Calling process at local rates became possible with favorable service as SIP-application for cheap SIP calls. Nowadays, the new generation technologies allow you to save money and reduce phone expenditures without giving up on quality.

IP telephony can be used not only for calling within one network, but also make cheap intercity and international SIP calls. We offer the best connection quality while our rates remain unchangeably low.

Virtual number in abroad is a good acquisition both for companies and individuals, who want to attract customers from abroad or keep in touch with friends and family. Buying number for calls in one of over 120 countries in the world, you will be able to set up forwarding to any direction. All incoming calls can be directed to a mobile or softphone (a program on PC). Virtual IP PBX system includes several services as plenty SIP-accounts, internal numbers for free communication within the company, IP-address, statistic of calls, voice IVR menu, call recording and other captivating services to appropriate taste. From this article you are going to know more concerning SIP calls and their peculiarities.

What is SIP calls service?

These phone calls are possible with the help of telephone SIP service. It's possible to receive calls thanks to SIP-account, just create a request for getting it. It's also possible to make calls at low rates, you just need to setup needed parameters received from our team. This service is very convenient because it doesn't attach to physical location, and don't need any additional technical appliances. But remember that before receiving of account you need to purchase a virtual number from us.

SIP calls give such advantages to each subscriber:

  • Cheap rates for dialling to abroad;
  • Possibility to order SIP account online;
  • Call forwarding to SIP;
  • Availability in every foreign country;
  • There is a capacity to get virtual number;
  • Installation of SIP apps as Zoiper and Xlite is FREE.

Softphones as a tool to reduce huge phone bills

Main pro of call redirecting to a softphone is that it is free of charge. The only thing you need is to create a SIP-account and connect it. If you do not have a SIP account, we will create it and give you all the settings. Sofphones are very convenient ways to call cheaper, as you do not have to buy additional equipment.

Cheapest SIP phone calls

Cheap SIP calls

How to make cheap calls

There are many programs in the Internet that enable you to get and make calls. They can be downloaded without any charges. The most popular and easy to use are: X-Lite , Zoiper. When one of them is on a computer, smartphone or laptop it is necessary to enter some settings: SIP-login, SIP-password and SIP-server. The setup process is very simple, but if you need help installing a softphone we will provide you all necessary data. Free redirection of calls to X-Lite or Zoiper

Moreover, all incoming calls on phone number in another state will be free. One more option is the ability to make low cost calls. In order to make calls from softphone, you have to top up your balance in the personal account. SIP calls via Zoiper or X-Lite are significantly lower than traditional analogic calls. Thus you do not have to use landline phones to make extremely expensive foreign calls or roaming services.

What is more, employees do not have to make any changes to wiring or configurations if moving offices. Phone numbers for calls will always belong to them as long as employees will pay for them. Make SIP calls directly from your computer everywhere, where there is access to the Internet. Easy, convenient and cheap way to make phone operations worldwide at low rates via IP-telephony.

Concerning unclear situations contact us via Skype, email or livechat online or by phone. Never hesitate asking questions about installation process, payment methods or other peculiarity of IP-telephony services and features. Our support team is ready to give you all help you really need, just feel free to ask us the questions you are interested in!