VoIP telephony for marketing purposes

Check all nuances concerning IP-telephony influence on marketing development 

IP-telephony influence on marketing developmentToday we can notice the situation when most of communication is performed not “face-to-face” but using different modern advanced devices. Moreover, communication processes are spread all over the world and a certain network is needed to connect people and reduce their losses. For this purpose VoIP telephony is created. In most cases IP telephony creates more favorable conditions for intercommunication, but what is more VoIP telephony for marketing can significantly improve situation and it can bring excellent result in the end.

There is amazing solution called virtual PBX system, kind of telephonic package with VoIP features. Learn everything about the following services as various SIP-accounts, background music, internal numbers for cheaper talks, IVR-menu informing subscribers about any corporate items, recording of call affairs, monitoring of calls and others. Get info about pricing here.

Virtual number is what marketing lacks

Features due to which VoIP telephony for marketing operates can be of great helping hand for large companies in conducting their marketing campaigns. Results can be wonderful. According to the tradition, companies used to have common office phones for connection with their clients. Yes, it is also comfortable in use but not all goals can be reached. Not all tasks can be accomplished by using old-fashioned telephones. Best calls processing is provided by VoIP telephony as it is.

When speaking about marketing goals IP telephony is more useful than nothing else. For example Toll Free 800 numbers provide great conditions for conducting campaigns. They fill all gaps when talking about calls processing and call tracking directions. Just imagine that you are free to apply for various DID numbers for ads of online type and for ads of printed type. In such situation you will expertly see which kind of ads is to make the call. Easy and simple.

Manual for beginners in VoIP telephony for marketing

If you have never used virtual DID numbers before be aware of what they mean and how they actually operate. Because without being informed about all necessary information, you will not be able to get benefit of using VoIP telephony for marketing. Direct numbers are presented by providers (in our case it is Freezvon.com). There are various types of DID VoIP virtual local numbers – for voice calls, SMS messages, and fax. We also provide integrated numbers for calls and SMS, calls and fax, Toll Free 800 and multichannel. They all work on principle of forwarding. Redirect your calls or messages to other device with already existing number. So, that is DID local number and how it works.

virtual DID numbers

Best virtual facilities for world marketing

For such goals, multichannel numbers and toll-free are the most appropriate. You can in such case forward received voice calls to different people on different lines and never skip calls from people. Every salesman can have personal virtual number or just share single one with other salesmen but work on certain line. Thus you can simply track which received calls are coming to your sales team on the basis of their marketing and sales activities. With numbers your company will face the following advantages:

  • numerous possibilities to spread more information;
  • ability to serve ALL clients without esception;
  • opportunity to enter world marketing business;
  • no restrictions of location;
  • best marketing achivements;
  • non-stop calls processing;
  • calls tracking on the highest level.

In marketing calls tracking plays the most important role. Different kinds of marketing need various calling plans. With VoIP telephony for marketing you can choose the most appropriate for you virtual number and conduct campaign without many efforts and stresses that can appear while work. Advertising is a very wide and specific sphere. It should be monitored all the time. And VoIP numbers from Freezvon.com can ease the situation. 

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