Get virtual SMS number for receiving text messages

Buy a virtual phone number for sms to receive messages around the world.

Virtual number for SMSIP-telephony helps to develop any sphere of modern society, so when it’s possible to connect VoIP service, try it without fear. It’s cheaper, profitable and not time-consuming. Today our company offers high quality VoIP services to make talking with foreigners easier and reduce huge phone bills. Virtual SMS number is a service, which enables to accept and send cheap SMS messages globally, regardless of your location. Almost everybody uses great ability of IP-telephony. Be one of lucky one user with

It’s possible not only to get number for SMS, but also to have service for inbound calls. There is such solution as PBX system consisting several VoIP services as SIP accounts in big quantity, inside numbers for free conversations, monitoring of calls, subscribers categorization, voicemenu and other services.

Virtual text message preferences

Observe all these odds of service. Look at these points, which increase a chance of successful usage:

  • SMS receipt anywhere where there is access to the Internet;
  • Accessibility in over 70 countries;
  • Redirecting to email or another mobile number;
  • None of important messages from partners or colleagues will be missed;
  • Independence of operator networks and phone batteries;
  • High quality service at low prices and rates;
  • Receive any quantity of incoming messages;
  • No need to buy any additional equipment;
  • Protection of your privacy while creating accounts on different websites.

Start receiving SMS messages to new virtual number

Get your own number and receive cheap text messages from all possible senders. It is the best solution for those who want to attract potential customers from other countries. It works just like a usual mobile number and no one will ever know you are in another country. SMS redirecting options could be changed easily whenever it is necessary.

We offer competitive prices for high quality and reliable service. Don’t worry for space remaining on your memory card and phone charge anymore. Purchase will be profitable not only for businessmen, but also for people, who want to keep up with ultra-new technology of modern world of communication and save on messages abroad.

Get SMS number

Keep in touch with your business partners and friends wherever you are all over the world. Freezvon company gives you such opportunity.

Coverage and prices

What categories of numbers are accessible?

We propose not only for texts, but also other services, which are for:

  1. Calls (readdressing to SIP, IP-phone, Skype and another number);
  2. Fax (redirection to email);
  3. Fax and calls;
  4. SMS and calls;
  5. Multichannel number for better call distribution;
  6. Toll free 800 (free conversations for subscribers).

Ordering of VoIP services from Freezvon

Be sure we offer such possible system of buying not only virtual number , but other VoIP service from our company. Follow next steps:

  1. Get registered to;
  2. Recharge the balance;
  3. Pick all desired parameters;
  4. Ordering has been done successfully!

Buy SMS virtual telephone number

It’s great chance to become an owner of virtual number and any other IP-services. It will be connected within 24 hours and you could use it as you need. Contact us via Skype, live chat, email or by phone.