu and others. Concerning installation, usage and prices it's possible to read more here. Consider getting a separate number to be used just for your professional sphere or any by-going affairs specifically.

Virtual number and its work procedure

This number has special calling code and works thanks to redirection of calls, SMS and fax to appropriate courses (Skype, SIP app, cell number, email, url, IP-telephone). It doesn't tie down to physical location. No SIM-cards and other appliances in usage of such facilities. Just select the country and learn more about pricing from official site. 

That is the type of number that redirect calls, sms and fax

What are pluses of using DID numbers 

The principal advantage of using DID number is keeping the real main number for the close and trusted people or issues of the prior importance. Whereas, a virtual one may be used for secondary business matters, additional cases, offers, possible opportunities and potential favourable connections. Granting a real main number in such cases may result rather unfavourable in the end, thus it is better to secure oneself to avoid annoying contacting for no value. More to that, when using a number, no one can track your personal information, such as location, status or real address, while it will only show the caller ID, if the settings are made so. Otherwise, the geography and physical presence of the number’s owner cannot be identified. This makes it safe and convenient to hand out to a large number of contacts, e.g. on printed materials, press, conferences and networking business meetings.

A virtual phone number is not associated with any mobile operator or specific country corded telephone connection. While having the same xxx-digits format and a selected country code, it is hosted virtually, so that it is not charged as per common telephone communication tariffs. In case of mobile DID number, it will look just exactly the same as a mobile one, which uses a SIM-card, stating the national mobile operator code for the given country. A caller would never even assume that the number he was provided is not a common telephone one. Remember, when dialling VoIP number's digits, all the calls still gets straight to your cell phone device, as assumed by the forwarding settings.

Influence of safe and reliable VoIP services 

The usage of a virtual number secures greatly a level of privacy for the subscriber with no risk of being tracked or annoyed by the undesired callers. Review an option of calls blocking or black and white list from the additional services menu, in order to set the best suitable variant for processing your calls. The additional functions for calls vary in choice, but there is also a great extent of security implied concerning outbound calls. Using no card to be put into the device, the calls may be performed from any telephone or PC, with a special application set on it. With an outgoing call the caller ID will be displayed as that, mentioning virtual number's information. There are various numbers available for your choice, with the preferable digits combination, following after the country or mobile operator code. Important, that there is also an option of “hidden number” if necessary.

They can be chosen for any point of the world. To check the list of available countries, click here. It is more worthy to pay a set monthly fee instead of receiving surprisingly astonishing bills for the abroad calls. Due to the VoIP technology, the calls can be accepted all around the clock and at considerably low rates.

Receiving multiple calls from any destination worldwide to a single device has now become possible with the help of voip and virtual number solutions. No need to change SIM-cards or pay expensive roaming fees. International VoIP phone calls can be now accepted straight to your own mobile phone.

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