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Special convenient program for telecommunication at low costs Zoiper program

cheap outgoing calls IP telephony is a huge brick in our telephonic society. Cheap calls are its principal advantages. That can be explained by the working thanks to Internet. SIP telephony provides transmission of the voice with maximum high quality of connection to any kind of courses. It should be mentioned that there are many apps elaborated as programming support. The most popular and permanently used are IP telephone , Xlite , Asterisk, Zoiper and many other. Here we would like to pay more attention to Zoiper program and its role in telephonic life.

Freezvon creates most comfortable conditions for conversations via Internet. Try to involve yourself into world of IP-telephony by utilizing of VoIP services and features it's possible to save funds and achieve desired aims in every sphere of life. There are such helpful features as voicemail , blacklist, click to call , welcome message, conference call and others. Now you have a chance to know more about Zoiper program usage from this article.

Zoiper: its practical achievements

Free app as Zoiper gives the permission to make and receive calls to any destination thanks to its redirection via Internet. Making calls is possible to any city and any country existing in the world (you may select the country from the list of 90 countries). The main constituent of calling cheaper from Zoiper is SIP account, an accounting record registered in SIP network for making calls. You may order it from our website. After getting virtual telephone number, you may select such service as Caller ID, which will be shown when you call somebody.

Free program Zoiper is considered one of the best one among its analogues. That’s connected with wide interface, easy setting process and convenient usage. It should be mentioned that program has many other pluses. For instance:

  • Conference call feature to order;
  • Sending of fax messages;
  • System of acoustic echo cancellation;
  • Audio stock material;
  • Work with contacts and many others.

You could download Zoiper only to operating system Windows, but nowadays programmers solved these problems. Now SIP app is available for other operating system such as Linux, Android, Mixnet and Mac OS X and others. All this stuff will let install this program to any desired device for you.

The example of app using

We can imagine that your company office is located in Switzerland, but all your business partners are in Germany. Therefore, it would be brilliant solution to get virtual telephone number and set the redirection to Zoiper for both your partner and you.

Zoiper program is ideal not only for communication with friends or family, but for business talking with partners and clients from abroad.


choose SIP

sip account

zoiper set

Possible devices for redirection

For making and receiving calls, SIP program Zoiper requires picking over the necessary electronic device for being installed there. For talking you may select the next devices:

  1. Personal computer;
  2. Smartphone;
  3. Tablet;
  4. Laptop.

Zoiper will optimize any telephone system. You just need to have garniture, fast internet connection on your device.

 How to make calls via Zoiper

Here you may see the instructions of getting SIP-account:

  1. Set up to our website;
  2. Top up the balance for sum from 10$ (or get virtual number for getting SIP-account for free);
  3. Send a request to technical support;
  4. Make the installation and setting of SIP account.

Now you can make cheap calls internationally without any complicated operations.

Download and installation of SIP app Zoiper

For making Zoiper activated, you need to get virtual phone number and complete several actions for program setting and its usage.

The cost of numbers and the list of countries you can see HERE.

Let’s see the next steps in details:

  1. Having chosen the necessary platform and operating system, you need to download Zoiper from official site:
  2. Install that using the following the instructions.
  3. Launch SIP app in a window, which will appear and select point SIP.
  4. Involve in a field the necessary data from your personal cabinet;
  5. It’s well-done! Having some money on your balance, you can make calls.

*If you have any questions, ask the specialists of working round-the-clock. You need to write in live-chat, send the request to e-mail of the company or call to indicated telephone numbers.

Be always in contact staying abroad with and free software app, which gives you maximal opportunities and privileges! Good luck!

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