Errors in setting up VoIP telephony and how to fix them

Mistakes in VoIP Setup That Throw a Wrench in Your Sales Plan

Entrepreneurs allocate considerable funds to business advertisements. But you can lose a customer even on the stage when they are ready to call and place the order. To use 100% of all the possibilities of VoIP telephony, let's analyze mistakes that can hinder your telephone sales.

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Cloud telephony for the call center from Freezvon

Cloud Telephony: Why Cloud VoIP Phone System is better suited for modern call center

A well-equipped call center is like an army with closed ranks that takes over the attack of incoming calls and emerges from this “battle” as a winner - having received new satisfied customers. Contact centers, organized using virtual (cloud) telephony, receive calls not through a wired connection but over the Internet. It adds flexibility and reduces infrastructure costs.

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Как использовать IP-телефонию для переговоров с зарубежными поставщиками

How to Negotiate with International Suppliers on the Phone

If you are starting an e-store or running a business and need goods or parts produced outside your country, it is time to start looking for foreign suppliers. Keeping in touch by phone is helping to get more favorable terms of supply.

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What is a fixed VoIP number: definition and characteristics

Fixed VoIP

VoIP telephony allows using low-cost intercity and international long-distance communication. When entrepreneurs plan to connect virtual phone number services, they need to choose whether a non-fixed or fixed VoIP number is more suitable for their business requirements. Let's explore the difference between those types of numbers and determine when to use fixed VoIP.

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Non-Fixed VoIP Numbers: Basics and how it works

Non-fixed VoIP

Any entrepreneur who welcomes the opportunity to communicate at reasonable rates for calls within their country and abroad should purchase VoIP services. Such an opportunity is provided by a non-fixed VoIP number, which outwardly will be identical to the numbers of the country that you choose. Let's take a closer look at the features of the service and what benefits you get for both personal use and your business.

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FreePBX: initial configuration for making calls with Freezvon

This article describes the settings of the Freezvon SIP trunk: Adding SIP trunk to FreePBX, configuring outbound and inbound routing, adding a dial pattern based on a match.

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How Freezvon Recommends dealing with Crisis Workload During COVID-19 Pandemic

How to deal with the crisis workload of the call center during the COVID-19 pandemic

What should a business do when, due to the coronavirus pandemic, many companies had to reduce the number of call center employees, and yet customers expect a more responsive and quick response from support managers? Long delays on the line make customers feel that the company is not paying enough attention to the service. But with limited resources, a business cannot hire more agents. Use your VoIP telephony resources to assess communication channels and add automation to customer service processes.

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Softphone vs. IP Phone: What Freezvon Recommends for Small Businesses

Which IP Telephony Tool Is Better for Small Business?

Large companies have been using VoIP for a long time, but this type of communication is of great benefit for small businesses as well. You will get better voice quality, lesser costs, and more features for professional customer service. But when the company has a small team, what's the right fit - softphones or IP-phones, and how to make that choice? Let's figure out the features of these communication tools and describe the scenarios for connecting IP telephony for a small business.

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How to Make Interactive Voice Response Convenient for Users in 5 Steps: Recommendations from Freezvon

5 Steps to Increasing Performance of IVR

Interactive Voice Response, or IVR, connected to a virtual number, is something you could call a part of a support team. The purpose of the IVR is to help customers solve their issues more quickly by giving them information or assisting in forwarding their call to a specialist from the appropriate department. If you make sure to keep voice prompts up to date, it will be easier to meet customers' expectations. Let's see what you should take into account to make the IVR more effective.

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VoIP telephony Freezvon for remote and office work

Remote vs. the Office: What's to Expect from 2021 and How to Stay Productive With VoIP?

Every entrepreneur is asking themselves what should a business expect from 2021? Overcoming the Coronavirus crisis largely depends on how people behave, including how they handle their workflow. Senior executives have to make a decision either to bring employees back to the office or to continue allowing telecommuting. But regardless of what wins in the battle of remote vs. office work, VoIP is indispensable for building strong business communications.

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