Voicemail function for virtual phone number

Get special option  voicemail  for virtual number to reduce quantity of missed calls.

Voicemail service for virtual DID number Virtual number is the ideal way to keep in touch with business partners and standing customers anytime, anywhere. That is why IP telephony is becoming more popular among big and small businesses day by day. Moreover, virtual numbers can be connected in any part of world at low rates. In this article, we’re going to talk about additional option for number. It’s Voicemail that create favorable circumstances even when you missed a call from important subscriber. Get all info concerning all missed calls in order to call back important people.

Freezvon.com as international provider of VoIP services suggests them in over 90 foreign countries. When you’re resident of Germany but it’s obligatory to maintain contact with Canadians – virtual IP services are going to be good helper in such situation.

Positive sides of virtual telephone numbers with voicemail service

All businesses are constantly looking for some solutions how to reduce costs and captivate consumers. Sometimes we are unable to answer calls, as we can attend different conferences and meetings, so what to do? We offer a possibility to connect number with service, which has lots of pros:

  • It allows not to miss any important call when busy as one can leave you a voice message;
  • All Voice messages are saved in the mp3 format in your email, so it’s possible to check them with any device connected to the Internet;
  • When receiving a voicemessage, you will see the date and time of the call;
  • Also, all messages can be sent to certain groups, created before.

This function is an integral part of any business, which lets to receive voice message regardless of location, not depending on any mobile network operators and other factors, which are common for traditional telephony.

Get voicemail service on your virtual number

Functions for voicemail service on virtual number

What is more, you can create multiple boxes and use them for various departments or affiliates in company. This will help you improve work efficiency and sound professional. In addition, add any greeting you like which will be played for callers while they are transferred to your voicemail box. Also, set up all destinations you want receive voice messages to and the callers will be able to choose the person or department they want to reach.

More opportunities with voicemail on a virtual number

If you get a number, function of voicemail can be set up in that way you can receive voice messages transcribed into text. So, when you are accessible, you can:

  1. Follow up with all missed calls by reading messages in your email;
  2. No more missed calls and every customer is paid attention to;
  3. You can change settings anytime in any part of world.

Save money with a virtual numbers

Having bought a number in foreign state, you will have an opportunity to be on call wherever you are not worrying about roaming charges and additional fees. Make cheap calls using your direct phone number as a Caller ID with 3CX, Xlite or Zoiper , which can be downloaded for free.

Also, we offer a lot of additional options to me your communication even more convenient. One of them we mentioned above, but there are more options such as IVR menu, greetings, call statistics, call recording, conference call etc. Join us and enjoy modern telephony for your office or private use!

Process of ordering virtual number from Freezvon

This special system of ordering belongs to Freezvon.com that attract customers by its simplicity and speed play. For making ordering, it’s necessary to:

  1. Make yourself registered to official website;
  2. Put some cash to balance;
  3. Pick country and number type;
  4. Concerning additional option write to support experts and they will help to connect it to number you get.

Speaking about hazy things in IP telephony services, address to Freezvon specialists via email, Skype or livechat. 

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