In addition to reducing the cost of telephone calls, you can use virtual numbers to track the results of marketing campaigns. It will be easier for you to evaluate which promotion methods are more effective. And in the future, allocate more effort and budget to them, separating those promotions that do not contribute to the goals.

Why are Virtual Numbers Suitable for Marketing Campaigns?

IP telephony will be a great help not for your sales reps and call center agents only but also marketing specialists.
And here are some of the reasons why it is more convenient to order a virtual number than to use conventional analog telephony:

  • For most countries, incoming calls from potential buyers can be forwarded to SIP for free;
  • The service is connected quickly, without the personal presence and spending on SIM cards;
  • Your calls will be rated per minute and you will have full control of expenses;
  • Geography is unlimited - you can purchase virtual numbers for foreign countries.

How to Choose a Virtual Number?

There are several types of virtual numbers for calls:

Choose the type of the number depending on the target audience portrait. As you receive inquiries from customers, you will understand whether you have the right audience for the promotion or whether you are pulling the wrong people. And compare the results of the promotion with the number of actual sales.

How many VoIP numbers you need depends on your goals and approach. You can use them in marketing for different promotions:

  • email newsletters;
  • contextual advertising;
  • banners;
  • pay-per-click advertising;
  • ads on social networks.

Similarly, you can use virtual numbers for SMS. For example, involve potential buyers in a promotion where they need to send you a message to win a prize or discount. It is especially suitable when working with an already formed base of customers who ordered in the past to warm them up for the second sale.

Tracking the Effectiveness of a Campaign

You will have an easier time calculating the ROI for your marketing investment if you use virtual numbers. Your call data will It will be easier to calculate the ROI of your marketing investment using virtual numbers. In the Freezvon account, call history and data are collected online: how many incoming calls you received, how many calls were missed. The caller's phone number is recorded, and you can see the length of the conversation as well. So you could track the reach of a specific promotion so that the marketing department understands what call, advertising message works best for attracting customers.

The number of calls to a virtual number is not the sole important index. Gathering call data and comparing it to the results of the sales team is a way to find out the conversion rate of a marketing event. Because it's important not only to get leads but also to understand how a particular message in your advertisement makes a better sales trigger.

From a long-term perspective, statistical data will create a more accurate customer profile. This is especially important for new companies or when you have a new product line for different audiences.

Of course, attracting customers couldn't be the final goal of an ad campaign. And the sales that follow will depend on the skill of your managers. But if you use cloud telephony and call recording service available for virtual PBX users, then you will be able to analyze the communication between sales managers and customers and get all of the sales pipelines under control. Call recordings are also available as an additional service for a VoIP number.

Advanced Features of Virtual Telephony for Business

IP telephony gives you tools useful not only for attracting more customers but for further productive interaction with customers as well.

Useful IP telephony tools:

1. Toll-Free (800 Number)

If you want to attract customers from another country, a virtual 800 Number, or a Toll-Free, will help you more easily manage your calling costs and create a positive image. A caller would be able to contact you for free, and it will be an important factor to nudge a person to take action. They will have an easier time contacting you, knowing they don't spend money on the call.

2. Centralized Management with IP PBX

Even if you have several virtual numbers, it won't make it difficult to manage calls. All incoming calls will be forwarded to the contact center or sales department of a particular product, or in other way that is convenient to you. With a virtual PBX, it's easy to manage several incoming calls.

3. Flexible Call Forwarding

Thanks to the conditional call forwarding, you can forward calls to phone numbers of managers who work remotely, during holidays, days off or weekends, as not to miss a request from a customer. Or, you can order a callback service so customers could leave their contact information to get in touch with you.

If you get various virtual numbers for advertisement campaigns from Freezvon, you will have an easier time tracking the results of your business promotions, and will figure out what channel of communication works the best for attracting new clients.