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Buy virtual phone number for calls and SMS receiving

Buy virtual phone number for calls and SMS receiving

Nowadays, you can pay attention to the fact that people around are talking by the telephone all the time. Everybody needs communication everywhere almost constantly. Besides, sometimes we prefer chatting via SMS when a telephone conversation is inconvenient or expensive for us. There are situations when it is better to call rather than send SMS – we choose that kind of communication, which is more preferable and suitable for us. From this article, you will get more detailed info about virtual numbers for SMS and calls.

How to buy a virtual phone number for calls and SMS :

  • Register online or log in to your personal account if you have already registered;
  • Top up your balance on the cost of connecting the number and the amount of subscribers fees for 1 month;
  • Choose the type of number (Calls and SMS);
  • Choose a country;
  • Choose a city or operator code;
  • Set up forwarding for receiving calls (phone number or SIP);
  • Set up forwarding for receiving SMS (phone number, email or URL);
  • Check your details and complete the order.

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How to buy

They give an opportunity to stay in touch everywhere with the same unaltered contact number, so friends, family, partners or clients can always reach you. We suggest numbers for calls or for texts. So, now you don’t have to choose what priority is important for you: calls or SMS. Modern VoIP technologies allow you to have one call and SMS number anywhere and receive them to any desirable device destination.

What is virtual number for calls and SMS?

It’s a number received from our company for getting or making local or abroad calls. Key option, which makes it so special is forwarding. All preferable calls can be forwarded to this number and you do not have to change your living place or move somewhere. In this case you get even more – with this number redirect both calls and text messages being wherever you want. Redirection of calls and sms makes person who calls or sends message thinks that physically you are in that country to which number belongs. Stay where you wish and do not worry about number – it is safe and secure.

Your telephone number is no longer limited by geographic boundaries. Moreover, with this virtual phone number you can get calls: via Internet, using a PC, smartphone. Maximise the value of your text messages and improve your customer support by making yourself available to clients who want to call you back.

How do numbers for calls and sms work?

Let’s consider possible ways of receiving calls and SMS, as the process acts due to forwarding. So, calls can be sent to a cell phone, landline (local) phone, there is available call forwarding to SIP. Resending of calls to devices mentioned above is free, so having an access to the World Wide Web, you may not worry about charges for incoming calls and accept them freely.

Virtual number for calls and sms
Scheme of virtual SMS and calls number forwarding work

But, even redirection to a local or mobile will not influence greatly on your budget, as all rates are low. As for delivery of messages, there are 3 ways of its forwarding: mobile, email and URL.

An owner of virtual number can also call and send texts. Calls making is possible thanks to one of SIP-applications available for downloading. Using SIP data from our company, you will get a possibility to set up SIP-program. They have also a possibility of showing correct Caller ID. It means that digits can be shown during a call, so, your clients can always call you back whenever they want. Or you can always hide your CallerID, for example, if you work with outgoing calls only.

Beneficial sides of virtual numbers for SMS and Calls

Before buying virtual number from Freezvon, get some details concerning this kind of service. Examine the next points:

  • You don't have to buy 2 separate numbers for these services;
  • Numbers are available online on our site;
  • There are enormous quantity of additional features;
  • Low rates for international calling;
  • Convenient ways of forwarding calls and SMS.

How much services cost from Freezvon?

Making and receiving calls with virtual number is possible using our service. Moreover, it includes a chance of communication via both goods. If you redirect all your calls to SIP or Skype – you will not have to pay any fee, it is FREE of charge. In case you want all your calls be redirected to landline or mobile, you will have to pay some money. Please, see the prices on your account or on special department on our site (see rates here).

Virtual numbers for sms and calls coverage

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Speaking about sms forwarding – as it is possible to forward sms to cell phone, email and URL – rates are various as well. Forwarding to email and URL is FREE of charge. Forwarding of sms messages to cell number should be paid according to rates mentioned on our official website.

Prices and coverage for Virtual Numbers For SMS and Calls

Additional phone services that we offer

We have profitable offers for virtual phone numbers for SMS and calls that can make their work advancing. See how many additional services Freezvon can show you from the list below:

  • Click to call (function for fast calling from site by pushing the button);
  • Call history (detailed information about calls);
  • Call recording (an option that helps to record talks and control the telephony);
  • Cheap SIP/VoIP calls (an ability to save some money for calling);
  • Black and White lists (special lists that categorize your subscribers);
  • Hold a music (melody that sounds when caller is waiting for reply).

Other services you can check out from here.

Online help consultation 24x7 Buy A Virtual Number for Calls and SMS Now
How to buy

If you have enormous desire to get one of IP-services or even more, write to support team a request and they’ll help you to install that. Contact them via Skype, email, helping live chat and by phone. They work 24 hours every day, so your problem or question won't be left without attention.

Payment methods

During ordering the phone number there can appear the question how to pay for the number and what payment methods accept the company Freezvon. Our team tries to provide our customers with lots of payment methods. LEARN MORE

accepted payment methods to purchase a virtual number

buy virtual number via WebMoney INTERKASSA secure payment for virtual numbers

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