The Use of Virtual Phone Services for Business Development Purposes 

Developing any business is quite a challenging task. No matter how good your product is, there will always be competitors’ interference, skepticism or mistrust from the client’s site, lack of budgeting or long-term tender procedures, etc. Whereas you can basically do nothing about the Customer’s internal procedures, as a sales or account manager, you are still influencing and coordinating the decision making process.

To make a good deal nowadays require much more effort and smart sales techniques, that lie far beyond the closing act itself. Mind all the pre-work, which is to be accomplished in order to get to the point of contract signing. Establishing good positive relationship with a prospect, maintaining constant connection and expressing a genuine care regarding his business challenges and objectives is a key to gaining that trust and the deal eventually.

Calculate all the expenses on phone conversations, travels, on-site visits, and tons of emails to follow up. Now exclude the travel expenses, which resulted to be unnecessary or unfortunate misunderstanding provoked by written communication, how much more could you gain by only using a quality phone connection to align with your client ‘live’ on all the details and check points? Phone communication seems to be an irreplaceable means for establishing a solid basis for the future business relationships. Making cold-calls is also a part of daily sales activity. One may sometime avoid traveling for miles, by setting a quick conference call with the partner or client.

Using of virtual phone services is a great helper in managing your expenses for communication. While using no telephone lines and cables, but just a speed Internet connection, the voice over internet protocol is transferred in an uninterrupted and cost-effective manner in a real time scale. Performing calls via VoIP will enable you to save on international calls greatly, while the use of a virtual phone number will be very convenient for your business activities, which require a contact contact and monitoring. You can find out more about how to use a virtual number and its special additional phone services offered by

It is logical that none of the potential buyers will entrust their money into the hands of the low-profile company with no reputation. Success stories are important to share and to promote, while recommendations can play the most important role in finding a new opportunity. To be globally present, it is absolutely unquestionable to have representations offices in several countries around the world. A good new is that it is no more needed to actually open a representative office in its classical way, with a physical address, building and hired staff. The usage of virtual telephonic services includes an opportunity of setting a virtual representative office in any point of the world. In order to set a virtual office in any country worldwide, consider using cloud-based VoIP phone services offered by


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