Virtual SMS number for business utilization 

Informing subscribers with text messages is quite convenient and comfortable    

virtual number for business developmentIn the era of globalization and transborder trading need of doing business globally requires modern fast means of information exchange, negotiation with foreign partners and contacting buyers. That is why the question how to stay in touch with company’s surrounding arises. Nowadays a lot of telecom solutions are proposed, but VoIP-technology is probably the best one for international organization. The utility allows to obtain local numbers of any possible country or virtual SMS numbers . So the system redirects calls from a fixed or mobile to any device of your personal choice. That is why you have to order virtual telephone number and, of course, buy virtual number  for texts for your biz.

Freezvon presents not only numbers for text messages, but some other useful facilities as for example IP PBX system. That includes various features which ameliorate telephonic system. It's possible to connect IP-address, welcoming message, SIP-accounts, internal numbers, recording of calls, monitoring of calls affairs. Make your affair more productive, learn more concerning PBX system here.  

What does VoIP-technology offer?

VoIP permits to receive and encode voice from usual telephone, transfer it through the world wire web in a digital mode and decode it. So, use of internet makes calls much cheaper.

Are there any options? Choose any:

  • virtual local/cell numbers for calls;
  • virtual SMS numbers for messages
  • Toll Free 800 services (free for local callers);
  • virtual fax numbers (receive SMS to e-mail);
  • multichannel numbers (for many simultaneous calls);
  • virtual PBX (office phone system).

Also additional services can be ordered:

  • voicemail (subscribers can leave messages when your phone is unanswered);
  • greeting message (make a short presentation instead of boring buzzers);
  • IVR menu (allows the caller to choose a voice menu chapter or an operator he/she needs);
  • callback (order call, which is incoming for both the subscribers, and that is why free of charge);
  • click to call (call directly from site via a browser);
  • call recording (allows to control operators and improve phone operators’ work);
  • hold music (let the callers listen to music instead when the call is on hold);
  • blacklist/whitelist (block undesirable calls and prioritize callers);
  • conference call (communicate with several subscribers at the same time);
  • call history (detailed information about all the calls);
  • send/bulk SMS ;
  • conditional call forwarding (tune forwarding to certain device due to certain time);
  • etc.

For your convenience a lot of functions can be provided to fulfill full-scale call-centre activity. No need to found an office in every country – build and maintain only international office.

Why SMS numbers are so popular?

It’s almost impossible in modern society to find people without a mobile telephone. Many services including credit cards are bound to person’s mobile number, it is something like personal ID. So, everybody can be contacted through the mobile connection. Why should not we use it for marketing?

Virtual SMS number is always used for:

  • congratulating clients with different holidays;
  • informing about sales, company news, etc.;
  • identification of clients;
  • attracting new customers.

The function of bulking SMS makes process of notification much easier, faster and, finally, cheaper. Besides, virtual SMS number can accept messages. All the text SMS messages are sent to your electronic mail. Enough reasonable arguments are mentioned to buy virtual SMS number and win much from using the service.