Being local in any point of the world is getting easy. Virtual telephone number allows to get a local number everywhere around the globe and redirect all the incoming calls to any device via internet. So you can accept and make calls wherever you are. Buy a virtual number to use a high-quality telephone service covering the whole world and call for a price of regional service. Sale of numbers is accessible for everyone now!

We are a leader among the variety of similar companies offering to get virtual telephone numbers. We claim to profvide the best solutions to meet the requirements of the most hard-to-please customer helping him to get virtual number. You can configure all call divert settings as well as get access to a call register in real time. Our company also offers many additional smart functions to provide maximum comfort when using virtual phone services to satisfy all the necessities of our clients.

virtual mobile and local phone number how work

We offer a big choice of VoIP services, such as:

  • Virtual phone numbers for text/voice messaging exchange, fax with possibility of setting any of chosen destination by you (skype, sip or phone mobile/landline number)
  • 800 Toll Free numbers
  • Multi-channel phone DID numbers to several destinations
  • Cheap outgoing phone VoIP calls via Session Initiation Protocol (SIP)
  • Office phone additional services: IVR , greeting message , call recording , voicemail , call-back, conditional call forwarding , bulk sms, etc
  • Calls forwarding to any of chosen redirection type according to your preference – either Mobile/Local phone, Skype, SIP, sms to mobile phone or email, and fax to email.

*Use your virtual number to make calls and send text sms messages showing caller ID.

What is virtual number?

A virtual phone number is used equivalently to a common phone number, either landline or mobile, both for dialling and accepting calls. Just as a normal phone number, the virtual one has a code of the country prescribed for usage, followed by a corresponding digits amount. If it’s a mobile, the local operator code will be shown accordingly. The caller ID may be either hidden, or shown if required. Thus, the call recipient will see an incoming call of the local origin, previously chosen by the owner of this number. The country to be associated with the number may be selected from about 120 different names. It is to be noted, that depending on your region choice, the price for connecting, as well as the monthly fee varies.

How does virtual numbers work?

Virtual number operates through VoIP. It is a usual number with a possibility of calls resending to your phone or application via the world wire web.The main requirement to successfully use such a number is securing a good internet connection. No other special equipment is required.The calls are being accomplished in the same manner as if talking per Skype or a usual landline or cell phone. All the VoIP applications programs may be downloaded for free. Additional phone services may be not free-of-charge, whereas, the expenses on such services are noted to be significantly lower.


  • local landline or mobile number in any country - a phone number with a definite country or city code
  • receive and send sms - from anywhere over the globe including bulk sms sending possibility
  • receive fax to email - number for receiving fax messages being forwarded to your email adress
  • free forwarding of incoming calls - receive incoming calls to SIP or Skype for free
  • local rates for the caller- callers pay local tariffs for the calls
  • cheap international VoIP phone calls - used technology allows to make international calls cheaper
  • worldwide coverage - accept ingoing calls wherever you are
  • enhanced trust- showing a local number enhances trust of customers and sales
  • complex phone solutions - get extended telephone solutions for your office without any exta equipment

How to buy virtual number?

To start using all the advantages of virtual telephone numbers, you just need to:

get virtual number



1) Register at our website. Entering all required information, you can register on our site. It is very important to enter correct email and phone number as all information, passwords will be sent to your email and our managers will be able to connect with you by phone number if there is some important urgent information. After your successful registration, you get an access to your personal profile.

2) Recharge balance. Entering the button “recharge balance”, you will be able to enter the sum of money and choose payment method. We have different payment methods available to use such as Perfect Money, PayPal, credit cards etc.  To find out the virtual DID number cost, please see our coverage and prices.

3) Order number. After recharging the balance, you can order the number via your profile. All you need is push the button ”order”, choose the country, kind of number, type of destination and enter destination details.

After these 3 easy steps you will receive your number for use.

 Our technical support is at your disposal 24/7, so feel free to contact us!

Virtual Phone Systems and Services can arrange any type of virtual phone number that is compliant with the tasks you have. Taking into consideration all wishes of our clients, our company has already introduced such types of voip phone services that may help you and your company to fulfil any of your business ideas, such as:

Virtual local/mobile phone numbers

IP VoIP telephony virtual numbers

Virtual numbers for calls allow receiving and making calls not depending on physical position. A subscriber may be situated in any country or continent, but can still be reachable with no problem. Freezvon offers customers both local and mobile phone numbers in more than 120 countries. The number will look like usual number and nobody even think that this number is virtual. All you need to think over is only how you are going to accept calls - call forwarding. It is possible to forward all your calls to landline/mobile number, SIP application, Skype, IP telephone, or Asterisk.

Get Virtual Phone Number for calls

Virtual SMS phone numbers

virtual phone numbers for receiving sms

Using sms numbers, you may accept messages being in any point of the world. Changing the position may not be a problem nowadays. Everybody will be possible to send you sms and you can read them in the way that it is comfortable for you. Forwarding of sms helps you to realize these needs. Such a way, sms can be received on email or mobile phone. Receiving messages to your email is absolutely free that is a great advantage of its usage. Similar as call forwarding, sms forwarding can be also changed. So, you can accept sms messages anywhen and anyhow.

Get phone number for receiving sms

Toll free phone 800 numbers

Toll free forwarding virtual 800 numbers

Large (and the same about middium and small) business corporations seaks for communication with a lot of customers. It is also very important to realize that phone connection is withourt axtra paying for local callers and they are able to call you wherever they need free of charge. Thus, the person understands that this company takes care about its buyers and it creates positive image of company. Toll free number is for such needs. This number looks like usual landline number but with special code X-800, where X is the code of country.

Get toll free forwarding number

Virtual fax numbers (Fax to email)

virtual fax numbers for receiving faxes

Annoyed of always busy lines of your phone because of fax? Want to work quickly and stop losing your customers: old and probable? Virtual fax may be helpful for any business type. It reduces the loading of your phone line, in their turn dialing a number subscribers are not forced to listen to busy tones anymore. So, all calls are saved. Virtual fax number is able to accept unlimited number of faxes that you can read in your email. The faxes are kept in PDF format - it simplifies their further processing.

Get virtual fax number

Multichannel virtual phone numbers

VoIP Multichannel virtual phone DID numbers

Business making includes a lot of communication. Thus there appeared need to be reached per phone easily. Both the incoming calls are got and outgoing calls performed. No client will be left unattended. The company is showing its care and cherishes a good image. With a multi-channels number it is all possible. The line is never busy again and you are now able to make several calls at a time.

Get Multi Channel Virtual Phone Number

Office Phone System - Virtual PBX

virtual pbx phone system

Setting mini ATS within your office can be of a great help when your offices are spread all over different locations. A network of telephone and fax numbers, including short and direct numbers, which are virtually connected with each other through the same PBX system. This inscribes integrating of office landline, mobile, fax numbers and each given employee short number into one communication tool used for information exchange in an easy and cost-saving manner.

Get Virtual PBX

Buy Virtual Telephone DID Number Online

Additional phone services for virtual phone numbers:

We are happy to set additional services to ensure for more comfortable communication:

  1. Voicemail – service consisting in leaving a message by subscribers when the phone is turned on or unanswered.
  2. Greeting message – the welcome message that is listened to by all callers and brings all brief information about the company.
  3. IVR menu – the voice menu including some information about company and the opportunity for callers to reach directly necessary department by pushing on definite buttons.
  4. Callback – possibility to make call to be incoming for both subscribers.
  5. Click to call – creation a button on your site and all the visitors will get opportunity to call you directly from the site, and others phone services.
  6. Call recording – opportunity to record and save all your incoming or outgoing calls (or both) for further monitoring.
  7. Hold music – nice music instead of boring phone tones doesn’t make your subscriber be angry or bored while they are expecting an answer.
  8. Blacklist/whitelist – block unnecessary or annoying phone calls and forget about losing important consumers because of such callers.
  9. Conference call – opportunity to communicate simultaneously with several subscribers thanks to conference call.
  10. Call history – all detailed information about all calls in your profile for their monitoring.
  11. Send/bulk sms – send any sms to any subscriber, to one or more of them, no matter where your subscriber is located.
  12. Call forwarding – opportunity to accept calls to any device you want that is more comfortable for you with call forwarding.
  13. Conditional call forwarding – install your forwarding according to special conditions and accept calls in different time to different devices.
  14. Cheap SIP/VoIP calls - (Wholesale A-Z Termination) the best rates, the most increbiable quality termination services on the VOIP market, all just you need is to create account - personal profile - and get SIP account to make cheap VoIP calls.

Setting up these services gives more advantages of using phone number obtaining from us. The activation of any of these phone services takes us less than half day. The prices for the additional services are starting from 10usd. The complete list of all services with set up costs you may find here.


How to purchase a virtual phone number?

Freezvon tenders virtual numbers for calls, text messaging, fax, multi channels, 800 Toll free, also VoIP phone services for office and home, like voice menu (IVR - Interactive voice response), conditional call redirection, voicemail, hold music, greeting message and more others.

online help support

To start being valid owner of a virtual telephone number you should do:

  1. Choose available number (type, country, city/operator, forwarding...) here;
  2. Register;
  3. Top up balance via profile (all available payment methods)
  4. Order the number via profile.

Forwarding of calls/sms/fax - how it works?

  • Calls may be forwarded to: phone (mobile/landline), SIP application, IP telephone, Asterisk, Skype.
    *The forwarding to Skype, SIP – free.
    *The outlays of call forwarding to another phone number (landline/mobile) see here.
    *For subscribers calls to this number are charged according to their local rates.
  • SMS can be forwarded: to mobile phone or email. *The redirection to email – free.
  • Fax is forwarded to email and is free.
  • Incoming calls forwarding with Toll free number is paid by calls receiver. All calls for subscribers are free.

call and sms forwarding

How to call cheap via SIP to international directions?

  1. Download one of SIP applications like Zoiper or Xlite;
  2. Recharge the balance for making calls;
  3. Get gratuitous SIP account from our company;
  4. Setup SIP application;
  5. Call cheap. Rates for outgoing calls you can see here

You can also receive charge-free calls thanks to SIP, possessing virtual number with option of voice messaging, make cheap VoIP calls via SIP displaying virtual number as number of caller (Caller ID).

Became a number user you may connect any extra phone services by yourself in personal profile or by sending request to tech support of, we work 24/7 and you may always reach us in live chat.


How to buy a virtual phone number


free virtual telephone did numbers


You may get a free telephone number according to special offer. To get to known the conditions of it and the list of countries that take part in special offer you may here.