Invention of IP-telephony changed telecommunication forever. Now there is no difficulties in making telephone office system for corporate network without lines or connecting of direct number in other cities that seemed unbelievable many years ago.

The range of Internet telephony opportunities are limitless, such method of talking include various services and features for telephony optimizing. See the following article devoted to telephony working via Internet and learn all its pluses and specificities for talking goals.

In contemporary style of life, it’s possible to pick any methods of communication. Speaking about telephony system it’s worth mentioning possibilities of information transmission. If you need to be closer to one of abroad state, pick SIP-application service that helps not only getting calls, but also making calls with this service. Send request about its installation to us and get suitable settings.

Internet telephony definition and work principles

That is a technology for signal transfer (audio, video, texts), transformation into digital format via Internet. This way of talking permits exchanging calls, SMS, video and other multimedia content online.

This process can be explained in such way: outgoing data are transformed in digital stream, break down on packages, become clenched and sent to receiver. After reaching destination point, special codecs decode them into unmodified state collecting all packages in one. Depending on protocol for data transmission there are IP, SIP and VoIP telephony.

Utilization of Internet telephony

Internet telephony

What preferences of Internet telephony do exist?

Independence from mobile or landline networks made telephony via Internet more functional and effective. It predominates ordinary analogue telephony by such parameters:

  • Low rates - calling abroad with Internet telephony is more beneficial than using ordinary mobile or fixed number;
  • Independence from location – with unlimited range of web activities it’s possible to use it everywhere with access to network;
  • Absence of special equipment – implementing of this technology doesn’t require additional techniques;
  • Diversity of communication methods – for conversations you could use any device with access to Internet.

IP-telephony comprises lots of services, so everybody could choose optimal telecommunication solution. Please, check the pricing for Internet telephony from Freezvon below.

Costs for Internet telephony services

Spheres of usage virtual telephony

Such communication method is suitable same for home and office. The most requested spheres of IP-telephony are:

  • International business;
  • Sector or servicing;
  • Telephony of enterprises;
  • Personal requirements.

Let’s see every of them described below.

Service industry with IP-telephony

Banks, internet shops, taxi services, call-centers and other organizations, which propose services or products to consumers and communicate with them by phone. Because of big competition in this sphere, every corporation pretends to maximum high level of servicing. In such cases, numbers of free calling become very popular. People get a possibility to call without paying to needed company. There are also some additional services as interactive menu, background music, callback ability.

Big companies telecommunication via Internet telephony from Freezvon

Corporation spends lots of money not only for client, but also for communication with employees. Telephony via Internet allows having own corporation communication. Collaborators of different department or offices could talk with each other thanks to internal numbers. For cheaper external telephony there is another solution known as SIP application service.

Company with filiations in different countries or in case of having relations with foreign partners needs to make communication on international level cheaper. For example, it’s possible to connect number remotely and talk with colleagues, cooperation associates and consumers. Such numbers are designated at making calls only, they could be used for fax or SMS. In such way, being in one country you could develop business in another one.

Cheap part of communication

Lots of people talk with their relatives, friends from other states. They can pick such capacity as SIP/VoIP calls. They present an ability to call to mobile, landline even if they are not online. Quality of calls connection is great and rates are lower than with ordinary telephony network. It’s possible to call via PC, laptop, tablet after installation of appropriate app. In order to use Internet telephony, pick needed service and connect it online via our official website.

Buy virtual number for internet telephony

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