Using IP telephony for office you can take all its opportunities and set call forwarding to PBX with the help of virtual numbers you got connected. It is well-known that VoIP numbers with call forwarding function are unique for remoted work and allow to answer the calls anytime you can.

First of all, it is available to connect virtual numbers, internal numbers, or free DID to your PBX station and provide the telecommunications more efficient and successful.

In this article you will learn more concerning the call forwarding feature to PBX, why do you need this and how it works. Speaking about call forwarding in general we should add that is possible to SIP or another landline or cellphone, but you are able to install the redirection to mobile numbers, internal numbers, SIP-accounts, which are tied to PBX system.

What is PBX station for calls management?

This is automatic phone station that can be as physical as virtual one and has standard package of useful telephone services as voicemail, CDR, contact book, IP-address, calls recording and monitoring, call forwarding plus many others, and that can be installed and controlled individually by its user. It is often designated for call centers, big offices and wide range of businesses. For equipment you may use phone devices, faxes etc., but if it is virtual the voice data will be transmitted online via Internet.

How call forwarding to PBX with virtual number works?

Script of forwarding depends on the different factors. In case the employee works some distance away, it had better to use virtual number that is able to redirect calls to your PBX and fix the call distribution. When one operator is busy, another one can accept the call to its own corporate SIP-account. It is also accessible to setup forwarding of calls to according to several day periods so it divides into such types of call forwarding:

  1. According to availability (busy or not);
  2. Per days of week;
  3. Per time of day (for ex. at night the forwarding can be set to your voicemail).

That is possible to see the costs for virtual number in different countries here.

Priorities of call forwarding to PBX with virtual number

You are able to see the advantages of having such kind of forwarding of calls:

  • Possibility to avoid missed calls;
  • Available conditional call forwarding;
  • Easy installation via personal cabinet;
  • Ability to change redirection anytime;
  • Some free destinations exist;
  • Use of SIP-accounts, internal numbers;
  • No additional technical equipment;
  • Absence of physical address binding.

These pluses can be continued, because the abilities of call forwarding to PBX are limitless, but anyway let’s see how to get virtual number for this process.

Purchase virtual number for PBX system

Here you may read the steps and actions you need to complete for buying a VoIP number to your PBX station. We recommend you to get registered to Freezvon website, recharge the balance with concrete amount of money, then choose the type of forwarding that you can change in your personal account on our website. To finish you should confirm the data and details for ordering.

Buy virtual phone number for PBX

Then you will receive a notification letter to your email about the phone number activation, just do not dismiss that.

For being more confident in your choice and well-informed you can always contact our technical managers online via Skype, email, live chat or by phone numbers you will find on the website. 24 hours every day we are waiting for your requests and questions.