Sales funnel widening via IP telephony

Generation of profit is the final goal of most modern commercial enterprises. They strive to increase sales, minimize costs, enlarge quantity of customers, widen markets, but often forget about one important point – the world is changing, and efficiency is the number one priority today. Contemporary technologies like IP- and VoIP-telephony allow to level up company’s efficiency. Wish to widen sales funnel for cheap  - order VoIP telephony services to implement new approaches and opportunities of customers relations. 

VoIP-telephony as an optimal solution for sales increase

IP-telephony is an ideal solution for sales-oriented business. For both big multinational corporations and local startups it brings a range of advantages, which leads to efficiency growth and profit rise:

  • Low cost of international format calls.
  • Free forwarding to Skype and SIP-devices.
  • Improvement of connection quality.
  • Communication processes optimization.
  • Automation of clients notification.

Virtual telephone numbers of any foreign country, multichannel numbers, SMS bulking numbers are the most popular services, which allow to increase sales. What do these services bring to you and how do they work?

Extending geography of your business

When entering abroad markets companies face the need to make many foreign calls to new partners and consumers in order to sell their products. But how to call cheap internationally? How to provide reliable and high-quality connection? Where your partners and clients can call? Besides, buyers usually trust local numbers more than foreign ones.

In order to improve communication processes without additional expenditures virtual phone numbers of certain country are used. This service can lower communication costs and provide a trust of company around the globe.

Multichannel phone number for a call-centre

Use of multichannel numbers is necessary for growing business. It will allow you not to miss calls, lift up the quantity of calls, and, of course, sales. Such numbers in connection with additional services, such as IVR-menu, greeting message , whitelist/blacklist allow to organize full-scale call centre with all the necessary functions for:

  • Work with cold and hot databases of clients.
  • Quality assurance of work of various divisions.
  • Quality assurance of work of separate employees.

Quality of telephone service will notably improve, and number of successful deals will increase. If not all the calls will lead to sale, but sums in bills for telephone services will decrease significantly. Cheap calls is one of key advantages of VoIP-telephony, callers will be always able to ring up, and you will not lose your customers.

SMS numbers for bulking

Automated SMS bulking allows to send messages to a huge number of current and potential customers for cheap. The service allows to:

  • Inform buyers about new products and facilities;
  • Notify about beneficial offerings;
  • Inform about an order status;
  • Send different congratulatory messages.

The service gives a possibility to eliminate routine work and get rid of mistakes. Thus, risk of loss of customers because of human factor is reduced to minimum.

So, modern technology use provides a new range of opportunities, which were not available before. Order VoIP-telephony services to stay in trend, to implement innovation technologies and services, to reduce expenses and increase sales. Good luck in your business!