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Numbers for SMS and share recent news, thoughts and captivating info to subscribers.

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Making your customers satisfied or attracting new ones by means of SMS is a modern marketing trend. Moreover, mid-sized and small companies try to stay in touch with their clients. Let them know about latest company news, ongoing sales and discounts, obtain new clients by sending short messages to their cell phones and grab their attention. Virtual SMS number for receiving and sending SMS are not limited with borders and permit talking around the globe. The following technology allows sending SMS and arranging bulk SMS from a regional number in any foreign country and creating a local appearance.

For instance, when you have a friend or relative abroad, but it’s inconvenient to make calls, it’s accessible without troubles to send message at local rates of receiving country. Our service coverage is huge so it’s open possibility to make choice of suitable state. Additionally, sometimes when travelling people need to chat via SMS and receive them everywhere. Simply share impressions, new feelings with company, clients or even the closest people. gives an opportunity to get such number type.

What is virtual number for SMS?

That is helping to talk in spite of territory and locality. In turn, virtual SMS number for texts is such kind of numbers, which enables a customer to send and get texts as if he or she is not a habitant of that country. With our service it has become possible to send and get text to anyone. In addition, we provide an opportunity to make bulk SMS sending and in such a manner make useful information to be accessible to all subscribers. Forget about using SIM-cards or wires and create an illusion of being physically in another state. 

How does virtual SMS number work?

SMS sharing is one of the most popular ways of talking. A lot of people prefer to send SMS messages rather than call and talk for long hours. Virtual SMS number is not limited with borders. In order to send SMS text you should have account on our site Main option of this in convenient use of redirecting. This feature makes it possible to redirect all SMS messages to other device or appropriate destination as email, website or another number.

Virtual number for sending and receiving sms

Odds and pros of virtual telephone numbers for SMS

There are the opportunities, which you can't avoid using virtual SMS number. Learn all of them right now:

1. NO usage of SIM-cards or other appliances;

2. Cheaper rates for sharing SMS texts;

3. Online ordering of number;

4. All possible countries for using this VoIP service;

5. Possibility to get additional virtual service for number;

6. Be accessible everywhere.

What is virtual number for SMS messaging cost?

Messages can be simply redirected to your email and URL.These ways of redirection are FREE of charge.

Diverting of SMS to another mobile is to be paid. It's possible to see all costs and rates for SMS here

Freezvon also offers as one of the types of virtual number called number for calls and SMS. That helps to save time and money for avoiding to buy separate numbers. Forwarding of calls is done to SIP, Skype other number, but redirection of SMS is usual. It's possible to know more concerning other numbers from here.

 Ordering procedure for virtual number

Decision about purchase has been made, so now it’s high time for ordering step. Picking needed parameters it’s possible to become an owner of desired product. Follow the next instructions:

  1. Get registered to official website;
  2. Recharge balance with some cash;
  3. Pick upon special criteria as type, state etc.;
  4. Well done.

Observe prices of SMS redirecting to mobile in your cabinet. Thus, see that having virtual phone numbers for SMS messages is rather convenient. Types of payment can be observed in your personal profile on our site or here

Buy virtual numbers for SMS Coverage & Prices

**With all doubts or questions you could address to technical support department. They work all day and night to accept consumers questions via Skype, live chat, email or by phone. All info is also accessible on our official site. Never hesitate when you don't understand something, because IP-telephony is quite wide sphere and worth being learnt. Let's discover telephony of future together.