SkypeIn: what are its purpose and preferences?

Open new opportunities in well-known program Skype and make yourself accessible to all.

Skype for cheap calls

Calling, sending text messages are free if one uses Skype-to-Skype connection on PC or smartphone. But in case we need to reach a person via mobile or lack constant internet connection, SkypeIn feature is very convenient. In order for others to reach you via Skype by using a common local phone, you would require to own a number to accept this call. Upon signing up for SkypeIn, you are provided by a private number generated by Skype. While dialing that specified number from any device, call will be redirected to the Skype number’s owner.

It is worth mentioning, that a number assigned can look like your own country’s number or like one of the foreign countries local number. Thus, actually sited in Singapore, one is able to be responding to calls going to US number. This also creates an impression, that the subscriber is physically situated in the city/country.

SkypeIn virtual numbers and its functions?

This service help to make calls from number with the help of Skype. It enables you to accept and reply to a number, as well as international calls through Skype at your computer or smartphone. For instance, you have friends in Boston, so you could pick a number with its city code so then they could call you via Skype like it’s local number.

Get virtual number for skype

How to purchase virtual number for Skype? proposes to you remain in contact with meaningful people thanks to such solution as virtual number . Get it fast from our company and be a successful owner of VoIP technology thing.

We get only simple operations for ordering it, so follow them right now:

  • Fill your data to and get registered;
  • Put some cash to personal balance for using number;
  • Pick country for functioning;
  • Type for number;
  • It’s ordering time begins!

When you get it, you can make redirection to Skype and get calls to it, being everywhere you want.

Now inform your subscribers that they have amazing possibility to make calls to you using local tariffs. People will be able to see that’s you who’s dialing to them via Skype. It’s easy, isn’t it?

How to buy a virtual number for SkypeIn Buy a virtual number for SkypeIn

Don’t be afraid of asking questions, because that’s your magic wand. Technical specialists are always on guard of your knowledge about IP telephony world. Contact them via Skype, livechat or email.

Enjoy your conversations!