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Open the possibilities of virtual phone number for Spain in order to maintain relations.It’s always agreeable to talk to Spanish people, so if you need to get it more, just involve yourself into the world of IP-telephony, that gives an ability to as much as you can with low ratings. See what Freezvon offers in use. VoIP services are inevitable for telecommunication process, so in this article you could learn more information about them in general. From this article you will get info about virtual number for Spain and several VoIP telephone features.

How to get VoIP virtual number for Spain

The process of ordering is the most comfortable, unproblematic and time-saving. You just need to:

  • Pass registration on Freezvon;
  • Charge your balance;
  • Pick up “Spain” in a list;
  • Select the wished type of Spanish number;
  • Buy it now!

This simple online procedure is possible after checking payment methods for our phone features. Ordered number will be activated within 24-hours period. We will inform you about its status.

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How to buy

Area codes and costs for virtual phone numbers available in Spain:

City NameArea codeSetup fee
USD (one-time payment)
Monthly fee
Ciudad Real9261330+--Any
Las Palmas8281330+--Any
Castellon De La Plana9641330+--Any
A Coruna8811330+--Any
Palma De Mallorca8711330+--Any
San Sebastian8431330+--Any
Vitoria - Gasteiz9451330+--Any
Toll Free9001550+--Any
Toll Free8002423+--Any

Buy A Spain Virtual Phone Number

*The price is quoted for Calls, SMS, Toll-Free, or Fax type of phone numbers.
For Calls and SMS, Calls and Fax of phone numbers, the price could differ.

The origin of the name “Spain” is exactly unidentified. Some historians suppose that it derived from the word “a rabbit” (Ispanihad), other make a note of Roman etymology of the country’s name “Hesperia Ultima”, which is translated as “Final West”. The most popular version is Phoenician phrase translated as “to beat out”. Corrida, flamenco passion, football addiction – everything about Spain. That’s most popular country for visiting, about 60 millions of tourists come to enjoy this multicolored expressive country.

What is Spain virtual numbers in practice?

That is a number having unique code +34 works thanks to fast readdressing of calls, sms and fax to the needed directions. It’s not territorially attached, wireless and has no sim-cards for usage. Another money-saving service called SIP application, which via such free programs as Zoiper or Xlite helps to get and make calls to foreign subscribers. If you’re entrepreneur-beginner or professional, get packet of telephone services for your company called virtual PBX.

Buy Spanish virtual number
Get virtual phone number in Spain

See the costs for Spanish virtual phone services from here.

When you begin communication in this country, local phone number will be your most appropriate choice when you need to start business, promote your website or simply to keep the contacts with someone from there.

Categories of Spain virtual numbers for talking

If you need to know more about numbers for various purposes. Essentially they are for:

  • SMS – receiving to e-mail, URL or phone number;
  • Calls – number handling calls received to SIP, another telephone number;
  • SMS and calls – special number for operations connected with calls and sms;
  • Fax – this kind of number will be useful for people demanding in getting fax messages. It’s forwarding to e-mail;
  • Fax and calls – two telephone services united on one number.

If you’re maximalist and want to get more opportunities to stay in contact with Spanish business partners or clients, you can look at these numbers:

  • Multichannel virtual numbers having several telephonic lines to keep the more callers;
  • Toll free 800 numbers providing free calling for customers.

Significant sides of Spanish DID virtual numbers

Look at the pluses offered by the numbers, we give you. Just complete the process of purchasing which takes only 5 minutes:

  • It’s trouble-free in use;
  • No sim-cards for making telephonic operations;
  • No extra expenses;
  • Low rates;
  • A wide choice of additional telephone services as hold a music, cheap VoIP calls, IVR menu etc .;
  • Easiness of online payments for services etc.

PBX system was created by amazing clever minds especially for office or home utilization. It consists of several services, which are known as SIP accounts, VoIP numbers, IP address, number for sale, IVR menu, records of calls, and others.

Online consultation 24x7 Buy A Virtual Number Online Now

How to buy

Don’t believe that curiosity killed the cat, that’s not true! If you desire to know more concerning virtual numbers, specialists from support team are always to your service. We want to make your telephony system more progressive and effective.

Payment methods

During ordering the phone number there can appear the question how to pay for the number and what payment methods accept the company Freezvon. Our team tries to provide our customers with lots of payment methods.

Payment method for bank cards Visa Payment method for bank cards Master Card Payment method for bank transfers

Payment method webmoney  Bitcoin payment method Perfect Money payment method
More available payment methods...

We work with the most popular and secure online payment services with a guarantee of the security of your transactions.

buy virtual number via WebMoney INTERKASSA secure payment for virtual numbers

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