Marketing strategy is the basis of any business development. It secures the idea of how to get the competitive advantage to the customers and create long-term and mutually beneficial relationships between both sides.

The strategy will include different methods of customer interaction. And one of the tools helping to achieve marketing results is VoIP telephony.

Why business needs VoIP?

Solo entrepreneurs and companies use VoIP because of several reasons. First of all, it's a relatively cheap way to connect with clients from other countries.

The basis of VoIP technology is the transmission of voice over the Internet. That's why the service is very flexible and allows to leave cumbersome devices and telephone cables behind. VoIP allows a company to save money as well. You can also set up virtual phone numbers for various countries to interact with clients around the world.

You can use VoIP anywhere, no matter where you are, and so it allows you to stay mobile: that way, your company will adapt to market changes much quicker.

5 ways to use VoIP as an effective marketing tool

Direct contact with customers via the phone is one of the most effective sales tools. Even if there are chat plugins and messengers, they won't compare to the trust level that develops during a real conversation. That's why VoIP is just as important as paid search, SMM, or loyalty campaigns.

Here are some ideas about how to integrate VoIP into your marketing strategy.

1. Expand your reach

You can fortify your company's stand on the global and local market by using VoIP. People are more open to local business. So when you have a local phone number, which your customers can use to call by their local rates, you will have an easier time establishing contact.

VoIP also allows saving money. You won't need to hire people from overseas to handle customers from other countries. It's enough for your agents to speak the language, and the virtual phone number will ensure low rates for outgoing calls.

2. Create more touchpoints with customers

For best marketing results, it's better to have numerous channels for communication. There are several VoIP tools you can set up with Freezvon for that:

  • Besides calls, there are virtual phone numbers for SMS. You could use them for SMS order notifications, advertising, and loyalty programs. When you pay attention to your customers, you make repeat orders more likely;
  • You can use VoIP web widgets. Callback or Click-to-call setup will make sure your customers spend less time looking up your contact information. Callback also helps to gather leads outside of working hours when customers leave their contact information on your website. Widget settings allow the call button to pop up under designated circumstances, like when a visitor is getting ready to close the tab;
  • Voicemail is a great feature to save customers' time and assure them that no call is missed and that soon, they will get a response. Sales agents only have to respond to voicemail messages to close the deal timely;
  • You can get more incoming sales if you use a virtual toll-free phone number that allows your customers to call you for free.

3. Analyze marketing campaign results

What's so special about VoIP is that you can use several phone numbers and get all the requests to one channel, such as an office phone. You can track which advertisement resource gets you more conversion. Use different phone numbers on website pages, advertisement materials, and social media. Freezvon provides comprehensive call history. You can use it to check how many calls are received by each phone number. It will let you know how your ad campaign performs and eliminate those with low returns.

4. Build trust with a greeting message suitable for your brand

Don't lose a chance to win the best first impression. Use a customized greeting message instead of a boring dial tone and leave a good first impression. Besides, you can use the opportunity to inform about discounts, offers, and additional services.

5. Maximalize your profits with call recording

This VoIP feature allows the sales department and your support team to analyze interactions with customers. The better you understand your clients and what they need, the easiest to find the means to satisfy their requests and boost your company's revenue.

Using all these VoIP services, expertly customized for you by Freezvon, will allow you to create an efficient channel for strengthening relationships with customers and achieving marketing goals.