Why are virtual numbers so effective?

Work of virtual services are like right hands in business evolution world.

get virtual phone numbersTelephone penetration begins with purchase of number. Thousands of huge and small enterprises are doing it for a lot of years. But recently in this usual way of communication revolutionary changes has taken place – virtual numbers have appeared. And these numbers began to provide businesses affairs with unlimited possibilities. VoIP telephony is currently extremely popular – thanks to numbers of virtual type which create great conditions for better business conduction and just usual intercommunication. They have a lot of advantages and privileges given to our clients.

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What is virtual number?

This facility externally is like usual telephone number. It is created in the same codes as in traditional landline numbers, or toll free 800 number which is dialed differently – code of the country plus 800. The diversity is that virtual number does not bind you to location and connection line. Calls are redirected to device of your wish. It can be in office or at house, can be mobile or direct landline; it can be a softphone or IP-apparatus. They are available to all types of telephone. Such kind of calls processing gives for business a great deal of new possibilities. Virtual number can be provided by Freezvon.com with all necessary additional services for you.

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Speed and simplicity in setting

Quick and simple setting – it is a first significant distinction between VoIP number and usual number. You can very quickly set the umber and start working. There is no need in special lines from the city and no other equipment. It is enough to have good wide-range Internet with excellent connection. Or you can just have usual mobile phone. New companies highly appreciate this novelty. Simplicity in setting of virtual numbers is very important for conducting intensive advertising campaigns, while business growth or changing of its structure. The maim thing is that in all cases mentioned above a necessity to set usual telephone network will greatly block company’s plans.

Number which works everywhere

Virtual number as opposed to traditional one is not bound to office location. That is why while moving to another building, while company widening and opening of new filiations, virtual number is not to be changes. It stays the same. It is exceedingly convenient for clients, business partners, sponsors, suppliers and actually for co-workers of that company. What is more, the usage of number can save investments made with purpose of its all round ads campaign. Virtual telephone numbers are also useful not for business but for everyday communication processes. You do not have to pay huge money for talks with your friends from another country.

Calls recording – who needs it and why

Telephone conversations carried in company can be recorded – all calls or chosen. They can be recorded by usual sales managers or even by team leader. It is necessary to record calls to make it possible for sales managers and specialists working with clients could save all details of complicated orders or when a necessity to discuss disputable situations with clients. The main thing is that a call recording is important for detection of inaccuracies and mistakes in the work of managers who work in sales departments. Also it is useful for creation of address programs by work with staff and holding of trainings which can help to destroy those mistakes in the future.

Be on-line all the time

Using this number an expert, manager of the department or co-worker of the company will always be available. It is enough to call his office number and the option of forwarding will connect you even if he or she is somewhere else but still wants to get calls from all people and answer all important questions. It gives a new level of mobility comparing with GSM-telephones, as the number loses its binding to location or to certain device which can be easily forgotten at home, lost out of the pocket or the battery ran out. Ares of bad coverage will also be not a problem when having a virtual number. Additionally virtual numbers are more sustainable, they provide more privacy and easy handling.

Instruction how to buy virtual number

As IP telecommunication provider, Freezvon took care of our customers’ well-being and created flexible and simple system of virtual number ordering.

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  1. Signing up to website;
  2. Put some money to balance;
  3. Pick up a country and type of number;
  4. Order number using your profile.

It will be the quickest ordering process for you to fulfill. If you’re going to open IP-telephony world, just have your own profile from our site and enjoy new communication abilities.


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