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Share information with virtual telephone numbers for text SMS messages.

SMS virtual number for receiving sms

SMS virtual number enables you to get SMS everywhere no matter where you are, and divert them to a user's e-mail or any other mobile phone. The scale of territory available for virtual phone calls is large enough. Moreover, some kinds of them can be used not only for calling.

For instance, when you use a mobile phone you have to take into account the space remaining on your memory card. Furthermore, a user will get a message anyway, as it has a superior network structure in comparison with any standard mobile network. It means that’s online all the time and this process does not depend on availability of the network or telephone's battery. All texts will be saved in e-mail of the addresses.

Possible to buy a virtual SMS number, which enables to receive SMS. SMS texts are diverted to the user's e-mail. It means that a user can read SMS message anytime with the help of a computer or any other device that has access to the Internet.

SMS number: how to get messages?

Main advantage of this number is the ability to receive many SMS, meanwhile you do not have to worry about their quantity as the space remains free.

Such a service is very useful not only for businessmen who want to start their business in other countries and aim at keeping in touch with their business partners or customers, but also for people who want to get necessary information from their acquaintances, relatives and friends in time.

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Main preferences of a virtual SMS number

Main advantage of this telephone service is that a message can be received in every part of the world, everywhere where there is access to the Internet. But, if you don't have Internet, it isn't also a problem. Just redirect messages to mobile, and accept SMS without difficulties to your phone as an ordinary sms message.

So, preferences of number are such:

  • Number is not restricted by location of user;
  • Multiple SMS could be received;
  • Free SMS with redirection to email;
  • A lot of countries where numbers are possible to use.

Thanks to these advantages, number can become significant part of communication of modern world person. And the possibility of sending sms makes your communication be of two sides.

Other categories of VoIP numbers from Freezvon

It’s possible to order additional services for bought number. These services play role of helpful supply to number you got:

  • Send and Bulk messages – that is always used in professional spheres to inform customers, colleagues or partners about recent news;
  • Voicemail – left messages from subscribers whose calls were missed;
  • Conference call – an ability to have a conversation with lots of subscribers simultaneously;
  • Hold a music – pleasant music replaces phone toots;
  • Call statistics –control of calls.

Whole listing of services are accessible here.

Ordering procedure for virtual number for SMS? provides VoIP services in more than 90 countries, and you can use the possibility to buy it in one of them. Find the prices for sms numbers here. Fulfill these doings:

  1. Make registration here and get access to personal profile;
  2. Balance must be topped up;
  3. Find country for number;
  4. Ordering via profile must get started.

Buy a phone number in our company, get an opportunity to use it after a purchase and its activation. Buy a virtual number for SMS here and use all the advantages of this service.

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