Xlite program for making cheap calls abroad

Making calls abroad become simpler with special SIP app called Xlite .

Cheap phone calls

VoIP telephony became popular all round the world, because it’s widely used not only for home needs, but also for offices in big companies. Nowadays to make cheap calls abroad people install several apps as Skype, IP telephone , Zoiper , Xlite , Asterisk etc.). They all have similar function – transmission voice messages via Internet. We would like to put you wise about such sphere of IP telephony as SIP telephony , which works thanks to virtual number with installed call forwarding destination. Let’s examine SIP program called Xlite.

We’re pleased to inform you concerning another service, which includes SIP application. It’s known as virtual IP PBX system with various IP services as own IP address, unlimited SIP-accounts, special free virtual number, internal numbers for free calling, statistic of calls, voicemenu or other VoIP telephone services. But from this article you are going to know what is Xlite and how to install and use this program.

Detailed description of Xlite app

SIP telephony is a range of VoIP technologies and methods with what is possible to use while dialing the number. It provides double-sided communication and call completion. After installing of the app, use free connection being in any point of the Earth. SIP program Xlite is free program software. It’s used as an app for readdressing for virtual telephone number. People install it to telephone dial-up modem, which are extremely popular.

Downloading Xlite will let you not only making and receiving calls with low rates, but to have an ability to make video calls. But for using that you need to get SIP account from Freezvon, which will help to make cheap calls without any complications. For getting it, you need to send a request to our support team.

Virtual phone number

X-lite account

X-lite account Complete a field

X-lite program

Possible devices for redirecting calls

The most frequently communicating process is between two computers. But also the second “conversation partner” can be telephone set, smartphone, communicator – they should maintain the apps working with SIP-protocol. Wide range of functions of this free program for calling permits to make and receive calls to such devices as:

  1. Laptops;
  2. PC;
  3. Tablets;
  4. Smartphones.

When you installed Xlite to your gadget, you may choose the country, the city area for using that.

SIP program Xlite: functions and pros

Key benefit of Xlite program in making calls without barriers in time and distance. The quality of connection will be better than ordinary telephone connection. It should be mentioned that using SIP economize your time, money, but also savings of your subscribers dialing to you. Calling via Xlite to clients or partners to any countries is beneficial when you have business trip or open filial agency in another city or country. SIP telephony will permit to talk with colleagues using conference call and to have business meeting using redirection from virtual DID phone number to Xlite. All calls in SIP are free.

Xlite program has the following functions:

  • Voice and video calls;
  • Recording of voice and video calls;
  • Automatic usage of necessary coders;
  • Conference call;
  • Creating of notebook;
  • Call statistics;
  • Chat for instant SMS and many others.

Experts of Freezvon recommend buying virtual telephone number, to download Xlite for free from the official program site and install SIP program.

How to make calls via Xlite?

For making and receiving cheap international calls, Freezvon.com offers to subscribers to accomplish several steps. You need:

  1. To make registration on our website;
  2. To get an access to personal cabinet;
  3. To top up the balance from 10$ (or get virtual number for having SIP account for free);
  4. To Install and make settings for your SIP-account.

You can also order such service as Caller ID attached to your virtual phone number to make your number displayed on your subscribers’ gadgets. To know the costs of number types you may see HERE.

Installing instructions of Xlite app

For your convenience, we would like to describe more detailed installation process of Xlite:

  1. From official site http://www.counterpath.com/x-lite-download you download the program and start it up;
  2. Then you may go to settings;
  3. In a field you need to indicate necessary data for your personal cabinet;
  4. Now it’s done!

It’s possible now to call cheaper abroad at low rates!

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