Virtual numbers with calls, sms and fax forwarding in various countries

Plugging of virtual telephone numbers, Toll-free 800 numbers and more VoIP services.

Numbers for calls, SMS and faxContemporary technologies allow us to be a part of any country without even travelling. Our service provides the clients with such a wonderful opportunity. Virtual telephony presented by our company offers to order a number and readdress the incoming calls to any device that you need. If you buy the virtual phone number on our site, you will certainly notice the quality of the connection nevertheless the number for which territory you choose. Feel local everywhere you wish being far away from it. is considered to be the leading company, which serves the options of virtual telephony. Do not forget that we appreciate everyone who is our client or wishes to become one. We try to find the approach to all customers and make our best to satisfy them.

Using our IP-service you will observe that the features, which we offer are more than just convenient, they have the highest quality. Maximum comfort – you will get with

What is virtual VoIP number and how does it work?

The virtual number can be defined as the number from which calls can be redirected to that especial destination you need. It can be both mobile and fixed number. By applying this kind of number you could make and receive calls as if you are in a certain place not being there even close. The number for sale has the code of the state from which the calls will be diverted to device. There is an opportunity to hide or to show the Caller ID – considering the wishes of the client. Hiding the Caller ID the person who receives the call will not be able to recall you later. It is important to mention, that according to your desirable locality the prices can significantly change.

virtual mobile and local phone number how work

The only thing you need to successfully use the facility is perfect connection to the web. You may be surprised but no other equipment is required. No sim-cards are necessary. You just talk as usual, but the calls are redirected from country you have chosen. Such talking can be arranges not only by mobile or landline ones – feel free to use Skype or SIP programs, as you wish.

Virtual VoiPServices for professional or private usage by Freezvon

On purchase DID number which is easy to remember and work in any corner of the world. Choose on our site necessary kind of number and connect it online.

virtual phone numbers Virtual local/mobile phone numbers

Call redirection can be made to mobile or fixed number, IP-telephone for a certain price or to Skype or SIP, which is for free. In order to make and get calls by reason of using virtual number you may be locally wherever you want. They are for more than 120 countries are accessible on our site. To make calls you have to request for SIP account and download SIP program.

virtual sms numbers Virtual SMS numbers

You may use VoIP number for receiving sms messages being anywhere on the Earth. Do not be afraid to change your location – the number will be still working. Everyone can send you sms and you have a chance to set forwarding it to email, mobile or URL (for free). By the way, forwarding of the sms to your email is free of chagre as well. Do not lose your chance to use our feature.

fax numbers Virtual fax numbers

It may be helpful for any business type. Virtual fax number is able to accept unlimited number of faxes that you can be diverted to your email and this feature is free of charge.The faxes are kept in PDF format - it simplifies their further processing.

multichannel virtual numbers

Multichannel virtual phone numbers

To conduct business successfully today is not easy having not so much talking with the clients. It is accessible only for landline phones. It is a possibility to receive many calls to one number. Inbound calls are distributed to free operators. The main destinations for calls are: Skype, SIP and any other numbers. By using this feature the corporation can reach high goals and increase the number of clients. With the multichannel connection your line will never be busy.

numbers Toll Free

Toll free phone 800 numbers

Thousands of clients can easily solve their problems having the ability to contact a certain person for free. Remember that the fee is paid by the owner of that every number. Service is recheable within one country. It is free for people who make a call – the owner of the number has to pay for calls. The redirection courses are SIP, Skype, mobile and landline numbers. The form of this number is simple. You just need to enter the code of the country and add 800. Company can increase the number of clients having such service.

How virtual number works and principles of call, sms, fax redirecting

how work virtual number

Calls can be redirected to different destinations such as:

  1. Another telephone number (mobile or landline) of any state;
  2. SIP (to IP-telephone or PC, laptop, tablet, smartphone with installed app for calls via Internet);
  3. Skype.

*Forwarding to SIP or Skype is FREE, and to another phone is paid.

SMS can be redirected to one of such directions:

  1. Mobile telephone – paid redirection;
  2. Email address;
  3. URL address – SMS go to this destination or to email for FREE.

Fax messages can be directed automatically to e-mail.


calls and sms numbers

Numbers for calls and sms

This is great solution for those who are interested in expanding its communicative opportunities. This kind of number can maintain two services: you are able to call and receive calls to any needed course and at the same time have a possibility to get and send text messages (redirection of SMS is accessible to e-mail, URL, or another phone).

Numbers for calls and faxNumbers for calls and fax

If it’s annoying and uncomfortable to use numbers for calls and fax separately, you can get virtual number for these both telephone services what is more convenient. You call will be readdressed to SIP, Skype, IP-telephone, another number you have. Fax messages are sent to e-mail as PDF file.

See rates and coverage for available virtual telephone numbers

free virtual numbers Free virtual numbers for calls

That is an offer specially for our clients. You recharge the balance with 30$ per month. This money you can use for making calls, purchasing other numbers and connection of other services. This kind of number you can found installing virtual PBX system. A great economizing choice for your business development.

Using advantages of virtual phone numbers

A piece of information about strong sides of virtual telephone services:

  • Possibility to request for DID numbers with more than just one single line and get multichannel ones;
  • Low prices for outgoing VoIP calls via SIP (Session Initiation Protocol);
  • Additional possibilities, which include conditional call forwarding , voice mail, welcome message, call recording , hold music , bulk sms, IVR , conference call , click to call , call back, PBX installation, call history , black and white lists creation and outgoing calls via SIP;
  • Forwarding of the calls. In this case you are free to choose any type of redirection (mobile or local phone, IP telephone , Skype, SIP, forwarding of sms to mobile or email, and fax to email as well).

What you can do with the virtual phone number?

There are several actions you can complete with helpful usage of virtual telephone numbers:

  1. Receive and send sms – text from all around the world. Additional possibility is bulk sms sending;
  2. Redirect your fax to email – all fax text can be forwarded to your email address;
  3. Redirect calls for free – with the help of Skype or SIP, moreover, this service is extremely free of charge or for a low cost to mobile or landline existing number anywhere;
  4. Making calls using virtual telephone number like Caller ID;
  5. Pay as if you are local – callers have to pay tariffs, which are available on certain territory;
  6. Promote the trust – customers believe more if they the local number;
  7. Number make complex phone solutions – buy a virtual phone number and you will not be forced to move to another office in another country;
  8. Receive all calls nevertheless, where you are at the moment or where you are going to be in the nearest future.

The procedure of buying the virtual phone number

Only several steps are obligatory to get a number with the help of our service. Do not worry that will not take much time; everything is clear and simple to the maximum. So follow the instructions given below to order a virtual phone number.

get virtual number

  1. You need to be registered on our site – Pay attention while entering your email address and mobile number. All the information is usually sent to your email;
  2. Next it’s obligatory to put some money to your balance. There is a plenty of possible payment methods – WebMoney, Perfect Money, PayPal, credit cards, bank transfer and so on. More information about it you will see while performing the payment on your account;
  3. And finally, you can order the virtual phone number choosing the needed one on your profile.
  4. Having done that – press the button “Order”. Then the number will be shown on your personal account and you can online changes the settings of forwarding.

In case you have some problems in the process of registration, payment or ordering get rid of shyness and contact our support team – they are available twenty-four hours a day.

Buy Virtual Telephone DID Number Online

Additional possibilities which you can order having a virtual phone number

Additional virtual phone services

Conditional call forwarding – this option will allow you to set the redirection of your calls considering a certain time, date, device and so on;

Voice mail – with the help of this feature you can leave voice messages in case the number is not answered or the phone is simply turned off;

Welcome message – possibility to listen a certain message till the call is answered;

IVR – opportunity to create a menu, which will consist of the information about the company; and the ability to go to a certain department by pressing necessary buttons;

Call recording – chance to record all calls you want and need to;

Call history – you can freely look through the history of your calls. That you can do in your personal profile on our site;

Hold music – this feature allows listening to pleasant music instead of monotonous phone tones. The music goes till the calls is answered;

Blacklist/whitelist – you can block unnecessary or annoying phone calls and forget about losing important clients because of such callers;

Conference call – opportunity to communicate simultaneously with several subscribers;

Click to call – a button on your site that gives an opportunity to call directly from the site, and others phone services;

Callback – possibility to make call to be incoming for both subscribers;

Send/bulk sms – send any sms to any subscriber, to one or more of them, no matter where your subscriber is located;

Cheap SIP/VoIP calls - (Wholesale A-Z Termination) the best rates, the most incredible quality termination services on the VOIP market, all just you need is to create account - personal profile - and get SIP account to make cheap VoIP calls.

*Questions never killed nobody. Just write to us on e-mail, Skype or telephone number and make the unclear points exact and well defined. We work 24 hours per day and have answers for all your questions.

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Virtual IP PBX a beneficial solution for office and business

It is the most requested service, unique alternative telephonic station with virtual office where you can connect virtual numbers, control them and other settings for corporative telephony. If your offices are situated in different places the setting of a mini virtual PBX will be of huge advantage. A network of telephone and fax numbers, including short and direct numbers, which are virtually connected with each other through the same PBX system.

PBX for business

It includes:

  • Convenient web-interface for managing calls and other SIP-telephony services;
  • Own IP-address;
  • Free virtual telephone number;
  • Limitless quantity of SIP-accounts;
  • Internal number for free corporative network;
  • Recording and history of calls;
  • Welcome message;
  • Voicemail ;
  • IVR menu;
  • Conference call;
  • Background music.

And many other opportunities…

Having Virtual IP PBX doesn’t attach you to physical location and allows to manage big variety of calls and don’t spend a lot of money for supplementary heavy equipment. It costs 86$ (+special offer for you is virtual telephone number). The next months you pay 49$”

Buy Virtual IP PBX

SIP-telephony as comfortable and favorable solution for making and receiving calls

SIP-telephony is a method of connection permitting to call another cities and countries with low rating and also for getting free calls. Calls are transmitted via Internet, so landline or mobile telephones are not in need. For making calls cheaper to abroad you just need to get SIP-account and install IP-telephone or special app to your computer, smartphone, laptop or tablet. That can be Xlite , Zoiper or any other apps for calling via Internet. For receiving calls for free choose SIP as destination for call forwarding process from virtual phone number.

how sip work

When you buy virtual telephone number, we will give you SIP-account for free. But if you order virtual PBX it’s possible to create them in unlimited quantity. With the help of Caller ID service you can fix account with virtual phone number and this ID will be displayed as your number while you’re calling.

With the help of virtual number, you can also making calls having SIP-account or installing an app with access to Internet. Sending text messages can be done via personal cabinet.

After accomplishment of actions described above, you will get data for SIP-account to your personal email. If you want your number will be displayed when somebody’s calling just buy virtual phone number. takes a good care of clients and makes all possible to satisfy all their desires. When we cooperate with your and connect any IP-telephony service we practice individual attention to every customer taking into account all their requirements.

Cheap international calls using SIP