Buy virtual telephony – implementation in hotels

Utilisation virtual telephone system in hotel helps to attract more consumers 

Going abroad or to another city we look for suitable apartments with good conditions at low price. This matters during business trips or on vacations. We used to see telephones in our rooms but all the calls we make are to other rooms or to a front-desk. Moreover, most hotels hold landline phones in their rooms mainly in order to meet 2-stars rating requirements. But we have to remember about quantity of the rooms multiplied by a number of hotels in a chain. So, telephony takes significant place in administrative costs structure. Buy virtual telephony  to optimize calls handling, cut expenditures and use modern technology instead of outmoded landline equipment – VoIP system can open new spaces for your services and sales. 

An unbelievable idea for your hotel, it's virtual PBX station presenting a packet of VoIP facilities. Freezvon suggests to connect some of them to improve your business affairs. Try them: big amount of SIP-accounts, recording of calls, interior numbers for talks between colleagues, history of calls and others. Look at the prices clicking here.

Buy virtual telephony to feel its benefits

Hospitality/hotel field demand convenience for visitors, so they could relax and enjoy their vacation or have a rest during business trip. The guests expect to see wireless internet connection or even wireless hotel service. Now you are free to buy virtual telephony for your hotel in order to meet guests expectations, to cut costs and to improve calls handling. Buy virtual telephony to feel its pros:

  • save a lot on phone communication due to low cost of conversations especially international ones between hotels and offices;
  • accept several or more simultaneous calls due to multichannel numbers possibility;
  • control talks due to call recording function (thus front desk or call center operators can be stimulated to increase customer service);
  • save time of both sides using IVR-menu, so the caller can choose a necessary department or an operator;
  • provide a full-scale PBX for the hotel or a central office;
  • control costs on telephony – call reporting option permits it;
  • organize conference calls with branches or heads of departments.

Freezvon Company offers a full range of VoIP-telephony services including extra option, so you could find appropriate telephone solution for your business. Our support specialists are always glad to help in choosing suitable virtual phone numbers , additional services or to work out and propose individual complex solutions.

How to buy virtual telephony for hotel business

The process is very simple and fast, moreover, it doesn’t require special payment means or visiting some sales offices – everything can be made online. First, you order a number, than – additional services. Just make a few steps to buy virtual telephony number:

  1. Register on
  2. Fill up your account.
  3. Select a necessary number and country/city.
  4. Set up forwarding.

Numbers are switched within 24 hours or even less. After ordering virtual numbers you can make a simple written request from you profile with a set of extras you need to attach. Our support team works 24/7, so you are free to contact support specialists any time and ask any questions and we will help you. Besides, we are always open for partnership and glad to offer a personal approach.