How Virtual Phone Numbers and VoIP Telephony Services Work

How Virtual Phone Numbers and VoIP Telephony Services Work

In this article, you will learn about how virtual numbers and other related services work. Considering that intercommunication is a necessity in today’s day and age, it is essential to understand the possibilities and benefits that a virtual phone number can bring.

Due to the introduction of various technologies, such as the virtual phone number, it has become far easier, and far more enjoyable to socialize with people around the globe.

Influential people need to be available at all times so that they can be reached by their colleagues and clients. The ability to be contactable 24/7 is often the difference between a sale and a lost sale.

For these reasons, companies such as Freezvon offer a range of useful virtual phone services, such as virtual IP PBX, Toll-free 800 numbers, and an extensive range of additional phone features, to help companies offer the best customer service experience possible.

How to buy a virtual phone number:

  • Register online or log in to your personal account if you have already registered;
  • Top up your balance, to cover the cost of connecting the number, and for the 1 month subscription fee;
  • Choose a country;
  • Choose the type of number;
  • Choose a city;
  • Set up forwarding;
  • Choose subscription period for the number: 1, 3, 6, or 12 months (2-18% discount based on the period of subscription and the price of the number);
  • Check your details and complete the order.

After the phone number is activated (within 24 hours or longer, depending on the type of the order and document verification if needed), you’re going to receive an email with the information about your number.

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How to buy

Which phone numbers do we offer and how do virtual numbers work?

Luckily, this service works without the need for special equipment, so you can stop wasting your time and money on expensive, unnecessary systems. Simply forward your calls, SMS messages, and faxes to a suitable device, and communicate without problems!

If you’re interested in the different types of VoIP telephone numbers and how they work, please read the list below:

  1. Numbers for calling - these are mobile or landline numbers, which are designated for calling. They redirect calls to several destinations, such as SIP apps, IP-telephones, or other alternatives;
  2. Numbers for calls and SMS - with these numbers, you can receive messages and calls to the aforementioned destinations;
  3. Numbers for SMS - these types of numbers have the ability to forward SMS messages to destinations such as email, URL, or other existing numbers.;
  4. Fax and Call Numbers - these numbers can redirect calls and faxes to separate destinations you already know;
  5. Numbers for fax - these numbers are for receiving fax messages in PDF format to your e-mail;
  6. Toll-free (800 numbers) - these numbers allow your subscribers to call for free, BUT the user of the number is responsible for paying for all incoming calls;
  7. Multichannel numbers - these numbers have several additional telephone lines that help you to avoid number overcharging;
  8. Free DID virtual numbers for calls - these phone numbers forward calls to SIP apps, and other cell or landline numbers;

You can read more details about calls, SMS and fax forwarding, as well as all of the settings of the destinations you may wish to set up within your personal account on our website. The graphic below demonstrates how forwardings work:

Virtual numbers working principles

Scheme of virtual numbers forwarding process

A virtual phone number is a great example of modern communication technology. But what is it? and how does it work? The virtual number creates the illusion that a person’s location is in a particular country, but the owner can be situated far away: in another country, city, or even another continent. In addition, the user does not need to spend much money on phone conversations, as the rates are quite low. Heightened user convenience and greater connection quality are just some of the basic benefits of VoIP telephony, but there are many more.

How to set call forwarding to your virtual phone number:

  • SIP: Set your SIP login or just write "SIP" in the field for forwarding and we'll create an account for you. Call forwarding to SIP is free of charge for most countries.
  • Phone number: To set the call redirect feature to your number, you should input your number in an international format (without "+" or "00" at the beginning). Call forwarding to phone numbers is chargeable for all countries.

How to set forwarding for SMS messages using your virtual number:

  • Email: When setting this type of forwarding, you should input your email address. Forwarding to your email is free of charge.
  • Mobile number: To set up forwarding to your mobile number, you should input your number in an international format (without "+" or "00" at the beginning). SMS forwarding to telephone numbers is chargeable.
  • URL: This type of redirection is FREE.

Fax can only be forwarded to your email. In addition, the fax forwarding service will be for FREE.

Call forwarding for Toll-Free numbers is chargeable for all types of redirection.

Virtual number working process

Range of destinations for forwarding

Pricing for virtual phone numbers and other services

Freezvon offers virtual telephone numbers in over 120 countries, and you can pricing information on our official website. We highly recommend that you learn more about the prices and costs for virtual phone numbers for calls, SMS or fax, toll-free and multichannel numbers, so that you choose the best possible solution that works for you.

Prices and coverage of our services

It doesn’t matter if you need it for personal reasons, or if you need it to improve your company’s customer service experience, just let us know which kind of number you need, and our company specialists will be ready to help you select the best options for you. You can contact us via Skype, online live chat, or email.

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How does an IP PBX station function?

The virtual IP PBX’s system is based on IP-protocol, and this means that there is no need for telephone network expansion. It’s an alternative to the traditional telephone system, consisting of some permanent VoIP services, plus other supplementary features, which you can add to your virtual telephone office. Virtual PBX is not tied to a physical address, making it easily transportable if you need to move to another office, city, or country.

How virtual PBX station works

Scheme of virtual PBX station work

It's characterized as a package of standard services that help to create a virtual telecommunication office, to receive calls, and to control calling processes. The features of this system include a free virtual number, an IP address, call monitoring, a voice IVR-menu with an enormous quantity of SIP-accounts, free internal numbers, and more. You can use this system to run your business or take care of personal affairs. Here are some additional services that are available with this system.

The use of IP telephony is not limited to incoming calls only. If you need to differentiate your communicative processes and make it easier for your team, you can use the additional virtual numbers services available with Freezvon. There is an extensive variety of additional services available that are specifically designed to simplify your day-to-day responsibilities.

Connection and price for virtual IP PBX

Cheap outgoing and free incoming VoIP Calls

Nevertheless, not only can you receive calls, but you can also make them! This is made possible with services such as the SIP-application. For this, you need to get an SIP account.

This account is created by our experts. Simply download an SIP app (such as Zoiper or Xlite), and our specialists will help you to select the settings that work for you. Forwarding to an SIP app is also completely FREE as well. To place an order, you need to send a written request to our technical support team, and you will then receive all the required settings for this service, as well as information on how to complete your account activation.

How VoIP calls work

Use cheap VoIP calls from Freezvon

It’s a great opportunity to make cheap calls to other foreign countries. Moreover, your subscribers will be grateful for being able to make calls to you that are twice as cheap. To view pricing for installation and rates, click here.

Read more about VoIP calls

Additional VoIP services for virtual numbers

If you need to differentiate between your communicative processes and improve the communications for your team as well, why not use the additional virtual phone number services that Freezvon offers?

How additional phone numbers work

List of additional telephone features for your numbers

Here is a list of excellent additional services that can improve your workplace communications:

  • IVR menu – guides you to the relevant department;
  • Call recording – records calls for better monitoring purposes;
  • Hold music – function responsible for replacing phone toots with amazing tunes;
  • Conference call – an online conversation that can hold numerous people simultaneously;
  • Call back – calls you made according to received requests;
  • Blacklist – list for regularizing your subscriber’s calls;
  • Conditional call forwarding – call redirection according to a specified time and date;
  • Click to call – with one click you can dial the appropriate company via their website;
  • Send and bulk messages – quick informing service that provides your subscribers with important information from your company;
  • Voicemail – holds the voice messages you have received

Read more about our additional services

All these services are a helpful addition to virtual numbers, no matter what the purpose of their use is (business, traveling, etc.). If you would like to read more information concerning these additional services, their characteristics, and their prices, you can read more here.

Advantages and possibilities of virtual numbers and other features

Freezvon unites all the VoIP-technology benefits available and makes virtual phone usage much simpler than you can even imagine. Here are a range of additional virtual phone number and IP service benefits:

  • No bounding to a physical location – travel, change location, increase the quantity of business offices in other countries (virtually), create the appearance of physical presence in a certain region
  • The opportunity of entering the international market – customers trust local companies more – become local everywhere.
  • No need for SIM-cards or special equipment – the only thing that the user needs to do is to set the redirection for SMS messages, faxes, and calls.
  • High-quality connection – a change in your location doesn’t influence the quality of your connection, so the user doesn’t feel any difference between using a virtual number or using a real one.
  • Low rates – the prices are very low in comparison with roaming or international communication.
  • Multichannel numbers – the possibility of increasing the number of simultaneous talks held at one time, so more customer calls can be answered.
  • Wide choice of countries – Freezvon offers the possibility to choose a number from more than 120 countries around the globe.
  • Call optimization – monitor and record conversations, and potentially increase the level of customer service delivered to your clients.

With all these benefits available, it’s only a matter of time before this becomes an irreplaceable part of everyday business, as well as for personal affairs. That is why this technology is rapidly gaining in popularity.

How do you order an additional service?

To order any additional services, here are the steps you need to follow:

  • Firstly, you need to purchase a virtual number.
  • Next, you need to submit a request from your personal account to set up additional services of your choosing;
  • After that, our technical support team will configure your additional services as requested;
  • When it's done, we will send you a notification to your email address.

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How to buy

All of these phone services greatly simplify your telecommunications, moreover, they economize your money, and save time. Our 24/7 support team can assist you in choosing suitable numbers. Don’t hesitate to contact us here!

Payment methods

During the ordering process for a phone number, you will be asked how you would like to pay, and you will also receive a list of payment methods accepted by Freezvon. Our team aims to provide our customers with a variety of different payment methods.

Payment method for bank cards Visa Payment method for bank cards Master Card Payment method for bank transfers
Payment method webmoney  Bitcoin payment method Perfect Money payment method

More available payment methods...

We work with the most popular, secured, online payment service providers who will guarantee the security of your transactions.

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