VoIP Virtual phone number services for economizing in business

In big business it’s always necessary to build strong telephony base and not to lose huge amounts.

Voip virtual numberNowadays, all entrepreneurs and businessmen are looking for the ways to reduce telephone expenses and attract more customers in every part of the world. New generation technologies allow you to evolve business as convenient as possible and pay less money than those companies who use old methods. It’s the most convenient ways to let people know about your corporation is to get DID virtual number for abroad usage. There are a lot of companies who provide IP telephony services, but we offer them at very low rates.

For making telephony system well-fixed and helpful in affairs install IP PBX station comprising various VoIP services which form company image, its work and clientele. It’s possible to pick some of them like IP address, big choice of SIP accounts, internal numbers for free calls and other supplementary functions.

Main pros of IP telephony

IP telephony, known as VoIP. In comparison to ordinary telephony, IP telephony is quite cheaper and has more useful options such as call statistics, call recording , voice mail, call queue, IVR menu etc.

But there are still more preferences for enjoying:

  • There is a possibility to buy a direct DID number for any foreign country;
  • Set up call diverting to any device you like e.g. laptop, smartphone etc.;
  • Free readdressing of calls to SIP, Skype;
  • If you have an SMS number, receive messaging texts to email or alternate number (each incoming message is charged);
  • All settings can be changed online;
  • Virtual number will belong to you as long as you pay for it, even if you move to another country;
  • Fax numbers allow to receive faxes me to email in PDF format and they never will be lost as stored in your inbox;
  • Toll free numbers are the best choice to let reach you without being charged for calls.

Never lose clients and always will be in touch with partners thanks to VoIP services.

Cheap calls with virtual telephone DID number to abroad

Are you tired of huge phone bills for outgoing calls abroad? Stop using roaming! If you need to call at other phone numbers with Caller ID displayed, download a free softphone, e.g. Xlite , Zoiper and start communicating with anyone at low prices. You will not find any other company with such attractive prices and high quality services.

VoIP telephony

IP telephony solutions for companies

All calls can be redirected to any destination course, just add a greeting i.e. your customers will listen to some information while being connected to the operator, set up call forwarding by time and date and more options that will improve company image.

Simplest ordering process for virtual service from Freezvon

To get possibility to use IP services at low prices you just need to:

  1. Make simple registration with getting access to user’s account;
  2. Recharge balance for getting necessary service;
  3. Order a number (or wished service).

If you still hesitate what to choose, we offer you to join us and stay one step ahead of your competitors! Save up to 80% on calls and attract customers from abroad. Feel freedom of communication.

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