Smart telephone services for virtual numbers

In order to make virtual phone number more functional with diverse additional services.

Services for virtual numbersModern world of technologies and progresses allows to organize own business in every country of the world without considerable efforts. IP telephony together with its services create the key to creation of virtual offices: no matter where are you from, you still may increase your target audience attracted them from foreign countries. But the usage of virtual services does not limit itself only to business. Persons may use IP telephony services for private usage communicated with friends and relatives from another country. So, what does IP telephony consist of and represent? Let’s find more!

Another one practicable service called IP PBX station that unites several services as own IP-address, unlimited SIP-accounts, virtual numbers for internal communication, history of calls, voice IVR menu and others for improvement of your telephony. Pricing for installation and usage conditions here.

Virtual phone services – what are they?

Among the services that IP telephony provides there are DID numbers. What the phenomena is that? It’s a number of necessary country that works thanks to redirection. Visually this number looks like real number: the number consists of country code, city or mobile operator and the number itself. But for working this number there is no need in special equipment and SIM-cards of mobile operators. It works with redirection of calls, SMS and fax and thus allows subscribers pay for call according to local tariffs and you be in every part of the world.

Virtual number and services

What about services for virtual numbers? The work of VoiP number may be supplemented by additional service. They make the usage of it full and easy. Thanks to them virtual telephony may change the analogue telephony completely and forever. Setting of them with the company is simple and fast. And most of them are free. There are a lot of them for your needs.

Special additional phone services functions offers you to set one of needed facilities to virtual number from the list above:

  • Conditional call forwarding – setting call redirecting to your special condition according to working schedule, days of the weeks, language of callers etc.
  • IVR – voice menu for easy turning on to special department.
  • Call recording – possibility to record all the calls for further proceeding.
  • Click to call – call from web-site – allow your clients to call directly from the site free of charge.
  • Call back – incoming call for both subscribers.
  • Voicemail – voice message that subscriber may leave if you can’t answer the phone.
  • Welcome message – greeting message that subscriber listens to after dialing a number.
  • Hold music – nice music tunes instead of boring beeps.
  • Black/White list – priority of incoming calls.
  • Conference call – simultaneous conversation with several subscribers.
  • Send SMS/bulk SMS – sending of SMS to one or several subscribers.
  • Call and SMS history – history of inbound calls and SMS available in personal profile.
  • PBX system – own virtual server with whole set of phone services.

Each of its types have its own possibilities and benefits. It also may be set as you need especially for you. So, for technical possibilities of one or another service you may find out contacted with our technical department.

Price of virtual phone services

To get the possibility to set virtual feature you firstly need to get virtual number. The price of it depends on number’s type and country. All this information you may find out here. There you will also find destination rates to phone. SIP, Skype call diverting is free, email SMS and fax forwarding is also free.

As to virtual phone services the price of them is also different. As it was mentioned before, the setting of most of them is free. Find more about their prices you may find here.

How to set service to virtual number?

If you choose and plan to set one of our services, you need to obtain a number firstly. For this you need to:

  1. Make a registration on our website;
  2. Top up balance (the sum should include setup and monthly fee for the number connection, and also connection of additional service);
  3. Order a necessary number choosing country, type, city or mobile operator, destination and its details.

Buy virtual number with phone service

Receive an email with data about your number. To connect additional service just write request from personal profile and our technical will set everything as you need. Contact with our technical experts for all needed information by email, phone, Skype, chat. We work 24/7.