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Messages with voice from WhatsApp new version

Use new function of voice recorded messages with WhatsApp program.

The popular free application WhatsApp launched function of free voice calls in its new application version for iPhone. Such messages are available not for all WhatsApp users at these moments, but it supposes to launch this function globally and for all iPhone owners in several weeks. Now when users try to call free via it, this device transmit the user to chargeable telephone channel through mobile operator. WhatsApp messenger for iPhone ensures its users that recently the option of free calls only with Internet access will be available for every user. The function of free voice announcements was added to new version of WhatsApp – 2.12.2.

Not every iPhone user may call free with new version. Most of them during testing are failed in their tries to connect free via Internet and call to other users of WhatsApp without paying money. There are a lot of difficulties regarding to this device at this moment, but in foreign mass media and blogs there are a lot of information and evidences of successful tries to use new version of WhatsApp.

Working principle of app’s new option

Theoretically, as designers of this program confirm, during voice calls via WhatsApp there should be expended only Internet traffic, the same as while calling via Skype or Viber. No additional charges for mobile operators shouldn’t be withdrawn. But now, in practice, as the application is not developed till the end, all calls made via WhatsApp are done through mobile operator and are chargeable. So, money from user’s balance is charged according to tariffs.

Calls through this app will be made via telephone route, if one of subscribers is not connected to Internet or is bad cover zone of web connection, and other subscriber tries to call him/her with the help of WhatsApp. One of bad side of its function, on our opinion, is the fact that WhatsApp designers haven’t thought over the option of noticing their users who tries to call free that such calls will be routed to chargeable channel.

As to WhatsApp for Android version, this application appeared in the end of March, 2015. The fact that WhatsApp is designing free calls for Android was firstly noticed in the middle of March. And when in several weeks, according to promises of WhatsApp creators, the services will be working in full, this phone application can become a substitution of mobile connection on 2 of the most popular smartphones platforms.

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