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Get virtual numbersContemporary telephone technologies give every person a chance to organize, enlarge and make his own business more profitable, travel all around the globe, are useful for private purposes, and make you do not worry about roaming, constant SIM-cards changing, new landline telephone lines connection after a move. Virtual services is a key to solving all these problems.

Due to a virtual number that is not bound to physical location of its owner, everybody can just forget about this headache. High quality of connection, low prices and unlimited possibilities make phone communication comfortable and easy.

Simply order a local number of any country and accept calls everywhere you are. All calls are redirected to your phone, Skype or any SIP-application. Special offer accessible only in limited range of countries called free virtual number. Its specificity consists of pricing for communication, which costs 30 $. This money is designated only for using number and won’t be taken away. Look at countries where it’s possible to get such kind of service.

Numbers for calls

Virtual number for calls

One of them is represented by a virtual service, based on the Internet protocol, which has many advantages. It's a direct local number, which can receive calls, and it is not bound to some particular place or location.

All calls go to local or cell numbers, any computer, any SIP-device, pocket computer with installed programs. The most valuable advantage of this number is a price on calls, which is twice lower than a local (landline or cell) price. Rates on intercity and international calls are also reduced, while company workers will call within a company for free. Each user can get additional functions, which helps to determine who makes a call, when and call duration. All of the advantages, including attachment and cutoff of additional functions and balance check are available for a user in his personal account. Read more about DID number

Multichannel virtual numbers

Multichannel numbersAttachment of a multichannel number gives its owner an opportunity to receive several incoming calls simultaneously and forward them to different directions. This service helps to attach all the company numbers to one network. It will help make the process of call receipt more efficient. It means that this kind of a number will never be busy, so everyone can reach it anytime and anywhere. All that you need is to set call forwarding in such a way that is necessary for you (for instance, point out some temporal or user's status settings). Read more about multichannel numbers

SMS numbers

Sms numbersThey receive not only calls, but also SMS-messages. It’s called virtual sms-numbers. All the texts are redirected to your e-mail, another alternative number or a program for text message receipt. The only thing, which is necessary to get SMS is access to the Internet. Learn more concerning SNS numbers

Fax DID phone numbers

Virtual fax numberAnother kind is represented by a number, which can receive not only calls, but fax messages. This type is usually called a virtual fax number. All the faxes, which have been sent to it, will be automatically converted into a PDF-document format and forwarded to your E-mail, where they will be kept forever. To check, read and print them, the only thing you need to use is your computer or pocket computer with unlimited access to the Internet. Get more information about fax numbers

Virtual fax numbers

Fax numberThere are some numbers, which can receive only faxes (no calls can be received). Such a service is usually called a virtual fax or fax-to-email. Use them the same way you utilize the other virtual numbers with the function of fax receipt. With this fax-to-email option there is no need to depend on a fax-machine, worry about busy telephone lines, buy facsimile paper and toner. Each fax, which has been sent to this virtual number, is converted into a PDF-format and sent to your e-mail. It is easy, comfortable and available in any part of the world. Read more about fax redirecting

Toll-free numbers

Toll free numbers

If your company is willing to organize a delivery service or a service center, make social inquiries or marketing promotions, a toll free 800 number is necessary for you. It has one interesting peculiarity: the call is paid not by the caller, but by the receiver, it is free of charge for the caller. It will help to attract much more customers and evoke their interest in your product or service, so it will keep your established customers and attract new ones. Discover toll free numbers abilities

Internet technologies for successful business

Business development is a long hard process. Our professionals can offer you the best optimal solutions for your corporate telephony and its informational infrastructure development. Just buy it and in some time you will be able to see crucial changes that will bring your business to the higher stage of development. All the services are aimed at increasing profitability and work efficiency, strengthening company image, prestige and reputation. Are you ready to make your business more profitable? Just contact us, we will tell you how to do it.

Peculiar odds of VoIP system

After having and using these services, it’s obligatory to figure out the positive goods of them as:

  • Cheapness and easiness in usage;
  • Ability to get additional service as click to call , send bulk messages, call recording , hold a music and others;
  • High level of connection;
  • Choice of countries from the whole globe;
  • NO physical attachment;
  • SIM cards are unnecessary.

Purchasing process of VoIP services

Great solution of making telecommunication more pleasant and convenient called IP telephony services. Freezvon company presents easy and fast way of buying any of them by accomplishing next steps:

  1. Registering on and entering personal data;
  2. Recharging the balance according to service requirements;
  3. Picking necessary information concerning country and other several parameters;
  4. Ordering is possible.

Contact our technical specialists working 24 hours via Skype, live chat, email or ordinary phone. Their desire to help will save you from various mistakes and misunderstanding.

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