Why retailers prefer VoIP telephony?

What are attractive sides of IP-telephony from Freezvon Corporation 

Growing speed of internet connection, its increasing coverage and lowering cost pushed telephone technologies to new peaks and implementations. VoIP services become more popular than usual landline phones and such applications as Viber or Skype are installed almost to every device. Digital era makes a huge contribution into our life and communication.

Cross-border corporations, mid-sized traders or small recruitment agencies start to use VoIP telephony and benefit from it. In the article we will try to look at the technology from a point of view of retailers. Chain food stores, hypermarkets, building supermarkets, electronics stores deal everyday with thousands of customers and need correct structure of customer relations. Telephone communication is one of the basic trends of work with customers

What possibilities does VoIP telephony open for retailers? 

Nowadays, telephony in combination with internet possibilities creates unlimited opportunities for retailers. Freezvon Company as a leading virtual telephony provider offers its complex solution with individual approach to retailers with different requirements. Let’s consider the advantages VoIP telephony can bring to retail business:

  • PBX or virtual office helps to arrange internal phone communication in the company;
  • greeting message is a good chance make a short presentation of the company or to announce working hours or another useful information;
  • IVR menu helps callers to choose necessary departments or chapters;
  • fax numbers save a lot on consumables and fax machines, because all the messages are accepted to e-mail, so you can read it any time or send to another employee;
  • hold music is a very useful tool for keeping clients put on hold (music makes callers to wait longer than silence or boring beeps, besides, advertising products or special offers is also possible);
  • call recording makes customer service control and its improvement feasible;
  • click-to-call permits your website visitors to call directly from a browser;
  • callback implement shows company’s care about customers’ expenditures (besides the call is incoming for both sides that is why it is free);
  • blacklist/whitelist tool blocks undesired calls and prioritize callers;
  • bulk SMS to customers and inform them about discounts, sales, special offers, latest company news;
  • costs saving – average retailers save up to 50% on telecom services with VoIP technology.

The list demonstrates only general pros of VoIP telephony use, that is why Freezvon Company is always ready to assist in selection of optimal set of numbers and extra services individually. Complex VoIP telephony solutions from Freezvon.com is exactly what you need.

How to purchase VoIP telephony solution for retail business?

In fact, everything is simple and the process is quick and consist of ordering necessary virtual numbers and extra services to them. Freezvon Company offers to buy virtual telephone numbers simply over the Internet in a few steps:

  1. Register on Freezvon.com.
  2. Fill up your account.
  3. Order appropriate number.
  4. Set up forwarding.

Now you can order all the extras you need by dint of written request from your profile. Numbers and services are connected within 24 hours or less. Besides, you are free to contact our 24/7 support team and get all the required assistance and information regarding VoIP telephony from Freezvon.com.