You will definitely notice that the VoIP numbers have led to the cost of communication with customers and business partners abroad decreasing. Commercial and industrial enterprises choose VoIP telephony not only to optimize costs but also to simplify the process of organizing a call center, to unite offices in different regions into a single network, and for many other tasks. Let’s consider all the features and benefits of virtual telephony for business and analyze the ways to get a VoIP number from Freezvon Company.

What is a VoIP phone number?

A virtual number is a VoIP telephony service that brings you an opportunity to receive calls and SMS messages from residents of other cities and countries and make inexpensive outgoing calls. At the same time, your number looks similar to local landline and mobile numbers. It will have a city, state, or mobile operator code that is common in the selected region. Consequently, it becomes easier to present the company’s services, create the effect of presence, and take care of customers via a remote office.

The work of the virtual number is provided by the Internet. If you are planning to telephonize your office, you can save a lot due to VoIP telephony as it does not require a telephone cable. You do not need to spend money on equipment maintenance because it’s better to use the cloud PBX serviced by Freezvon VoIP provider.

How does a virtual number work?

VoIP telephony is a type of IP telephony that allows you to transfer not only voice data but also text, video, and graphic content. That is why virtual numbers can be of different types with the ability to exchange not only calls but also SMS and faxes. The voice traffic is converted and transmitted during the VoIP telephony call as compressed digital data, which is converted back to sound after reaching the recipient.

First, the information from the sender arrives at the provider’s server, after which it is redirected to the device indicated by the owner of the virtual number.

The user chooses the call forwarding features when connecting a number. You can opt for the following options.

  • Mobile phone.
  • Fixed-line (landline) telephone.
  • Laptop or computer.
  • IP phone.

You need to install a SIP application on the selected device as it helps to answer calls via a laptop, smartphone, or tablet. There are both free SIP clients on the market, for example, Zoiper, and there are extended paid versions. The user chooses the program that will satisfy his/her needs. The installation of the software is not enough as you apply for your Freezvon account. The manager will send you a package of settings for SIP by email.

Forwarding parameters can be changed in your personal account at any time. It’s also easy to use the conditional call forwarding service to change the destination where calls will be received, depending on parameters, such as company working hours, and the availability of a specialist.

Outgoing calls are made using SIP telephony. This is the most inexpensive type of communication that will allow you to come in touch with foreign subscribers without spending a lot of money. This is relevant for the sales department to look for clients abroad and for entrepreneurs who want to stay on track with colleagues and relatives while traveling.

How to choose a VoIP number?

You will need different types of virtual numbers as they may vary depending on your goals, the average number of calls per day, and whether you plan to do business locally, nationwide, or globally. Take your pick from several number options on Freezvon.

  • With national or city code.
  • Mobile.
  • Toll-free number (800).

A distinctive feature of the toll-free number (800) is that subscribers contact you for free. The owner of the number pays for the call, while the calls for other types of numbers are charged at local prices. This means that having a VoIP number connected to America, Germany, China, or other foreign countries brings the possibility for the residents of these countries to communicate with you at the rates of local operators as if you were neighbors.

How to create a VoIP mobile number? This service is no different from obtaining a national or city number. You can choose the code of the mobile operator without any SIM card.

The Freezvon provider also offers a VoIP number for SMS (for some countries) and sometimes the call and SMS option is available at the same time. There is no charge for using redirect to email or URL. Billing will be only in the case of forwarding to another phone. Sending messages is performed through a personal account.

If you are going to connect VoIP telephony services for corporate communications, we recommend paying attention to the multichannel numbers. The call center will be able to process a lot of calls from customers and the sales managers will work in parallel, making outgoing calls.

There’s no need to have a fax machine nearby to receive faxes via VoIP because a virtual fax number will forward all documents sent by clients or partners directly to email. Messages are saved as PDFs.

What do fixed and non-fixed VoIP numbers mean?

You might come across the term “fixed” or “non-fixed VoIP” in foreign sources, so we see the necessity to clarify the difference between these concepts.

Fixed VoIP numbers imply the need to indicate to the provider the address to which the number will be registered. This does not mean that the virtual number cannot be used while traveling or when changing offices. It helps to authenticate the location of a company or person at a particular address.

Non-fixed VoIP number ordering doesn’t require the need to notify a registered address. Freezvon can provide both types of VoIP numbers.

Please note that there is a requirement in some countries for the user to provide passport or ID details when ordering VoIP service. You only need to provide documents when connecting city numbers of Ukraine and Russia, but the confirmation of the local address is required in Germany and Italy. You can get acquainted with the list of countries that conduct personal identification by clicking on the link.

What are the main benefits of switching to cloud telephony?

IP telephony is in demand in all areas of business, since you can easily launch your call center with virtual numbers, develop a single telephone network for all regional offices, and maintain communication between team members that work from different cities. Here are the top 3 benefits of virtual numbers for businesses.

Cost reduction

Reducing production costs is an important task for every entrepreneur, so it is necessary to determine the appropriate ways to optimize the business. Cloud telephony works to the benefit of the company. International calls via the Internet are charged at rates lower than those offered by analog operators. In addition, the business owner does not bear the cost of purchasing equipment and running a telephone cable. A PBX is required for corporate communications, but VoIP telephony offers a virtual telephone exchange. It works through the cloud, so the employees can use telephony even when they are at a remote office. It will be easy for the manager to track the work of the team using statistics.

Expanding the functionality

The company can use not only the number for better productivity but also different options. You can order various additional services at any time.

  • Voicemail. It saves messages from subscribers who did not get an answer while waiting on the line.
  • Auto attendant. This feature allows customers to independently choose whether they want to listen to information or redirect the call to a specialist.
  • Greetings. The option is played to all subscribers and reports information about the company’s working hours and current promotions.
  • Background music. It replaces boring dial tone.
  • Call recording. This feature captures all the important details of the conversation with the client.

The entire list of additional Freezvon services can be found on the page. When a company orders a virtual PBX service, the subscription package immediately includes a free VoIP number for calls. In addition, such a PBX makes it easy for employees to communicate with each other via an internal line and make conference calls that are convenient for meetings.

Such a useful service as the Callback widget can be activated for a VoIP number for free. The widget is installed on the site and allows potential customers to order a callback and save on communication with the manager.

Simplify business scaling

Businesses need flexible tools and IP telephony is one of them. As the volume of calls to the call center grows and the number of employees increases, new SIP accounts and extension numbers may be required. Virtual telephony, in some cases, allows you to expand the number of channels for VoIP numbers or connect multichannel numbers. Traditionally, 3 channels are provided for outgoing calls. The company can add more lines or SIP accounts.

Business scaling will run more smoothly with a VoIP-managed system. You can connect local virtual numbers when entering new sales markets and quickly take care of the telephony in a new office using IP PBX.

If the seasonality of demand prevails and there is a decrease in the activity of buyers, it is easy to disable services that are not yet needed through your personal account. The manager can always track the performance of employees and the call center by analyzing statistics indicators. There’s data on the duration of the conversation, the number of calls and missed calls, moreover, the conversation time is also provided.

How to get a Freezvon VoIP number?

You can connect to a landline, mobile, or any other virtual number on the Freezvon website at any time since support specialists are available around the clock. You will see a feedback form after registration. We added it on purpose so that within 30 minutes you can get a detailed answer from our specialists who will help you choose VoIP telephony services for your business needs. A discount will be provided when subscribing for more than 1 month.

You can immediately apply for additional services to the VoIP number. Cloud PBX will be available within 3 days if you choose telephony for corporate needs. You can make settings for voice greetings, IVR menus, and other services through a virtual PBX on your own. Freezvon also provides voice-over services for IVRs, greeting messages, and voicemails that sound professional and meet brand requirements.

Please contact the Support Service by phone, online chat, or by email if you need to resolve any technical issues related to connecting a VoIP number.