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How Much Does A Virtual Phone Number Cost?

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Freezvon is VoIP telephony provider that offers virtual phone numbers and various telephone services. We guarantee products of high quality, safety, low costs, reliability of services in use and competent technical specialists working 24-hours per day for your well-being and convenience. We are pleased to make your telecommunication faster, cheaper and profitable! Via our website you can purchase:

  • Virtual telephone numbers for calls, SMS and fax, toll free 800 and multichannel forwarding numbers;
  • Useful additional phone services as voicemail, call recording, greeting message, conditional call forwarding, IVR, call tracking, hold music, blacklist;
  • Virtual IP PBX, business system with hosted phone services for calls transmission;
  • Cheap outgoing international VoIP calls with free SIP account.
Get virtual numbers from Freezvon

Virtual phone numbers

Buy virtual numbers for forwarding calls, SMS and fax using online VoIP technology for business or individual requirements. Read more

Installation of virtual IP PBX

Virtual IP PBX system

Install telephone system consisting of various VoIP services and features for office or home telecommunication affairs. Read more

Phone services for virtual phone numbers

Additional phone services

Different additional services for virtual telephone numbers usage. Order them to improve telephony functioning. Read more

Making VoIP calls via SIP

Cheap VoIP calls via SIP

Make national or international VoIP telephone calls at extremely low costs using SIP technologies online everywhere in the world. Read more

What Kind Of Phone Services Do We Provide?

Virtual Phone Numbers For Calls

Order international virtual number without physical binding to your location using call forwarding to Skype, SIP and other mobile or landline telephone numbers in any country and receive calls from anyone.

Virtual SMS Numbers

Receive SMS no matter where you are, using mobile virtual telephone numbers with SMS forwarding to mobile phone, email address, URL. No SIM-cards usage is required for this type of number.

Virtual Fax Numbers

With virtual fax numbers, you can receive fax for free to your email. Save your time with forwarding all incoming fax messages to your email in PDF format. Forget about heavy machines or any other technical equipment.

Virtual Numbers For Calls & SMS

Freezvon company gives you a chance to have a unique virtual phone number both for calls and text messages. Using calls and SMS forwarding simultaneously. This number has no geographical boundaries.

Virtual Numbers For Calls & Fax

Order one phone number, which allows you to receives incoming calls and fax. There are so many different countries and cities where you can utilize this kind of foreign telephone number and save your time

Multi Channels Virtual Numbers

Get multichannel virtual phone numbers that helps you to receive several calls at the same time that means the number has multiple lines. Improve your office telephony for business goals.

Toll Free 800 Numbers

Make it possible for your clients to call your company free of charge thanks to virtual toll free number also called 800 telephone number with unlimited multiple channels and call forwarding to SIP, Skype and other numbers.

Hosted Virtual IP PBX for business

That is favorable system for business development and communication including package of different VoIP phone features reforming telephone system of your office without requiring any equipment.

Phone Services & cheap VoIP calls

Additional telephone services as voicemail, call recording, IVR-menu, blacklist, hold music, conditional call forwarding, call history, greeting message that can help your business.

Make cheapest VoIP calls using SIP.

How virtual phone numbers work?

How virtual numbers work

Virtual phone number is a kind of number that works via Internet by principle of calls, SMS and fax forwarding to appropriate destination, which depends on type of number. Calls go to Skype, SIP-app, other number; SMS go to email, url or other number; Fax go to email only.

Connect IP Telephony From Freezvon

Freezvon is the leading provider of low-cost phone services, which based on VoIP-telephony. We appreciate all clients we got or someone who wishes to become one of them. We find an individual approach to all customers telecommunication goals in business and make our best to satisfy their demands around the world.

On Freezvon you can purchase virtual phone number, which you can easily remember and make calls over the Internet. Choose on our site necessary kind of VoIP service and gain optimum flexibility starting to save money. When we work with you, we hope for our successful further partnership in such telephony sphere.

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Our Additional Phone Services to Virtual Number for Business

  • That’s a service helping to redirect calls to appropriate destination (SIP, Skype, other number).

  • Informational voicemenu guiding subscriber to needed department by pushing on dial digits.

  • Recorded voice message saluting subscriber when he/she dials to your phone number.

  • Pleasant melody replacing silence or phone toots during waiting period for call answer.

  • Get an ability to categorize undesired subscribers and create special list for blocking them.

  • Option permitting to record incoming and outgoing calls in order to obtain more info about them.

  • Function permitting to observe information concerning call affairs (length, time, caller's name).

  • Fast information sharing to subscribers by sending customized text messages via carrier network.

  • Make instant calls via your website by pushing on button that helps mobile users to reach your office quickly by phone.

  • Quick access to the cheap outgoing connection with subscriber. It makes call an outgoing one for both people.

  • Service for forwarding calls according to date, time or any other conditions or parameters.

  • Recorded voice messages from subscribers whose calls you missed will be saved to your email.

Why should you choose Freezvon?

24/7 Support

Our technical department is always online and ready to help you!

Over 5 years of experience

Our company got great reputation and experience working with you!

Numbers in over 120 Countries

We provide virtual numbers in all possible foreign countries!

Convenient payment methods

You can choose any comfortable payment system.

Ease and efficacy of user interface

Subscribers’ comfort and well-being is our main goal!

Service Solutions for Business and Home

Our features are created for your comfortable communication.

Worldwide Service

It’s possible to receive and answer calls anywhere you are.

Cancel Anytime

You can annul your order anytime you need!

Additional Services

Connect additional phone services for your virtual number.

Coverage for virtual telephone numbers

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Virtual phone numbers Venezuela VenezuelaVirtual phone numbers Vietnam VietnamVirtual phone numbers Zimbabwe Zimbabwe

Detailed Pricing and Coverage For Virtual Numbers and other Services

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How to get any VoIP telephone service from Freezvon?

You have read detailed and full information about Freezvon virtual numbers and other telephone services comfortable and easy in usage. If you have some questions, please, contact us. Our team proposes only extremely simple and available method of buying, so it will not take too much time. You just need to follow our directions. By the way, you can pick any convenient for you system of payment (PayPal, Perfect Money, bank transfer etc.).

About some questions regarding connection, you can ask our technical specialists via Skype, email, live chat or by phone. Every client is important to us!

Now you can see the algorithm of buying process from Freezvon Company. Please, keep to the following steps for making get any telephone service:

  • Sign up to our website and create personal account;
  • Top up your balance with needed amount of money according to service;
  • Select appropriate service (virtual number, PBX or other phone feature);
  • Confirm your purchase.

After ordering needed services, you will see all details online on your personal account and you can in anytime configure them.

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