Remote vs. the Office: What's to Expect from 2021 and How to Stay Productive With VoIP?

Every entrepreneur is asking themselves what should a business expect from 2021? Overcoming the Coronavirus crisis largely depends on how people behave, including how they handle their workflow. Senior executives have to make a decision either to bring employees back to the office or to continue allowing telecommuting. But regardless of what wins in the battle of remote vs. office work, VoIP is indispensable for building strong business communications.

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Enhance your marketing with VoIP

Enhance your marketing with VoIP

Marketing strategy is the basis of any business development. It secures the idea of how to get the competitive advantage to the customers and create long-term and mutually beneficial relationships between both sides. The strategy will include different methods of customer interaction. And one of the tools helping to achieve marketing results is VoIP telephony.

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Phone Sales Scripts

How to Write the Best Outbound Call Script

When you’re starting out in customer services, it is very important to have reliable scripts for cold calling, since it provides your team with a way to build and maintain conversations with clients, as well as something to fall back on if things go wrong.

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Welcome service and voice mail for a virtual number

Professional Voicemail and Greeting Message: Tips and Best Practices

‘You can only make a first impression once’. That’s how the popular expression goes, and if you’re trying to win over customers and keep them loyal to your brand, that initial impression is everything.

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Typical mistakes in phone sales: advice for call centers

Most common mistakes call centers make in phone sales: technology, management issues, and people.

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Chat vs Phones: What's best for customer support?

Customer support channels: how to choose between chat and phone lines? Pros and cons of chat support, benefits and drawbacks of phone support.

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Short Guide to VoIP Security

VoIP security, VoIP fraud, VoIP safety tips, and how to protect yourself working remotely: a short but comprehensive list of the most common type of VoIP security threats and how to fight against them.

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VoIP Apps for Windows and MacOS

This article will provide information on the best VoIP apps on macOS and Windows so that you can compare them according to the various features they offer, and make an informed choice as to which is the best one for your requirements, or business interests.

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4 Crucial Steps to Getting the Best-Suited toll-free Number

This article will explain what a toll-free number is, how to get a toll-free number, and the 4 key steps you need to follow in order to get the best possible toll-free number for you in the US.

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Business Virtual Phone Numbers for UK

This article will explain why you should get a business phone number that uses VoIP services (a virtual phone number). Additionally, it will also explain some of the different types of virtual numbers you can get, and how you can get your own free business number!

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