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VoIP for your business

Currently, VoIP is the most efficient solution for managing inbound and outbound calls. You can connect virtual phone numbers from 10$/month or get the maximum for telephone communications around the world with a virtual PBX from 30$/month. We have an exclusive offer for corporate customers only: a discount up to 15% for the purchase of virtual phone numbers and individual call rates.

For freelancers

VOIP for freelancers is the most profitable and cheapest solution! Ideal for those whose work does not depend on location. Our services will help you to keep in touch with your clients worldwide, and will also enable you to receive calls from all around the globe.

  • Be available for customers in any country in the world, without changing the phone number, using virtual phone numbers with call forwarding and call routing;
  • Save on calls! Calls to any country, with any phone number, will become much cheaper in comparison with your operator;
  • Receive calls on any device (PC, IP phone, mobile or landline phone) whenever and wherever it is convenient for you. You can change the call forwarding destination and the schedule of receiving calls in one click online;
  • Save your order details using call history, call recording and voicemail;
  • Improve your image and scale your business with our additional services.

For startups

VoIP for startups provides the assurance that excellent communications between all participants will be provided and configured efficiently, ensuring that superb quality for calls is provided and that all calls are controlled. These features will help your company to improve/develop faster:

  • Increase the level of trust and loyalty of your customers by providing them the contact numbers of different countries and cities, so that they can achieve efficient communication with you;
  • Save on international and domestic calls;
  • Provide the opportunity for the customer to call you for free, and connect the Toll-Free (800 numbers) of any country in the world;
  • Improve the efficiency of your employees and your company by introducing the following services:
    • Greeting message
    • IVR-menu for distributing calls by department or by an employee
    • Call recording
    • Call back
    • Click to call
    • Call history and other tools that increase sales;
  • Set up the call queue and call forwarding features, so that you will never lose potential customers due to multi-channel numbers.

For business

Our services are available for small, medium, and large businesses. You can always connect a full set of VoIP services, or receive a personalized, commercial offer that will suit your business needs.

  • Use secured, free communication between employees within the company (internal numbers, call redirection, conference calling, and other features);
  • Enter the foreign market with virtual numbers from any country in the world;
  • Connect Toll-Free (800 numbers) from any country in the world, so that your clients can call you for free;
  • Save on international and domestic calls;
  • Analyze the work of the staff using the statistics features;
  • Monitor the quality of service with call recordings;
  • Optimize your business processes with our voice menu setting;
  • Connect a virtual PBX, without any additional equipment

Buy virtual number Set Up VoIP

Complete set of VOIP services

We combined a set of telecommunication tools for home or office use into one service. To do that, we created new packages for IP PBX setup to fulfill your VoIP needs completely:

  • Virtual phone numbers for receiving calls, SMS, and faxes;
  • Toll-Free (800 numbers);
  • Virtual PBX with a complimentary free virtual phone number;
  • Cheap rates for international phone calls;
  • Complete business services package (greeting message, IVR menu, background music, call history, voicemail, call recording, conditional call forwarding etc.).


Great for tests

0$/7 day

Setup fee: 0$
  (7 day for free)  


Great for freelancers & startups


Setup fee: 30$
(one-time payment)


Perfect for business


Setup fee: 30$
(one-time payment)

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Why Freezvon?

  • We’ve been providing our services to the VoIP market since 2012, and we’ve connected over 30 000 phone numbers, from more than 120 countries in that time;
  • We have implemented over 700 VoIP solutions for companies of all sizes, ranging from 1 employee up to 100 employees;
  • You will receive ready-to-use VoIP services within 24 hours, or a personalized IP PBX within 3 business days;
  • You will receive immediate support from our technical team, as well as a personal manager, who will assist you with figuring out all of the features.


Payment methods

During the ordering process for a phone number, you will be asked how you would like to pay, and you will also receive a list of payment methods accepted by Freezvon. Our team aims to provide our customers with a variety of different payment methods.

Payment method for bank cards VisaPayment method for bank cards Master CardPayment method for bank transfers
Payment method webmoney Bitcoin payment method Perfect Money payment method

More available payment methods...

We work with the most popular, secured, online payment service providers who will guarantee the security of your transactions.

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