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China virtual number for making and receiving calls online

China is a great country for connection of VoIP telephony services. That is why we provide local China virtual number with free call forwarding feature online for those, who want to conduct business in this country and involve maximum clients quantity. China is a country of great contrasts, but there you may make cheapest international calls and get inbound calls to SIP, Skype or other number you already got. China is huge and wild, so it will satisfy your instinct of investigations and discoveries with Freezvon number.

On our official website you will be able to find phone numbers for Beijing +86-10, Shanghai +86-21, Shenzhen +86-755. You are able to connect mobile number in China for SMS and use any destination comfortable for you. There are also the numbers for fax that can forward your faxes to email in PDF files. Here we will inform you about connection, work and pluses of these numbers, which fit as for business use as for individual purposes.

How VoIP China virtual numbers work?

For perfect communication with Chinese people, DID telephone number for China with code +86 for making and receiving calls is the best choice. As far as you may know every number works on the option of redirecting calls, fax and sms to the needed course chosen by you. In this case, we deal with calls forwarding. It's also possible to make calls abroad. For this, you need to submit a request about the SIP account from us via your cabinet, set SIP application or server and top up balance. Show your Caller ID so that others can call you back later. Moreover, Chinese number is multichannel one, so it has 2 lines, but it is possible to get even more. Learn more about the call operations below.

Virtual numbers for China
VoIP China number

Get inbound calls with Chinese virtual phone number

Freezvon presents the possibility to obtain calls to several directions you may see below:

  1. Skype;
  2. SIP;
  3. Other cell phone or landline.

Pricing for virtual phone features and other phone numbers is here.

How to make cheap outbound calls via China phone number

Using SIP-telephony you can dial not only locally, but to foreign destinations. Please, read the next steps for knowing how to call:

  1. Order via personal page a free SIP account;
  2. Download special helpful apps as Zoiper or Xlite;
  3. Get settings received from our manager.

All rates for calls are available on the page called "Pricing", just click here.

Get virtual telephone number for China

If you have a huge clients’ base in China Republic it is obligatory for you to purchase a number for this very country. We provide you with such chance. For this, you have to perform further instructions:

  • Make registration;
  • Make personal account reachable for you;
  • Top up balance;
  • Order the Chinese number!

All available payment methods for purchasing our services presented here. Remember, this telephone service will be connected within 24 hours, please check your email where you will find a notification from us.

IP virtual PBX station that could help in using more than one VoIP facility. Look at some of them: SIP-accounts in big quantity, internal numbers for free talks, statistics of call affairs, informative IVR-menu, recording of calls and others. It's suitable for house or office usage. Pricing is accessible here.

To set up these above-mentioned VoIP services to your Chinese number, just activate your personal cabinet in order to write from there a request to our technical support team with detailed information about the service you want to set up. So, they are like blacklist, call history, recording of calls, greeting message, IVR etc. More about those features see here.

If you do everything right you will get your number and the possibility to receive and make cheap calls. Our support team will help you anyway if you need the explanation regarding some difficult questions. Contact us now!

Available area codes and costs for China virtual number

City NameArea codeSetup feeMonthly feeVoiceSMSFAX
Mobile (only for sms)*xx1010---

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