The Bitrix24 system has a concept of CRM that means different business management tools are combined into one well-functioning system. Instead of Excel spreadsheets, instant messengers, lots of documents or files and running around the accounts, there is only one service. It includes programs for collecting customer data, managing transactions, controlling managers, analytics and forecasting. It simplifies routine, accelerates the making of correct decisions and eliminates errors. In this article, we are going to tell you how to connect a virtual number to Bitrix24 system and get more calls from customers.

This system is very useful because it helps to control the customer base and increase this thanks to well-formed methods of work with every permanent or potential client (we know that not every visitor can be a customer). We should say that together with IP-telephony and Bitrix24 you can accept and make calls, increase the sales, save money on equipment, automate the work etc. Anyway, let’s see the principles of its working now.

How Bitrix24 works with virtual number?

If you need this system to function well you need to connect IP PBX to it where you can connect lots of VoIP numbers, SIP accounts etc. You do not need to use expensive equipment, install additional software, your office is not bound to physical address, so it is possible to stay anywhere and accept calls from clients. Bitrix24 has 3 variants of work with PBX system:

  • You can tie your phone number for outgoing calls;
  • Connection of virtual number (fixed or toll free) for inbound and outbound calls;
  • Integration with your SIP-telephony.

It is also should be mentioned that Bitrix24 is connected with CRM, so you will be able to see the name of customer when he is dialing, every call is automatically fixed in CRM, but when new customer is calling he can be instantly added to your Bitrix24 system. Here you can see the costs for PBX or numbers clicking here.

Why you need virtual number to Bitrix24?

While connecting a virtual number to such system as Bitrix24, you are able to see the range of advantages you will get:

  • You create a unique base of customers and monitor their calls;
  • Attract more clients and add them to your base;
  • Automatic fixing of incoming calls and no missed requests or calls;
  • This program helps you to remind the client about withdrawal, term, invoices etc.;
  • Control of and the increasing of sales;
  • Possibility to make cheap calls even to international directions.

There are lots of other pros and priorities of using virtual number with Bitrix24, but these are the most important of all.

How to install Bitrix24 system with virtual number?

In order to properly connect virtual number to Bitrix 24 you need to do the following:

  1. Pick "Telephony Settings"
  2. Choose “Connect SIP PBX”.";
  3. Click “Connect cloud PBX”.
  4. Fill in your connection settings: login (your SIP login), password (your SIP password), connection name – "Freezvon"; domain – "".
  5. Click “Connect”. If the settings are correct, the status will change to “Connected”;
  6. Save your settings. Now you can use your number.

Now you can use PBX, VoIP telephone numbers together with Bitrix24 system and talk to clients with huge benefits.

For receiving more details, you should contact our technical department here They are always accessible via Skype, help online chat, email or by phone presented on our website. We are waiting for your questions and requests and ready to give you suggestions or solutions instantly!