Virtual telephony for home and business

Use VoIP technology for any demands including serious affairs or personal needs.

Phone telephone numbers

Each person searches opportunity to pay less for telephony but gets more from it: more quality of communication, less charges on calls, cheaper numbers etc. It is especially necessary and actual when the person is located in one country, but all his friends, relatives, partners or even clients are situated in another country. Moreover, there appears necessity to communicate with them, as everyone wants to save contacts and don’t to feel lonely being abroad.

Special proposition to become more advanced and forward-minded in IP-telephony, install such telecommunication station as PBX system, which is presented as package of VoIP options (voicemenu, IP-address, interior numbers for within talks, illimited SIP-accounts, categorization for subscribers, monitoring of call affairs etc.

As to companies, they may be also interested in special and effective way of communication. Finding out such way of communication when person may not worry about buying SIM-cards, roaming and unreal calls billing, offers virtual numbers for solving all such problems.

Virtual DID number – definition and workability process

It’s a number without bounding to physical location of its user and workability thanks to forwarding of calls, sms or faxes. Such numbers works without equipment, and the user don’t need to worry about its buying and setting. SIM-cards are also unimportant. Calls can be redirected to user’s real local or mobile, SIP, Skype.

Virtual number workability

As to types of such numbers, the company Freezvon provides also multichannel and Toll free 800 numbers. All these numbers can be very useful either for individuals or for business companies. Almost 90 countries have possibility to connect virtual number with any redirecting that is the most comfortable for user.

What are preferable sides of these services?

Virtual telephony is very useful investment either for company’s or for home usage. Such modern technology have a lot of goods that everyone doesn’t have

make mistake if he/she connects such number. So what you can get when you order such number:

  • Free inbound calls with forwarding to SIP or Skype;
  • Cheap outgoing calls via SIP;
  • Create appearance of local situation in necessary country;
  • Availability and possibility to get calls in any time period;
  • Saving contacts with family, friends and clients;
  • Economy for companies and physical individuals etc.

All these and others benefits will be available at once after connecting number. That is especially important for companies that wants to have nice and memorized number.

Procedure of ordering services from Freezvon

To buy virtual number you can now online without any problems. All the process is online so, start communicate without leaving your home or office. Then you need:

  1. Sign up and get access to your personal profile;
  2. Top up your balance enough for ordering number and calls receiving/making;
  3. Order the number via personal profile.

Buy virtual number for business and home

Technical support, that is available 24/7, can answer all questions that appeared during ordering, choosing or using number. Just call us, send email, or chat with support on Skype or Live Chat and get full consultation.