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Virtual telephony for business usage

Special usability and workability in wide professional spheres of business

Have you ever thought over the problem that you are losing your clients because of accepting orders only online? Have you considered about possibility of solving this problem? If yes, so this article will be more than useful for you. As it known, all new smart technologies for business are aimed to rise sales, involving more and more clients. These processes are very important for a company and there are a lot of possible ways of business optimization. We call your attention to co-called virtual telephony that will definitely solve problems with selling once and for all.

From Freezvon it’s possible to get several options of VoIP type. Most effective of them PBX system. It’s package of services such as control of call affairs, recording of calls, hold a music, numerous SIP-accounts, internal numbers for interior telecommunication. Cost for installation is here.

As it is well-known, most orders are treated by the phone, and sometimes it reaches almost to 80% of all orders. In spite of the fact that managers spend a lot of powers on optimization of business, most of them don’t include that fact that people pretend to make orders by phone, but not online. And, if there is no possibility to call, company just loses potential clients, and thus, a great income too. In addition to all these, orders by phone are processed faster. So, it is more that clear that all businessmen should think about connection of telephone line. Virtual telephony not only helps you in doing this, but also saves money considerably.

Virtual number service on website: how to attract customers' attention?

Main task of virtual telephony is unrestricting of company’s location. Being world goods and service producing company, there appeared necessity to have several phone numbers in each of country. At the same time company can be situated only in one country and don’t need to open filial in each of country. So, let’s find out what it brings for your subscribers and for you separately?

  1. Possibility for clients to call, and not to lose time on online orders;
  2. The raising of orders by the phone;
  3. The possibility to accept simultaneous calls using multichannel number;
  4. Being situated in one place, but accept calls from all over the world;
  5. Setting of call forwarding to any device comfortable for company in accepting calls;
  6. Economy on telephony, on inbound and outbound calls;
  7. Opportunity to connect hot line number 800 that be evidence of free calls for subscribers;
  8. Opportunity to locate the button on company’s website for quick and comfortable calling with service of click to call ;
  9. Record of calls for further monitoring and optimization of operators’ work;
  10.   IVR , voicemail , conditional call forwarding etc. – any additional telephone services with virtual office.

This is not a full list of all possibilities of IP-telephony that become comfortable in usage for either company or customers. Connection of all this is very simple as not any equipment is necessary. The company can start optimization of business almost at once after deciding to connect such virtual telephony with virtual office. If you are still spend a lot of money and powers on selling but don’t feel much result, so, virtual telephony is waiting for you!

Ability to order virtual service from Freezvon

This procedure won’t take too much time, so it’s possible to make it in several simple clicks. Follow them:

  1. Get profile on system;
  2. Make balance filled with need amount of money;
  3. Select various parameters;
  4. Ordering has been done!

Concerning some unclear questions contact technical department via Skype, email, livechat or by phone. Who asks always gets the answers.

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