Well-selected VoIP telephony services will save your money and increase the flow of customers due to the convenience and great functionality. After all, is it important for you that the client does not "hang" on the line too long, so that you can forward a particular call to the right manager or another department of the company in one click? Your customers could order a call from a website on the Internet or call you directly from him, think about how many new contacts would have attracted with such opportunity as IP telephony!

How your business works with IP telephony

Freezvon provides the VoIP telephony services, which will help to organize the telecommunication inside your company and get closer to your customers and business partners. How your business works without IP telephony:

  1. An important client is calling you.
  2. The line is busy.
  3. The call is not answered and the client’s gone to your business opponent.

Our additional phone services will give you a prestige, improve the image of your corporation, set the trust between you and the customer. This article will clear up what kind of phone services we present and how to improve your telephony in office in very easy and cheap way.

How your business runs with IP telephony

  • Multichanneling provides the right call distributing between your operators in big office;
  • Welcome message salutes your customer and create positive and trust attitude to your company;
  • IVR menu helps by clicking a button to reach necessary department for saving the time and your forces;
  • While a client is waiting for a call answer, he is not annoyed or bored but he is listening to pleasant background music;
  • Finally, when the manager is not busy anymore, the call forwarding feature connect a client with needed call operator;
  • You can get Call history in a convenient personal account that helps to realize what call was missed and why;
  • Voicemail will record all the messages left in your non-working hours to your email;
  • Take control of your colleagues with the help of Call recording, then you understand the real competence of the employees, check the quality of customer service and save your company from the mistakes.
  • Conditional call forwarding permit forwarding the calls according to the appropriate date or time you need, so you plan the call receiving on your own.

Virtual phone numbers in any country around the world

If you want to choose the destination to receive your calls, SMS or faxes on your own, we propose you to connect virtual phone numbers for calls, SMS and fax with features of forwarding to different directions.

  1. Phone voice numbers. Calls are always forwarded to SIP and other mobile or landline phone number you have.
  2. SMS phone numbers. Messages can be redirected to email, URL or mobile number you got.
  3. Fax phone numbers. Faxes come only to email in PDF format.

Usage of VoIP telephony together with other phone services

Virtual PBX is a service replacing the traditional telephony in your office. No expensive equipment required. You will use convenient interface on the server where you will find standard phone services as internal numbers of your colleagues, their SIP-accounts in unlimited quantity, contact book with numbers of customers, call recording and monitoring, statistics of calls. You can also connect some additional services up to your taste.

Outgoing cheap international callsfor saving lots of money, we present SIP service thanks to what you can make cheap outgoing calls at low rates even to international directions. You may connect unlimited quantity of SIP accounts for every member of your team and distribute the calls between them.

We also provide multichannel Toll free 800 numbers, which help your customers to call you free. In such way, you can get more calls from clients and increase the sales.

It is great peculiarity that such numbers DO NOT require SIM-cards or other phone equipment. Furthermore, your office will not be tied to concrete location, because virtual numbers can be used anywhere in the world.

Advantages and profits you will get using VoIP telephony

  • Unlimited amount of incoming and outgoing calls;
  • Possibility to get more phone channels than 2;
  • Stop missing important calls from customers;
  • No need to change office location;
  • Forwarding feature to comfortable destination;
  • Cheap rates for outgoing calls.
  • Comfortable call distribution with call forwarding service;
  • Internal phone numbers with free calls for each associate.
  • Improvement of your employees’ work with such services as call recording, call history;
  • Fast increase of income;
  • More customers, even from foreign countries.

When you start using IP-telephony services, your company’s prosperity is getting higher, income grows, and client base is bigger. You avoid expensive costs for telecommunication and simplify conditions for your workers.

How to get any phone service from Freezvon

  • Sign up to our website and get personal account;
  • Top up your balance for service you choose;
  • Order the service you need and confirm the purchase.

Buy VoIP telephony services for business now

If you have any questions, you can contact our technical manager team working 24 hours every day even on holidays. You may find us via help live chat, Skype, by e-mail or phone numbers you can see on our official website. Ask your questions and receive instant answers immediately with no harm for your company’s work. We appreciate your time and trust.