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DID Local Phone Numbers

Buy online a virtual VOIP local phone DID numbers in over 79 countries.We offers virtual phone services - DID numbers, SMS numbers, Fax numbers, Virtual PBX.

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Virtual Phone Numbers - VoIP, DID numbers

Our company is a leader among the majority of companies offering to purchase virtual phone numbers. We offer the best solutions to satisfy needs of the most hard-to-please customer helping him to buy virtual VOIP numbers. You can configure all call divert settings as well as get access to a call register in real time. Our company also offers many additional smart functions to provide maximum comfort while using virtual phone services to satisfy all the needs of our customers.

Virtual Phone Systems and Services :


Also in some countries we have special proposition for our clients - Free virtual number for calls.

If you want to improve your business and increase the quantity of customers, if you want to care about your clients that call you and are interested in your services or goods, we provide numbers with many lines not to keep waiting your clients - Multichannel numbers.

High Quality & Cheap Price

If you purchase a virtual local direct DID number in our company, you will get a high-quality connection at the lowest price. While our enterprise follows the principle of transparency, our call rates include both phone services and taxes, so the procedure itself does not involve any disguised costs.

Save up to 80% on calls abroad 

When you buy a virtual local direct DID number in our company, you can be sure all the services will be available wherever you are. A wide range of call numbers e.g. 800 numbers, virtual phone numbers (DID numbers or VoIP numbers) sms numbers, fax numbers and other IP telephony services for offices and companies, which belong to different countries, will solve the most of international phone-connected needs in your company.

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Order a virtual phone number in the country of your choice

With a virtual phone number (DID number) you can receive calls from your partners or customers , they can call you for a local call price rate in their countries.Also you can use DID numbers to make calls using SIP protocol with CallerID. With a virtual number you can receive and make calls. Free call forwarding to SIP, Gtalk and Skype (SkypeIN).

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How to buy a phone number in another country?

You can buy online a virtual local phone number (DID number), virtual sms number, fax number or other virtual phone service from us HERE.

We accept online payment methods - Paypal, Perfect Money,Visa/Master cards, Wire transfer and others payment methods.

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