Creating an effective customer service system requires great patience, hard work and great emotional investment, but from the economic point of view and from the position of the enterprise's progress, this is exactly justified. That is possible only if the company has managed not only to understand the needs of its customers, but also to build a permanently operating system to maintain the required level of service quality, meeting the expectations of its customers and even surpassing them.

In other words, high quality of customer service is a result of well-formed and regulated employees work within the company. It is commonly known that quality control of this service is the main part of right management. If you want, you should create a special system of such clientele service control. In most companies, control of employees means the monitoring of conversations between operator and client.

What is quality control of customer service?

In point of fact, the control is always a comparison of expected actions and facts, of something ideal and real, of set standard and current state of position. The most efficient method of control is a matching of the staff behavior, its way of talking with clients etc. and your wishes about ideal servicing great as for managers as for customers.

Consequently, if we speak about the quality of customer service, just define clear behavioral norms, which will obviously lead to the necessary result, total satisfaction of clients by company’s service. Such rules and regulations are called a standard quality customer service that must be followed by your employees. Learn more about call monitoring way below.

Why do you need to control customer service with call monitoring?

Most big corporations try to do their best in work with customers, because your service is what your customer think about it. Controlling the level of quality by call monitoring is important because of such reasons:

  • For creating a system of motivation for your employees and make them get better by receiving an experience;
  • For monitoring the efficiency of business processes in sales;
  • For showing customers they are important to you (in such way you will improve your image of client-oriented company);
  • For solving problems fast and cut the customer churn.
  • For developing the strategy of business in future.

Do not forget about important means of monitoring the calls from and to customers described in a point below.

Instruments of call monitoring for better customer service

There are good helpful options for quality control of customer service by monitoring of calls:

  • Call tracking. Thanks to this you are able to see all necessary data about made and received calls: their time, duration, content in order to understand how your operator talk to customers;
  • CRM. That is a system helping to manage the communications with clients in the highest level thanks to the call statistics, call recording and saving all data connected to talks with customers;
  • PBX station, including several phone services, which can be physical or virtual PBX that helps to control the inflow of subscribers, create a base of contacts and communicate with customers reserving them within the company.

It also should be mentioned that for ameliorating the telecommunication with customers you may connect virtual phone numbers for helping them to call you at local rates without spending money and instead trust you more. From Freezvon you can have VoIP phone numbers for over 120 countries around the world. There are also profitable toll free 800 numbers that permit your subscribers making free outgoing calls to you.

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