What is call forwarding? It’s a telecommunication feature that allows incoming calls to be automatically routed to another phone number, such as a mobile phone, a SIP account, or a voicemail box. This option is often used by individuals and businesses to ensure that important calls are not missed when they are unavailable to answer the phone. Many users are wondering what does call forwarding mean, and the answer is simple: it is implemented as a feature of a Voice over IP (VoIP) service or system. Everything works by redirecting the call from the original destination to the new destination over the Internet rather than through traditional landline phone lines.

When someone calls your phone number, and you have call forwarding enabled, the call will be automatically rerouted to the new destination (the caller won’t know that his/her call has been forwarded). It’s easy to use it, but some people have lots of questions, so let’s get acquainted with them and find the answers.

By the way, Freezvon offers you an opportunity to get a desired code of a number and a toll-free solution (with 800 codes or other according to the country). It helps to improve the interaction with customers who call the contact center. After all, if consumers receive a quick and effective answer from the manager to their questions or solve a problem, the company increases its image and customer’s level of satisfaction with the service.

Short FAQ with detailed information

  • How to use call forwarding?

All you have to do is to get acquainted with the information on the Freezvon website and follow the recommendations. Pay attention to all the aspects and write the data thoughtfully, making sure that the destination for forwarding and all related points are determined correctly. By the way, the user has to know that there’s a conditional call forwarding service that can set up specific conditions for when calls should be forwarded to different destinations. For example, you can set up call forwarding to different destinations when your phone is busy, when it is unanswered, or when it is unavailable.

Another type of forwarding is called unconditional. This feature allows you to forward all calls to a specific destination. It’s a call forwarding type that is provided by default. It is usually used in day-to-day operations when you don't have to use conditional call forwarding. This could be especially useful if you have several numbers from different telephony providers, but a virtual PBX only of one of them. In this case, you don't have to port a number, but simply forward all calls to the third-party PBX. Another way it could be used is on business trips. All calls could be forwarded to a cell phone number instead of a SIP account which is used at the office. It will help to receive incoming calls remotely in places where is a weak Internet signal. The forwarding destination can be removed when you’re back at the office.

You need to configure your call forwarding settings at Freezvon personal account. You can do it yourself through the website or contact support team if you need help or want to use several call forwarding destinations. For example, if you want to use one phone number with your team, you can set forwarding up to 5 SIP accounts which could be through an app on Android, iOS, or an IP phone.

After the short setup process is done, the call is first routed to your service provider’s network (when a caller dials your phone number). The provider checks the forwarding settings associated with your number and then reroutes the call to the new destination you have specified. Thus, the person you have forwarded the call to will answer it as usual.

  • How to activate call forwarding?

You have to visit the Freezvon website, create an account there, top up the balance, choose and order a number you want, and set up the service. The instruction is very clear and doesn’t require any knowledge of IP telephony.

  • How to deactivate call forwarding?

You cannot deactivate call forwarding for virtual phone numbers, but you can change or delete the destination you don’t want to use anymore.

  1. Log in to your Freezvon account.
  2. Navigate to the “Virtual numbers - My numbers” section.
  3. Open the settings of the phone number where you want to deactivate call forwarding.
  4. Find the destination you want to stop being used for call forwarding and delete it or change it to another one.
  5. Click the “Save” button to confirm the changes, and you will cancel call forwarding to the destination you don’t want to use.

Once you have disabled the call forwarding destination you don’t need anymore, they won’t be forwarded there.

There is another answer to the question of how to stop call forwarding, and it’s to contact the Freezvon support team. Call forwarding could be disabled by the technical department. In this case, you won’t be able to turn it back on by yourself and will need to submit or update a ticket.

We sincerely hope that you got acquainted with the basic and really useful information about how to activate call forwarding, how to do call forwarding, and how to cancel call forwarding. All these procedures are detailed on the Freezvon site and can be done at any time of the day.

Why is this option worth paying attention to?

The call forwarding option helps you to create the impression to customers that you have several offices around the world, as calls will be automatically forwarded to different managers depending on the geographical location of the call. If you’re always on the go, call forwarding can increase your productivity by allowing you to receive incoming calls from anywhere. It’s easy to avoid missed calls by forwarding them to another phone number or to your virtual assistant, the same as to decrease the cost of phone calls.

Many companies use call forwarding to better serve their customers and ensure a smooth workflow. These are the companies with a large number of clients, such as financial institutions, Internet service providers, and mobile operators. Organizations that have a distributed workforce or those that work in different time zones, the same as companies that want to reduce customer waiting time on the support line also perceive call forwarding as a perfect solution. This is a decent tool because Freezvon allows employees to focus on specific tasks and succeed in them.