User agreement for Freezvon subscribers

If you are our permanent or potential consumer, you must observe all points of presented document. Information about agreement items, rights and duties is shown below. Freezvon always tries to create the most convenient and light facilities of work with people who are going to use their services. Learn all this information for being well-informed and competent as a user. Here the right path of Freezvon consumer starts, but never ends.

1. Concepts and terminology

1.1. Subscriber is a juridical or physical person using Freezvon system for his/her exigencies and having personal account in this system;

1.2. Provider is Telephonic Solutions OU, Harju maakond, Tallinn, Kesklinna linnaosa, Narva mnt 5, 10117, Estonia;

1.3. Personal account is a balance of subscriber open to pay for services offered by Provider;

1.4. User agreement is an agreement or formal offer between Provider and Subscriber as a user of Freezvon services;

1.5. Agreement of terminal user is an agreement for terminal users made for using Freezvon software;

1.6. Login is actual email given by Subscriber used for getting access to personal account with password. It is also used for keeping in touch with Subscriber and his/her identity authentication, activation and services prolongation;

1.7. Contact telephone number is number proposed by Subscriber, it can be actual mobile or landline for contacting with Provider, identity authentication, activation and services prolongation;

1.8. Password is a code established by Subscriber used with login for getting access to personal account of Subscriber;

1.9. Balance on Freezvon: cash to pay for services used by Subscriber in a current moment. These services are offered or will be offered by Provider;

1.10. Number of Freezvon, proposed by Provider to Subscriber for usage;

1.11. Rules of servicing – part of agreement presented by common conditions and rules. They are extended into the agreement content independently from the presentation form;

1.12. Services – the package of services and software, which are offered or will be offered by Provider;

1.13. Website is Freezvon website, where Subscriber can download a software of Freezvon.


2.1. True document that is firm offer and contains all weighty conditions of using our system;

2.2. The main accent of this offer is in registration of physical and juridical person (from this moment we call him Subscriber) in Freezvon system.

2.3. Cancellation of actions and withdrawal of a real offer, but also change of its conditions effected by publication on website posts with relevant content.


3.1. The subject of this offer - services proposed to Subscriber giving him/her an access to Freezvon system according to presented offer conditions.


4.1. Subscriber receives an access to services offered by Provider creating personal cabinet. Only then he/she can order services or top up the balance using login and password for signing in.

4.2. In order to get access to services, Subscriber must have money on his/her balance.


To connect some numbers, you must provide the statements. The list of countries, as well as the list of required documents are described here.

4.4. Maximum term of payment admission consists of 3 (three) working days from the moment of money admission to operation account.

4.5. In exceptional cases Provider saves the right to cease an accessing process of Subscriber to Freezvon system without explaining the reasons of such decision.

4.6. In case of inadmissible or illegal actions of Subscriber towards the third persons. Provider has a right to close Subscriber’s balance and block such cases:

  • Making calls and sending SMS with advertising content in case of law violation to country that receives SIP-calls and SMS from Subscriber. If an agreement for receiving such calls or SMS was absent from the side of final receiver that must be regulated by special rules. In such cases Subscriber is responsible for law violation.
  • Making calls, bulking messages if Subscriber creates high load to the system by several methods: makes multiple calls simultaneously, lots of calls with ring off till the moment when receiving side got ring control, calls-down and other actions lifting system load up;
  • Making calls, sending SMS and other services if Subscriber uses them for illegal actions;
  • Functions of additional services (Caller ID, Click to call and others) if they are used for illegal or unacceptable aims.

Provider has a right:

  • To transmit available data about Subscriber to police authorities and other analogic agencies if illegal actions are proved concerning the third persons who used site system for squeeze, bluff, danger to life and other illegal actions.
  • To request personal data of Subscriber with their further verification if Subscriber violated conditions of agreement;
  • To block of accession numbers services of telecommunication companies.

4.7. Provider saves the right to interrupt immediately a services offering or to dissolve an agreement without informing Subscriber if the aim of using services is illegal:

  • Distribution of drugs or other banned substances;
  • Providing intimate services;
  • Implementation of fraudulent transactions;
  • SMS reception from social networks, payment systems and other Internet services;
  • Sending SMS, related to the implementation of the fraudulent transactions, spam, flood, etc.;
  • In case of Subscriber invalid passport data.

4.8. Provider does not guarantee:

  • Receiving calls and SMS-messages during the registration via Internet services (social networks, electronic payment systems, etc.); Number can receive SMS only from real numbers. Some numbers can receive messages inside country only. Please check the information about receiving messages on virtual telephone number here.
  • Correct displaying of Caller ID when making calls and sending SMS.
  • According to changes in the law of Russian Federation “About telephone communications”, Caller ID displaying is forbidden for incoming calls from foreign and Russian mobile phone numbers. With this type of call, your subscriber will see landline number (such number is not real and does not fit for feedback communication). Outgoing calls from any numbers to landline still available as usual.

4.9. Provider has a right to change rates thanks to renewal information on website.

4.10. The Provider can restrict phone calls to certain destinations and allow transmission of phone calls for any Subscriber on a case-by-case basis, only after a request submitted to the Provider's technical support from the email used to sign up for the website.

4.11. Provider has a right to enter corrections to Subscriber balance in condition of appearing incorrect system work or changes in functioning conditions or rates in a system;

4.12. Terms of phone number connection:

  • The provider activates the numbers within 24 hours since the order has been placed (if not otherwise stated). In some cases, the time needed for phone number activation could be increased due to circumstances outside of the Provider's influence.
  • If the activation takes longer than three days, then the date of the monthly fee withdrawal is determined by the activation date minus three days.

Activation of virtual phone number is done in 2 stages – with the help of incoming call and SMS to contact phone of Subscriber, in case the virtual number is ready to be used. Without the procedure described above, activation is impossible.

4.13. Provider has a right to cease offering services to Subscriber without notification if Subscriber uses the number for receiving SMS for online registrations in Internet (in social networks, electronic payment etc.)

4.14. Provider has a right to refuse or stop offering services to Subscriber (block the number) without notification when Subscriber is swearing in communication with support team of Provider, offends or threatens to their colleagues.

4.15. If Subscriber has lack of funds on his/her balance, Provider has a right of totally or partially limitation an access to services without pre-notification. An access to services could be resumed with the help of recharging the balance, payment confirmation and receipt of payment.

4.16. If Subscriber’s actions violate offer rules and standards of services using, as well as violation of the current legislation concerns the number of country Subscribers or individuals with access to the services by using the credentials of his data, Provider has a right to unilaterally terminate the provision of services to Subscriber.


5.1. Provider is obliged:

  • To offer true necessary information about system, providing registration to Subscriber and his/her user services;
  • To consult Subscriber concerning all questions connected to fulfillment of this offer;
  • To offer an access to Freezvon system;
  • To provide personal account servicing of Subscriber.

5.2. If it’s necessary to take prophylactic measures Provider has to indicate the time for them to make users work with Freezvon system more convenient.

5.3. Provider is responsible for qualified services providing in appropriate time. He guarantees to provide all necessary stuff for better number functioning and immediately resolve technical problems or present to Subscriber alternative number in case of disconnection or number liquidation by Provider.

5.4. Provider has to give Subscriber an access to web-interface of system excepting emergency situation.

5.5. Provider has a right:

  • To change range of offered services and order of their offering system wide Freezvon notified about that not later than 10 days before changing. For available operator services this point does not apply.
  • To request for documents confirming personal identity, necessary contact or other information certifying Subscriber identity (legal status of juridical personality).
  • To dissolve an agreement interrupting to provide services without notifying Subscriber who used services for illegal aims.

5.6. In case of cancellation, modification or termination of the contract, as well as the absence of funds on the account of the Subscriber, the Provider shall not reimburse or return to Subscriber withdrawals from the account prior to the termination of access to services (including amounts for services, provision of which is not completed by the time of the termination of access to them).


6.1. Subscriber is obliged:

  • To examine carefully the content of this offer before registering on Freezvon system;
  • To provide valid personal information during registration in the system and to make timely changes if they lost relevance by contacting technical support of Provider specified in the registration email. If necessary, to confirm the identity of the Subscriber, he is obliged to give to Provider required personal data;
  • To provide availability of necessary sum of money on personal balance.

6.2. Provider has a right temporally to stop offering services if Subscriber doesn’t give needed data or if Subscriber violates any obligations from agreement.

6.3. Subscriber is obliged to use services given by Provider legally. According to this point Subscriber mustn’t:

  • track, intercept or disrupt information exchange, if he/she is not a part of such exchange;
  • distribute prohibited by the laws of the country commercial messages;
  • use fraudulently services provided by the Provider or his personal account;
  • expose other users to offensive, indecent or objectionable material, as well as the effects of materials are harmful to children;
  • break the rules of service in any other way.

6.4. Subscriber is responsible for enclosing Provider from harmless civil liability, as well as the plaintiff's claims of any nature, lawsuits and costs, including internally legal expenses incurred by Provider as a result of Subscriber violation terms of service or improper use, the current legislation, the rights of third parties.

6.5. Subscriber is responsible for choice of services while he/she enters into purchase order. Ordering is final and not changeable.


7.1. Provider gives to Subscriber a possibility to get virtual numbers on base of prices and conditions presented on website.

7.2. Virtual numbers work only for incoming calls at the level of service providers. Outgoing calls with direct numbers are provided to Subscriber on the general basis of the system.

7.3. Virtual numbers are provided to Subscriber under a lease with the connection charges and the introduction of a mandatory monthly fee if the conditions of numbers do not include other payment terms. When disconnecting the number happened as a result of non-payment or late payment of a subscription fee, as well as disconnected numbers on the initiative of the Subscriber, Provider does not guarantee the preservation of the virtual numbers.

7.4. Subscriber assumes the obligation to use leased virtual number only for legal purposes.

7.5. Subscriber takes into account the fact that Provider does not own offered virtual numbers, and therefore, cannot guarantee preservation of numbers for an indefinite period, and the decision arising in cases of force majeure problems at the provider level.

7.6. Subscriber guarantees the authenticity of provided documents (copy of passport or ID) during the performance of connection conditions virtual number to connect conditions. The Subscriber also ensures that provides a copy of belonging to him/her passport or ID.

7.7. Provider has a right to make another one (second) request of Subscriber documents required for virtual number connection. Provider has a right to require verification of passport or ID with the help of photo where an owner must keep the passport in his hands.

7.8. Subscriber agrees with the fact that Provider has a right to act from Subscriber’s right in connecting virtual numbers and providing their functioning.

7.9. Subscriber takes into account and agrees that for virtual number service providers retain the right to monitor provided in rent numbers to check for the use for illegal purposes, and the right to number off in determining whether the use of numbers for illegal purposes.


8.1. As part of the system, an automated accounting is performed on the basis of the subscribers’ accounts and operators registered in the system, which represents a unified monetary system of relations.

8.2. Paying for services is realized by money transmission to determined current account or account of legal representative Provider using payment systems available to both sides.

8.3. Form of payment – advance payment loaded to Subscriber personal account. Subscriber can have terminated credit limit at the discretion of Provider or his accredited representative.

8.4. If sum of money on Subscriber personal balance is not enough for services usage, an access to these services is ceased without pre-notification to Subscriber.

8.5. Subscriber has a right to fulfill recharging of balance on his/her personal account using convenient to him payment methods in order to avoid cancellation of services offering because of lack of money on Subscriber personal account.

Remaining balance won’t be returned to Subscriber in the following cases:

  • If Subscriber violated rules of connection and further using of services;
  • If Subscriber didn’t take into account the requirements of this offer.

8.5.1. In case of contract rescission by Subscriber money on personal account received as a result of connection and using of virtual numbers special offer won’t be returned to Subscriber.

8.6. Provider has a right to apply for the following personal data of Subscriber: name, surname, home address, mobile home number, and also colored copy of documents identifying personality of Subscriber (confirming legal juridical status), for payment confirmation (repayment of money).


9.1. Provider doesn’t have a responsibility for information that Subscriber forwards and receives via Internet.

9.2. Subscriber provides legitimacy of his activities. Provider is not responsible for activities justification of operators and Subscribers registered on Freezvon system.

9.3. Provider and his accredited representatives are not responsible for the quality of services offered by other organizations or operators registered on Freezvon system. Provider is not responsible for breaks or stoppage in functional services provoked by directed or indirected reasons, which don’t fall within the scope control of Provider.

9.4. Subscriber rests responsibility upon himself/herself for risks connected with usage of Internet.

9.5. Provider is responsible for saving the privacy of Subscriber personal data except the cases contemplated by international legislation and legislation of country where number is used.

9.6. Subscriber is responsible for saving privacy of his/her password using for getting access to services of Freezvon system. When Subscriber gives registration data to the third persons, the responsibility for consequences and losses provoked by this action lies with Subscriber.

9.7. In case of force-majeure circumstances Provider is break free of responsibility lied with him.

9.8. In case of services usage termination Subscriber is obliged to get out of the red including system fee on full scale.

9.9. Subscriber and Provider are obliged to inform each other about several circumstances that can do harmful things to one of sides.


10.1. Complaints connected with system work are accepted by Provider or his accredited representatives during 30 days from the moment of circumstances appeared.

10.2. Provider and Subscriber try to solve disputes or disagreements appeared between them by way of negotiations;

10.3. Disagreements, which were not solved by the way of negotiations should be solved by determined legislation of Provider country.


11.1. True offer becomes operational from the moment of Subscriber registration on site for indefinite time.

11.2. If Subscriber doesn’t use services during 6 (six) months, Provider has a right to block Subscriber personal account. In this case, offer validity can be stopped automatically. The rest of money on Subscriber personal account won’t be given back.

11.3. Subscriber has a right to dissolve an agreement at any time on a unilateral basis. He/she must inform Provider in 7 days prior to moment of dissolving contract.

11.4. In case of dissolving offer the rest of money on Subscriber personal account is used in full scale or can be given back to Subscriber after personality verification except the cases envisaged by this offer.

11.5. Refund of the balance is impossible. Any remaining funds can be spent only for the use of our services. The balance from account can be refunded at our discretion in exceptional cases, after giving the required documents, as well as the detailed verification of the financial and law departments. This verification can take up to 30 working days after the client's request.

Now you have read all useful information about cooperation process with our company. Be sure all points mentioned above are well-regulated and followed. But remember that you as our subscriber must follow all the duties and rules, but not forget about rights of course.

When you found any unclear moments in a document, don’t be upset and do not refuse a possibility to become our client. You can always address to our technical department. They work 24-hours per day and will answer all your questions concerning “Terms and Conditions”. It is possible to write us a letter to email, to make a call by phone or try to call via Skype. We’re going to inform you will essential info immediately.Please contact us now!.

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