Virtual telephony is becoming more significant and available for healthcare every single day. Large and small companies are making use of its advantages in order to save, optimize workflow, access to international markets.

In an increasingly globalized world, every successful entrepreneur is striving to expand ones' zone of influence, to find foreign partners and customers.

The logical continuation of the current trend is the emergence of specialized portals to allow you to compare prices, have a look at schedules of experts and online consultations. Healthcare has become one of the pioneers in conducting virtual telephone consultations. It is in the medical industry that interactive consultations are taking place at most at any given time.

Virtual phone consultations: the causes, the benefits of using

Business people do not always have the opportunity to personally talk with the doctor. In addition, some questions do not require the personal presence of a specialist. For customers the opportunity to receive an advice saving the comfort of home is quite valuable because they can quickly get answers to their questions.

Mother of a young child will not have to carry him through the city and look for a guardian. Patients waiting to consult a doctor with a worldwide reputation will be able to get the consultation without leaving the country.

Buy VoIP telephony for medicine

Virtual phone services for medicine

Interactive consultation resulted from:

  • Business of people;
  • Increased road traffic;
  • The desire to get a prompt answer to the question;
  • The necessity of medical treatment abroad.

Often, online consultations are held with the aim of training or clarifying some controversial issues regarding treatments. Given the need for rapid communication in medical practice, the company Freezvon offers medical professionals to connect a virtual number.

The advantages of using virtual numbers by doctors

From time to time there is a need to discuss the views of experts and the head of the medical center of one of the branches. During the conference, doctors share X-rays test results, useful recommendations for treatment of the patient. As a result, virtual rooms allow doctors to:

  • Improve their skills;
  • A more thoughtful treatment of each individual case;
  • To accept foreign patients.
An additional advantage of using virtual numbers medical professionals is the ability to accept foreign patients. Today many people have to be treated abroad.

Professionalism of foreign experts is higher and the equipment is more progressive. But such services are ranked as costly. Therefore, before leaving for abroad the patient will do everything possible in order to save. The customer is more likely to call on the national number, than foreign.

Virtual calling for medicine goes international

The yield on the international level should be considered in the complex. First, you need to find contractors, to facilitate the movement of their patients across the border, to create a multilingual website (or separate website with publications in the language of the target audience), to connect the virtual office and find employees who will be able to talk to foreign customers. But the connection of the virtual number is a beginning of the process of development of a newly established medical institution.

Available IP telephony services for healthcare providers

Among the most relevant services that contribute to the optimization of the working process can be the following

  1. Virtual numbers for calls
  2. SMS numbers for mass mailing
  3. Multi-channel numbers
  4. Voice menu
  5. The call from the site (Click to call)
  6. Callback

What is the meaning of virtual numbers for healthcare?

Using virtual numbers for calls ensures uninterrupted communication at any time. SMS numbers can be used for:

  • Mass mailing (informing customers about the appearance of promotional offers);
  • Automated reminders about the time of the visit;
  • Sending SMS with the notice of readiness test results.
  1. Multi-channel numbers are often ordered in a package with a voice option menu. This removes the burden from administrators, allows the patient to self-switch to the right specialist. In the context of the presence of a large multifunctional clinic an advantage of a multi-channel number is difficult to overestimate.
  2. Such option as a call from the website is becoming more popular every day. Its use is beneficial for both the site owner and the customer. Call via clicking on a particular button will be free for both parties. Save on telephone counseling using the service Click to call.
  3. Callback is another popular service. Using the Callback service would improve the image of the institution, increase its credibility.

It's very easy to connect our numbers, only within 24 hours or less your number will be active, just read more info in the article called "How to buy". Our purchasing process is very easy and fast.

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