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Buy online a virtual VOIP local phone DID numbers in over 79 countries.We offers virtual phone services - DID numbers, SMS numbers, Fax numbers, Virtual PBX.

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We offer landline, mobile, SMS, fax and toll-free numbers. We have numbers for receiving calls,sms and calls.

What is called virtual number?

Virtual number - special number of a country being not tied to place of person or company's situation. Clients may not own compicated equipment and sim cards when virtual number is at issue. Such simple programs and technics as Skype, Gtalk, SIP application, IP telephone, Asterisk, email and landline, mobile phone help your business and private communication to be simpler and available anywhere. Find more information about virtual number here

Why exactrly Freezvon?

Freezvon - the best company in conducting fast virtual numbers with high connection quality. We suggest our customers well moderate prices and guarantee 24-hours service. Freezvon is always glad to resolve your private or company needs connected with numbers. simplifies getting virtual number to minimum. Ordering virtual number and getting necessary information are online.

To buy virtual number you should:

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- Top up the balance
- Order number via profile.

Clients in all world parts have already ordered numbers and successfully use them at present. You could be among them. Welcome to Freezvon.

We offers Virtual Telephone Numbers For :

calls – Forget about expansive equipment and sim-cards to make and receive calls. Use virtual telephony and receive international calls whenever you want. Set the call forwarding and receive calls to any device. Travel, move, open new offices, but still communicate without problems.

sms – Receive messages from all over the world with virtual phone numbers for sms. Set sms forwarding and accept sms to mobile or email. Change forwarding as you like in your profile and get sms to more comfortable device.

calls and sms – Forget about choosing what to accept, sms or call. Get one number and use all sides of modern phone communication at once using virtual phone number for sms and calls.

fax – Don’t think any more about extra charges on unnecessary equipment to accept fax. Get faxes to email with a lot amount with virtual phone number for fax.

calls and fax – One number and two possibilities: receiving calls and fax – this is everything available thanks to virtual number for calls and fax.

Also we have:

Toll free 800 numbers – Free calls for clients, creation an image of reliable company, taking care about clients – these and other possibilities of Toll free 800 number.

Multichannel numbers – Get simultaneous international calls thanks to virtual phone numbers with many channels.

Virtual Phone Numbers - VoIP, DID numbers

Our company is a leader among the majority of companies offering to purchase virtual phone numbers. We offer the best solutions to satisfy needs of the most hard-to-please customer helping him to buy virtual VOIP numbers. You can configure all call divert settings as well as get access to a call register in real time. Our company also offers many additional smart functions to provide maximum comfort while using virtual phone services to satisfy all the needs of our customers.

Virtual Phone Systems and Services suggests everybody to connect virtual phone number according to any needs. Taking into consideration all wishes, the company has already created such types of numbers available for connection as:

Virtual Local and mobile telephone numbers (DID/VoIP/SIP numbers) to receive and make international cheap calls. – offers virtual telephone numbers in over 90 countries for all kinds of calls, you can use your number to receive calls from all over the world and where you are using smart call forwarding service (SIP, Gtalk, Skype and your existing landline or cellular phone).
Toll free numbers and 800 numbers – Take care about all your customers and let them call you free of charge using toll free 800 number. Receive internal calls to more comfortable device using any kind of call forwarding and call customers back whenever you want thanks to SIP account.
Virtual phone numbers with SMS. – The opportunity to have one phone number for receiving both calls and sms to one (mobile phone) or different devices, as you like. Get cheap numbers with call forwarding in any country among available ones.
Virtual mobile sms numbers to receive and send SMS. – Connect virtual phone number for receiving sms messages and use all the advantages of such numbers. Get messages to email or to your real mobile phone and change sms forwarding whenever you want.
Virtual FAX numbers (Fax to e-mail). – A great possibility to accept faxes from your clients to your email connecting virtual fax number. Avoid buying fax paper and unnecessary equipment as new technologies of fax forwarding make receiving of fax being simple.

Thus, each person can find desirable type of cheap virtual phone numbers in any country and in any point of world and accept calls, sms, fax doesn’t matter where you are.

Additional phone services:

We have also additional services that help you and your company to communicate comfortable with your clients, such as:

Voicemail – service consisting in leaving a message by clients when the phone is turned on or unanswered.
Greeting – the welcome message that is listened to by all callers and brings all brief information about the company.
IVR menu – the voice menu including some information about company and the opportunity for callers to reach directly necessary department by pushing on definite buttons.
Callback – possibility to make call to be incoming for both subscribers.
Click to call – creation a button on your site and all the customers will get opportunity to call you directly from the site, and others phone services.

Setting up of one such phone service simplifies the using of virtual phone number. All list of additional services and the prices for its installation you may find here.

Also in some countries we have special proposition for our clients - Free virtual number for calls. This number has the same quality of connection but the price for it is much slower. The main advantage of such number us that you can use money paid for this number for any other needs connected with our service. You can use money for incoming and outgoing calls, for buying another virtual number, for ordering additional service for your number for comfortable communication, etc. All this possible with Free DID number that you can order right now.

If you want to improve your business and increase the quantity of customers, if you want to care about your clients that call you and are interested in your services or goods, we provide numbers with many lines not to keep waiting your clients - Multichannel numbers. With this number no one of calls will be missed. All calls from your clients will be answered and they will never here phone beeps of busy.

High Quality & Cheap Price

If you purchase a virtual local direct DID number in our company, you will get a high-quality connection at the lowest price. While our enterprise follows the principle of transparency, our call rates include both phone services and taxes, so the procedure itself does not involve any disguised costs. You can also follow all your calls to SIP application, IP telephony or Asterisk and then all your incoming calls will be free and outgoing calls will be rated for low prices. So, you can save your money but still communicate with high quality of connection.

Save up to 80% on calls abroad 

When you buy a virtual local direct DID number in our company, you can be sure all the services will be available wherever you are. A wide range of call numbers e.g. 800 numbers, virtual phone numbers (DID numbers or VoIP numbers), sms numbers, fax numbers and other IP telephony services for offices and companies, which belong to different countries, will solve the most of international phone-connected needs in your company. Suddenly moving of company, business trips or other unexpected changing of physical position of company do not involve on your work with clients and rising of your company. So, you can always be in touch with your clients wherever you.

virtual phone numbers

Order a virtual phone number in the country of your choice

With a virtual phone number (DID number) you can receive calls from your partners, customers, workers or friends, they can call you for a local call price rate in their countries. Also you can use DID numbers to make calls using SIP protocol with CallerID. With a virtual number from our company you can receive and make calls everywhere any time. And it could be noted that call forwarding to SIP, Gtalk and Skype (SkypeIN) is absolutely free. The forwarding to mobile or landline number has moderate prices for your comfortable communication.

Buy Virtual Phone Number

Buy Virtual Phone Number for your private and business needs: offers you to buy virtual phone number without any additional equipment. All you need is only to forward your calls or sms to destination you like and you will get the possibility to change this forwarding anytime to more comfortable one for you. We offer you a lot of options that help you to control your communication such as call history, voicemail, IVR menu etc.

Buy virtual phone number with and get cheap rates with the best quality. You don’t need any sim cards or equipment. And from our side we don’t need any documents or contracts. So, it is very easy to connect number. Our prices are cheap and clear, and you may control your charges.

Buy virtual phone number with and get high quality with moderate rates. You can always control your forwarding from everywhere online. And, you will be able to receive calls everywhen, no matter what period of time it is.

When you buy virtual phone number at you get the best virtual phone services. Everywhere you are calls will come to you if you buy virtual phone number in Freezvon.

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How to buy a phone number in another country?

You can buy online a virtual local phone number (DID number), virtual sms number, fax number or other virtual phone service from us HERE. You can order the best VOIP DID virtual numbers services for your home and company needs, forward it to SIP and get the cheapest and the highest quality of connection right now.

We accept online payment methods - Paypal, Perfect Money,Visa/Master cards, Wire transfer and others payment methods.

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