Why VoIP Telephony Is Useful To Recruiters

How VoIP Helps HR Agency Operations?

Changes that came to business during the fight with the COVID-19 epidemic touched the recruiting sector as well. Recruitment agencies now prefer HR specialists to work remotely. The recruitment process migrated online, which expanded the geography of the search for suitable candidates for the clients. Virtual numbers and VoIP services ensure the flexibility of HR agencies by creating conditions for productive work for HR managers and reducing telephone costs.

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Starting A Virtual Office In The USA

Virtual Office in the USA: How to Create a Virtual Office in the USA to Promote the Business?

Is it possible to present your services and goods on the American market without opening a representative office there? You can achieve it if you work through a virtual USA office. You can avoid superfluous expenses for rent and create an effect of presence thanks to a legal address and a virtual American number.

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Choosing Virtual Number For An Online Store

What Type of Virtual Numbers to Choose for an Online Store?

If you're doing online commerce, you need to find the best telephony solution for your online store. Virtual numbers are very convenient to be used for this purpose because they have cheap rates and are enabled without any telephone wires. So the only thing that is left is choosing between a 1-800 Toll-Free number or a regular virtual number with a National, mobile, or city code.

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Creating A Corporate Telephone Network With VoIP

How to Use VoIP to Connect All Branches to a Single Telephone Network

Previously, to coordinate the operations of all regional offices and create a corporate network, you would have needed to invest funds in very expensive equipment and organize separate PBX based on analog telephony for each branch. Currently, cloud IP telephony will provide better conditions in terms of price and service.

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What Effect A Callback Button Has On Conversion Rate And Sales

How to Use Callback Widget Effectively to Convert Website Visitors Into Customers

Even for websites with good traffic, the conversion rate is a key indicator: how many users made the required action, for example, press the button to call and purchase your service. Besides a competitive product, you need a tool working as an additional incentive for potential clients. The Callback widget, available for VoIP telephony users, can be a helpful tool. Let's look at the properties of the callback button and how to use it to grow sales.

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Cutting Telephone Costs with IP Telephony

How To Stop Paying Overpriced Telephone Bills and Start Using IP Telephony

Not a small part of business costs goes to telephone bills, especially if analog telephony is used. For small, medium-sized enterprises, these costs make it harder to operate a business. IP telephony is an alternative solution. You can reach an equilibrium: get enough channels for customer and team communication, and lower phone bills.

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How To Organize Call Center Operations By Using Cloud VoIP Telephony

How to Launch a Call Center and Form a Productive Strategy for Remote Agents

It’s predicted that by 2025, 70% of the workforce in the USA will be working remotely at least 5 days a month, Vox reports. Remote call center agent is among the most in-demand job vacancies. A lot of companies that worked exclusively with local markets began to expand their online presence with the start of the pandemic. Entrepreneurs planning to create a call center want to ensure the smooth running of operation that empowers employees to focus their attention on customers. And for a successful launch, it's important to think through all the processes of remote work of managers and use flexible services of IP telephony.

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How VoIP Telephony Solves Business Communication

Business Communication Issues That Could Be Solved With VoIP

Despite the emergence of online chats, more than half of customers prefer to solve the problems and discuss their orders during a phone conversation with an agent. The company's goal is to create conditions of convenient telephone communication for customers that will help increase the company revenue. Modern VoIP telephony has various services that target issues of business communication.

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How to get more customers by reducing missed calls

How To Improve Service and Profit by Reducing the Missed Calls

How many potential customers a business loses when a call center cannot answer all the calls? Regardless of the reason for the missed call, customers will be unsatisfied. And the possibility they come back is low. But you can still turn the situation around. By analyzing the number of missed calls and identifying the causes, you will see the weak points of your customer service and understand what to change in your work to increase profits.

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WhatsApp Business vs Virtual Phone Numbers: What's Better?

Can WhatsApp Business Virtual Numbers Be a Replacement for Classic VoIP Numbers?

A lot of companies started to use WhatsApp for customer communication and business messaging. Even though WhatsApp uses Voice over IP protocol (VoIP) and WhatsApp Business also allows you to have an additional channel of contact with consumers, but it cannot cover all the business telephony needs completely. Let's see what does WhatsApp Business offers, and why it still makes sense to use IP telephony and virtual numbers.

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