Mistakes of Entrepreneurs in Customer Communication and Promotion of Small Business

Mistakes in Small Business Promotion and Customer Communication

2020 gave us not only the COVID-19 pandemic but a ferocious rise in online sales. There are a lot of start-up entrepreneurs who want to build a business. But not all of them are successful in capturing the attention of the audience and growing the customer base. Let’s consider mistakes commonly made in the promotion or customer communication that need to be fixed. And let’s look into the role IP telephony plays in resolving these issues.

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How to Deal With Spam Calls to Your Virtual Number

How to Block Spam Calls When You Are Using Virtual Numbers?

Spam calls are a problem for both personal and business phone lines. This problem can also affect virtual numbers that you use to conduct business and communicate with customers. Companies publish their phone numbers so customers will have an easier time connecting to them. But spammers can find them too. Let's look into ways to get rid of spam calls to VoIP numbers.

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Improving Customer Service – Recommendations for Small Businesses

How a Small Business Can Improve the Quality of Online Customer Service

One of the features of small businesses is that they establish a close relationship with their customers. It helps them to communicate with their audience. When you are competing with other brands, it is important to not only build communication but also to offer exceptional service.

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Why VoIP Telephony is Convenient for Food Delivery Services

How VoIP Telephony Enhances Customer Experience in Food Delivery

Restaurants that deliver food are highly competitive, and if the process of taking orders via phone call is set up badly, it will spoil the customers' impression. Knowing how to use VoIP telephony to present the service, helps delivery services to create a successful customer experience and grow the volume of regular customers.

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How to Handle Aggression from a Customer - Communication Techniques for a Call Center

Helpful Techniques for Dealing with Difficult Call Center Customers

Calls from dissatisfied customers are a pretty common situation in a call center. Support managers need to know how to behave tactfully despite negative emotions and help a client solve the problem. An aggressive attitude can throw an agent off their game, so training personnel on conflict resolution will be helpful in their work. Here are several strategies to manage difficult clients.

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How IP Telephony Services Help to Improve Sales

How IP-Telephony Helps to Enable an Environment for Sales Increase

Only 18% of sales managers are completely satisfied with their job, and 47% of them would call it "good". It is the conclusion that Sales Insights Lab reached. Is it possible to improve the working environment, so the sales agents will receive more satisfaction from their tasks, and the company will feel their enthusiastic attitude towards the growth of profits? Yes, if you put effort into optimization. Let's bring your attention to the issue of whether you're using all of your IP telephony features for process automation and lead growth.

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IP Telephony Helps To Scale Business

How IP Telephony Makes It Easier to Scale Business

Scaling a business is a long-term goal for any business owner. It's best to plan the growth in stages, however. It is not just about finding a new office location for a growing team. It is also necessary to ensure that your current telecom system allows rebuilt operational processes fast enough to support the growth of the company. VoIP is miles ahead of analog telephony in terms of scalability. It has at least five features, making IP telephony a successful solution for a growing business.

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How to Prevent Professional Burnout

How To Prepare Online Store Managers for Intense Work and Prevent Burnout

With lockdowns, people started online purchasing in higher quantities, which increased the workload for call centers. And if the online store employees aren't prepared for such intense work, it can result in burnout. Managers are the proverbial face of the company, they communicate with customers, but in a state of constant stress, it's difficult to remain helpful. Knowing how to recognize burnout and overcome it will help entrepreneurs build their online store to retain good managers and maintain a high level of customer service.

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Why VoIP Telephony Is Useful To Recruiters

How VoIP Helps HR Agency Operations?

Changes that came to business during the fight with the COVID-19 epidemic touched the recruiting sector as well. Recruitment agencies now prefer HR specialists to work remotely. The recruitment process migrated online, which expanded the geography of the search for suitable candidates for the clients. Virtual numbers and VoIP services ensure the flexibility of HR agencies by creating conditions for productive work for HR managers and reducing telephone costs.

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Starting A Virtual Office In The USA

Virtual Office in the USA: How to Create a Virtual Office in the USA to Promote the Business?

Is it possible to present your services and goods on the American market without opening a representative office there? You can achieve it if you work through a virtual USA office. You can avoid superfluous expenses for rent and create an effect of presence thanks to a legal address and a virtual American number.

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