The pandemic changed the world. We are living and working in a new reality now, full of restrictions. A lot of companies endured an actual digital transformation, so as many people as possible could conduct their work remotely during the quarantine. But not everyone has been ready for this, technology and management-wise.

Implementation of remote work and communication tools in the business allows a smooth work all the year-round, including amidst the business shutdown. All business processes could be carried out remotely, without face to face meetings with employees and customers. The team is going to work together without losing efficiency - or leaving home.

How to save your business during the pandemic

Let's say you have a small business that still can work, if remotely, and several employees. How to set it all up and what to do to ensure the efficiency of remote work?

Here are several points you should take into account:

  1. Does your company provide employees with business phones?
  2. Do your employees work with PC or corporate laptops?
  3. Do your employees have an Internet connection at home?
  4. Where you keep the files: cloud, your employees' computers, company's server?
  5. Could phone calls to your company be forwarded to a mobile phone number?
  6. What's more cost-savvy, a virtual phone number, or a SIM-card with call forwarding?

Equipment in question

If you aren't providing work tools such as laptops or cell phones, make sure your employees have their own equipment that they can successfully use for work. In times of crisis, we either work to save the company and jobs, or we're facing a swift and painful demise. Though currently, it's hard to find someone without a smartphone or a computer at home, or a more or less stable Internet connection.

Data Storage

Let's say you have reached an agreement with your team regarding the hardware. What's next? If you never used a cloud for data storage and file exchange, this is just the time to familiarize yourself with these solutions. Thanks to them, preserving business during the crisis is going to be more achievable.

CRM system for office management with the cloud access will allow every employee to check a customer's documentation, handle operation or check actions done regarding orders or procedures, everywhere, at any time, and on any computer.

Always available

There are a lot of tools promising to simplify things for entrepreneurs and remote employees. But there is nothing more powerful than voice over IP (VoIP). It allows you to set up telecommunications within your company without any expensive equipment. It doesn't matter if you're working remotely or if your company has branches in other countries, you are going to be able to ensure high-quality customer service. Additionally, you can set up your phone number subscription for any preferred time, and get phone calls from any country in the world.

Special offer for business

Why it's so necessary for businesses to own virtual phone numbers?

The client communication has to proceed even in the hardest times. You have to update customers on changes in your operation and offer them various means of continuing the use of your product or service.

You can use a virtual phone number as a business phone number. By using the call forwarding feature, we can redirect all incoming calls to different numbers without informing the client. It provides a level of protection for the person getting those forwarded calls. In addition to basic features that allow you to make a phone call or accept it, a virtual phone number offers a lot of other remarkable capabilities for business.

What's so good about virtual phone numbers

  1. You can use a personal and work phone number separately.
  2. No set geographical location ties.
  3. Cheaper setup costs than with a wireline.
  4. Additionally, you can get a virtual number for free, or get a long-term subscription with a discount.
  5. You can have automatic call recording.

Virtual phone number features

It's not enough just to get a VoIP system. You have to make sure it has all the right features, such as:

  • Call recording. Call recording allows you to listen to records and analyze them.
  • Conference calls. The system allows you to have conference calls.
  • SMS. Phone numbers for SMS that forwards to email, URL, or a cellphone number.
  • Fax online. IP phone communication includes fax to email service (files are forwarded in PDF format).

Of course, this is not the full list of VoIP capabilities. And an offer could be adapted to specific business needs. You can check where to buy, prices, and conditions at the Freezvon website.

Managing business costs during the crisis

Take a look at your spending during quarantine times, cut back on unnecessary expenses that could be postponed. For example, if you spend money on advertisement, consider cutting this expenditure for the next few months to save money. Or, if you have an office, think about allowing your employees to work remotely.

Pay only for the necessary features. Like at Freezvon, where you can choose only the most cost-efficient services for your business. Signing a contract with one VoIP provider, you're optimizing the time and money needed for the setup. And a long-term subscription allows you to save even more money with a virtual phone number for SMS and calls.