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What is virtual number from Freezvon?

Freezvon Corporation provides various types of virtual number for any city or foreign country. Depending on preferences, subscribers can pick any number type, which is necessary for work or personal utilization. They allow to save money for telecommunication and reduce expenses twice. Thanks to work of forwarding process via Internet protocol, you will have qualified connection. You will adore the fact that subscribers calling you, sending fax or text message to your numbers, will pay at local rates indicated by their mobile operator. See the prices only here.

Types of VoIP telephone numbers are for:

  1. Calls;
  2. SMS;
  3. Fax;
  4. SMS and calls;
  5. Fax and calls.

Use of vanity virtual number

Vanity Virtual number

We are also able to present you a virtual IP-PBX with a range of useful telephone services as call monitoring, internal number for inside communication, limitless SIP-accounts, voicemenu, own IP-address, recording of calls and others.

Positive pluses of phone numbers by Freezvon

If you decided to order such kind of number for your company, just see all preferable sides of it now:

  • Quantity of calls is bigger;
  • Increasing of sales;
  • Concurrents will jealous;
  • You will underline your serious business status;
  • Coverage widespread around the world;
  • NO physical attachment to location;
  • Cheap and easy in use services;
  • Additional features as call history, ivr-menu, blacklist, voicemail, greeting message, conditional call forwarding and others.

If something is unclear, just contact our specialists who are always online and solving your problems. Find us via Skype, email, online help chat or just call us by phone shown on our website. We work around the clocks for your comfort and success.